National Merit Scholarship: What Is It and How Can I Win It?

The National Merit Scholarship is a competition that allows students who score highly on the PSAT (the practice SAT) to be considered for a $2,500 scholarship. So how does it work? Let’s break down the steps!

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  • National Merit Scholarship: What Is It and How Can I Win It?


    Although all high school juniors can apply for the National Merit Scholarship, many students aren’t aware that the opportunity exists. So what is the National Merit Scholarship? In summary, the National Merit Scholarship is a competition that allows ...

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  • How to Choose the Right Backpack for Your Child

    Parenting Advice

    Is your student going to need a new backpack for school? Tutor Doctor has some great tips on how to choose the right backpack for your child! 1. Comfort. Students will find themselves walking around school throughout the day, so it’s important to invest in ...

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  • Rebuilding Your Child's Confidence


    Throughout life, we all have to learn to overcome challenges. As we mature, we also increase our capacity for resilience – or how fast we “bounce back” after an upsetting situation. For children, this process isn't as easy; some students are absolutely ...

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  • What Are Learning Gaps, and How Can Tutor Doctor Help?

    Learning Gaps

    In the world of education, we hear the term “learning gap” all the time. When a student begins to struggle or fall behind with their academic progression, we often refer to learning gaps as a reason why they are having trouble understanding the material. ...

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  • Our Top Picks for Books to Read This Summer

    Summer Activties

    Students may experience a decrease in reading and math scores after a long vacation, which we refer to as the “ summer slide .” Reading is a great way to keep young minds active during a break, and is an excellent option for students of all ages! Here are ...

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  • Interesting Career Paths for Your Student to Consider

    Career Path

    It's not uncommon for college students to feel unsure of their future career choice. In fact, 30% of all undergraduate students change their major at least once within the first 3 years of enrollment. If your student is researching options, here are some ...

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  • How to Choose a College That's Right For You

    College Application Tips

    With so many choices available for higher education these days, it's easy for teens to become overwhelmed when trying to decide which school is right for them. From traditional on-campus learning to online classes, there's a number of options for ...

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  • What To Do When Your Student Is Unmotivated

    Parenting Advice

    If you have a student that has lost their drive towards school, fear not! There are many ways to encourage students that aren't academically motivated. Here are Tutor Doctor's tips on what to do when your student is unmotivated. Try to discover the cause ...

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  • What to Consider When Building Your Summer Test Prep Calendar

    SAT Prep

    With summer vacation right around the corner, now is a great time to start planning a schedule for summer test preparation. If your student is planning on taking the SAT or ACT, spending extra time during the summer break is a great way to squeeze in more ...

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