The SSAT and ISEE are entrance exams seeking admission to private schools. Some schools prefer one test over the other, so your best bet is to call the schools you are applying to to understand their preferences. If you have a choice between the two exams, Tutor Doctor can help you determine the best test for you.

For many students, these exams are the first exposure to high-stakes testing. What’s more, parents also often feel ill-informed as they seek to navigate private school admissions and testing.

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SSAT and ISEE Test Preparation the Tutor Doctor Way

  • Exceptional coaches who are score-qualified and trained to coach the exam
  • Diagnostic exams to pinpoint growth goals
  • Practice on full-length official practice tests and score analysis
  • Skill-building curriculum
  • Techniques to handle test anxiety, pacing, and goalsetting

About the SSAT

There are three levels of the exams: Elementary (Grades 3 and 4), Middle Level (Grades 5, 6, and 7), and Upper Level (Grade 8 and above). The exam is offered on a monthly basis from October to April. There are also Flex exams offered by third party providers on a regular basis for an additional fee.

What Is Tested on These Exams?

Both the SSAT and ISEE test Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Math, but their formats and structures differ slightly.



Analogies and Synonyms

Sentence Completions and Synonyms

More diverse genres including Poetry

Longer Reading Passages

Less Mathematical Reasoning emphasis

More Mathematical Reasoning emphasis

If you’re unsure about a testing plan or which test is best for you, schedule a test prep consultation today!