Homeschool Tutoring

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Does your child need help achieving their academic goals? If so, we encourage you to learn more about the homeschool tutoring services offered by Tutor Doctor. Over the last 15 years, we have helped 200,000+ students across 15 different countries—which is just one of the reasons why more than 95% of our customers say that they would recommend our program to other students.

We take the time to understand the way students learn, and adapt our techniques to coincide with their needs. This enables us to build a uniquely holistic approach to further their educational success. We offer programs for homeschooled students of all ages, from elementary to high school, in-home and online.

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How Tutoring Can Help a Homeschooling Family

In many situations tutoring has a place to support students being home schooled at any time. Like all other situations with children in school, home school parents will need help with a given subject, or help with a child who is not grasping reading with the approach being used with the home curriculum. So how can tutoring help the homeschool family? Tutor Doctor can provide:

  • A unique approach or explanation for the home school curriculum.
  • Delivery of the content for the class(es) the parent does not feel confident in overseeing (higher level math, science, literature, etc.).
  • ACT/SAT test prep, AP prep and college readiness for high schoolers
  • A certified supervising teacher in provinces or states where certified teachers are required for compliance.

Why Do So Many People Recommend Tutor Doctor?

  • We utilize more than 28,000 tutors in 15 different countries.
  • We have been leaders in the industry for over a decade.
  • Over 95% of our customers say they would recommend us.
  • We have already helped more than 200,000 families.
  • We match each of our students with a handpicked tutor

Looking for a Reliable Private Tutor? Look No Further Than Tutor Doctor’s Professional Learning Coaches

Finding a reliable private tutor for homeschooling can be challenging. Tutor Doctor has been helping students and families with personalized learning plans, making it one of the most trusted names in tutoring services. Our team understands that each family’s educational needs are unique, so we work to create custom tutoring solutions tailored to you or your child’s individual requirements.

Our tutors for homeschooling come from a variety of backgrounds, and each one is carefully selected to ensure they provide comprehensive support. We vet all our potential private home school tutors through an in-depth assessment process that ensures the highest level of quality instruction. All Tutor Doctor’s professional learning coaches are certified educators or have enriched educational background and experience, making them ideal partners when it comes to providing customized lessons plans tailored specifically to your family’s needs.

Unlimited Learning Opportunities with Online Courses Nationwide

Utilizing today’s technology, we can guarantee excellent teaching experiences no matter where you (and your tutor) may be located geographically—we offer online courses nationwide! Our personalized approach also takes into account what works best for different age groups: K–12 students receive focused small group sessions within their core subject areas; college and adult learners benefit from industry-specific experts offering multi-week virtual seminars as well as test prep assessments and study skills training, while young children might prefer wearing pajamas at 6 pm during story time with their favorite tutor – whatever suits everyone’s learning style best!

With Tutor Doctor, Our Qualified In-Home and Online Tutors Come to You

Homeschooled students are comfortable learning at home, which is why it could be a significant benefit to work with one of our many in-home and online and online tutors.

The homeschool tutors we work with take the time to come to your home and tutor online, finding the best ways to connect with your student. We believe getting them on track means meeting them where they are.

Are you ready to learn more about our homeschool tutoring services? Call Tutor Doctor! (888) 718-8832.