Test Prep Tutoring

The Key to Unlocking Success in Educational and Professional Settings

Tests can be the most stressful events in a student’s educational career. They often determine the grade for an entire class, and subsequently affect the student’s placement in other classes. In addition, tests like the SAT® or ACT determine which colleges a student will be accepted into, and tests like the MCAT or GRE can decide a person’s future career prospects! For this reason we offer test preparation tutoring for all major exams. Students can choose both private test prep and online tutoring sessions depending on their preference.

Give Your Student an Edge with Tutoring

With so much at stake, student stress levels are at an all-time-high. When your student is facing a high-stakes test, give them every advantage possible. Tutoring offers students the opportunity to combat anxiety, recall information faster, and conquer tests with confidence!

Tutor Doctor helps students in all varieties of academic tests, including:

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Overcoming Test Anxiety: Solutions for Students

Test anxiety is a natural response to testing situations. It is common in students, as nearly 40% of students report feeling some form of moderate to high test anxiety. Now, keep in mind that test anxiety is not merely nervousness—it can cause students to freeze-up on tests.

Test anxiety causes students to make mistakes they would not normally make under high-pressure circumstances. Their reasoning becomes jumbled as panic sets in, eventually causing them to score lower than their peers by an average of 12%! Test anxiety is a real issue that affects student performance in the short and long term. Thankfully, there is a solution.

What are the benefits of test preparation?

  • Improves Understanding: Test preparation helps students better understand the material they are studying by helping them identify areas that need more attention and providing additional practice opportunities.
  • Increases Confidence: Test preparation can help increase student confidence by providing them with practice and feedback that can be used to make certain that they are prepared and comfortable with the material before taking the actual test.
  • Reenforces Learning: Test preparation helps reinforce the material that was learned in class and makes it easier to recall when it comes time to take the actual test.
  • Improves Test Scores: Test preparation can help increase a student’s score on an exam by providing them with practice opportunities and allowing them to become more familiar with the material.
  • Builds Study Habits: Test preparation helps students build good study habits that can be used for future tests and courses. The practice of studying and preparing for tests can help students develop better organizational skills and time management.

Combating Test Anxiety with Professional Coaching and Support

The tutors we work with are highly-trained in combating test anxiety. Good test-taking skills are acquired the same way as athletic skills—through efficient, consistent coaching. During sessions, we provide exercises and drills that develop test-taking skill, quick recall, and increase confidence.

As sessions are conducted in the comfort of your home, your student enjoys the benefit of learning in a safe and familiar environment. When facing a high-stakes academic situation, your child will be equipped with the tools to succeed, no matter the test.

Prepare Now with Customized Test Taking Services

Are you getting ready for an important test? Do you need help to prepare? Tutor Doctor has the test taking services to help. Our experienced tutors can provide personalized test taking tutoring for 8th grade students who are prepping for a tough exam.

We use specialized techniques and strategies that will not only ensure that our students understand the material, but also feel more confident when it comes time to take their tests. We’ll help them develop good study habits and practice with simulated exams so they know exactly what to expect on the day of testing.

Our team is dedicated to helping each student reach their maximum potential by focusing on their individual needs and goals. Our tutors meet one-on-one at either online or in-home sessions, which makes studying easier and more convenient than ever before!

Don’t wait until the last minute – get prepared now with Tutor Doctor’s customized test taking services today!