How to Nurture Your Child's Creativity & Why It Matters

When an answer doesn’t immediately present itself, students are encouraged to find creative solutions. Here’s how to nurture your child’s creativity (and why it matters)!

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  • How to Nurture Your Child's Creativity & Why It Matters

    Parenting Advice

    For students, problem solving skills are crucial in all areas of education. When an answer doesn’t immediately present itself, students are encouraged to find creative solutions. Not surprisingly, children with good creative thinking skills often possess ...

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  • How to Evaluate Students Without Using Grades


    Although grades are a main area of concern throughout school, they aren’t the only way of measuring a student’s academic progress! Here are ideas to consider on how evaluate students without using grades. 1. Amount of improvement. When evaluating a ...

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  • How to Retain More Information While Studying

    Study Tips

    Have you ever studied hard for a test only to blank out on exam day? Perhaps your study techniques could use some improvement! Tutor Doctor has some excellent tips on how to retain more information while studying. 1. Space out your study sessions. Try not ...

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  • Tutor Doctor's Tips for Students Writing Their First Resume

    Career Development

    A good resume shows professionalism and can be a major contributing factor towards getting hired. Tutor Doctor has some great resume tips to help students preparing to apply for their first job! 1. Use a template. There’s no reason to start building your ...

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  • 5 Ways to Teach Children About Leadership


    We all want our kids to grow up being confident and motivated individuals, ready to take on any challenges that come their way. Having strong leadership capabilities is tied to self-confidence and can help students to develop a lasting positive identity. ...

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  • 8 Ways Learning to Play an Instrument Strengthens Your Brain

    Parenting Advice

    Playing a musical instrument isn’t just a great hobby, but also provides numerous learning benefits for young minds! Here are 8 ways learning to play an instrument strengthens your brain. 1) Learning to play an instrument encourages a growth mindset and ...

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  • Tips for Easing the Pain of Starting College [Infographic]


    The transition to college can be a big change, but there’s plenty of ways students can help make this shift as easy as possible. Here are Tutor Doctor’s tips for easing the pain of starting college! Buy your books early. A list of required course materials ...

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  • A Look at How Technology Is Impacting How Children Learn


    In today’s world, technology is a huge part of our lives. From how we communicate to where we get our news and information, technology has impacted our society in countless ways. For kids, technology can play a large role throughout their academic journey ...

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  • How Changes to the 2020 ACT Will Affect Students Next Year


    Big changes are coming to the ACT next year! Starting in September 2020, there will be more options for taking the ACT. These changes will help students focus on their important subjects, get their results sooner, and most importantly – increase their ...

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