Common Core Math Tutor

Common core math is an updated approach to math instruction that is rapidly becoming implemented into public schools. Common core math tutoring is designed to break down concepts, explain the “why” behind those concepts, and provide multiple strategies so students can choose what works best for them. Ultimately, the purpose of common core math is to provide students with a broader understanding of mathematical applications that adhere to national standards set by education professionals.

Find Math Tutoring Solutions for Struggling Students

If your child is struggling with their math homework and needs help beyond what you can provide, Tutor Doctor’s online common core math tutoring may be just the solution. Our experienced team of expert tutors are available to answer questions on everything from basic arithmetic all the way through advanced college level mathematics courses. We offer online one-on-one sessions tailored specifically for each student’s individual learning style so that they gain confidence in their abilities while mastering difficult content areas within a fraction of the time as traditional programs typically require.

Enhancing Student Learning with Personalized Math Tutoring

At Tutor Doctor, we build personalized learning plans for students that are tailored to their personality, learning style and academic needs. This is why we provide both in home math tutoring as well as common core math tutoring online. Our talented tutors are fully versed in the common core curriculum, and we are happy that educational instruction is evolving to address individual student needs and learning styles through common core math lessons. To further support students who are working on common core math, our tutors focus on improving the following:

  • Executive functioning skills
  • Memory recall and pattern recognition
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Planning and organizational skills

Achieving Math Success

At Tutor Doctor, we are passionate about helping students succeed in their math studies through the use of our curriculum. Our tutors have specific expertise in this area so they can provide comprehensive support to our clients throughout their journey with a rigorous and challenging program like common core math.

We believe that each child is unique and some areas take longer for them than others; therefore, one-on-one instruction is key to getting an individualized education plan tailored just right according to your student’s needs. A tutor at Tutor Doctor will create personalized lessons based on assessing where gaps need filled using lesson plans aligned with current academic standards, such as those found within the common core math curriculum framework. These closely prescribed learning objectives help establish consistency while providing open space for discovery along the way! We understand there may be some stress around tackling topics from fractions or decimals all the way up linear equations, but our experienced tutors apply strategies which keep even complicated material achievable – yielding successful results quickly!