Academic Success Formula Book

Written by Passionate Educators of Tutor Doctor

At Tutor Doctor, we know that learning comes in different forms and that all thinking caps can be tailored. That’s why we believe tutoring is about much more than getting good grades or passing an exam: it is about helping children realize their full potential. This principle is what Tutor Doctor was founded upon, and why we decided to write this book.

The Academic Success Formula is not just about being able to understand every math problem or edit every Shakespeare essay, but about cultivating the skills that will help our children excel in every aspect of their life. Each chapter has been carefully researched and compiled by one of our own experts with a focus on the winning habits—organization, confidence, healthy eating—that can lead to a child’s success, both in academics and in life.

Guiding our students is not always simple, and rarely ever easy. The purpose of this book is to help identify and understand the areas that are most important in a child’s development. It is our belief that if we as educators and parents can teach our children how to realize their own potential, anything is possible. This is how we change the trajectory of a student’s life.

“This book has been written by passionate educators who are reflective and insightful about their craft. These educators are determined to make a positive educational impact on each child they teach.”

Mohan Dhali, CEO and co-founder Global Professional Tutors Association (GPTA)

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Excellent advice from skilled education advisors. This book will give parents sound advice to help their student be successful in school no matter their age or grade level. Highly recommend!

What an invaluable resource for parents. Every parent wants their child to reach his or her full potential. This book is a road map for just that.