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Meet the Owner/Team

  • Photo of Haylee



    Haylee has a Bachelor's degree in Biology and an ACE-TESOL certificate. She tutors students of all ages in English, Math, and Science, and has a special passion for helping ESL students. Haylee believes that it is her calling to help educate others and she enjoys watching students grow in confidence and knowledge during her sessions.

    In her spare time, Haylee enjoys cooking, baking, reading, and watching Formula 1 races.

  • Photo of Sanchit



    Sanchit has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and is currently working on a Master's in Engineering with a focus on Industrial Engineering. He enjoys helping students in physics, math, and chemistry, and his favourite thing about tutoring is the feeling he gets when he helps students strengthen their foundation of learning and achieve their full academic potential. 

    Sanchit likes to read fiction novels, watch mythical movies, and read about current affairs in his free time.

  • Photo of Chris



    Chris has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and is currently working on his Bachelor's degree in Education. Chris tutors primary and middle school students in Math, Literacy, Language Arts, and Science. Chris's goal with tutoring is to discover more about childhood education by creating an enjoyable learning environment for his students to thrive in and helping them realize their passion for learning.

    Chris enjoys watching, playing, and coaching a variety of sports.