Gift Ideas to Show Your Teachers Some Love During Teacher Appreciation Week

At Tutor Doctor, we think it's a great idea to let our teachers know just how much we appreciate what they do. Here are some great gift ideas to show your teachers some love during Teacher Appreciation Week!

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  • Gift Ideas to Show Your Teachers Some Love During Teacher Appreciation Week

    teacher appreciation

    Teacher Appreciation Week starts on May 6! This is a great time to show teachers how much we value their contributions to society. Teachers work incredibly hard to mold young minds, and unlike many jobs, their responsibilities don't always end when they ...

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  • The Complete Guide: Preparing For Your College Interview

    College Application Tips

    Many colleges and universities require prospective students to attend an interview during the application process. This can be a great opportunity to make a positive impression and improve your chances of admission. Last year, we shared a career readiness ...

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  • How to Prepare For and ROCK Your Next Class Presentation!

    Class Participation

    Got a big class presentation coming up? Tutor Doctor can help! Although speaking in front of a classroom can be intimidating, there are lots of great ways you can prepare (and hopefully take some of the edge off). Here's how to prepare for and ROCK your ...

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  • Why Executive Functioning Skills are Imperative for School and Life

    Executive Skills

    Executive functioning skills play a main role in time management, organization, and effective planning. It's important to start developing these skills at a young age, as children will use executive functioning abilities for the rest of their lives. Tutor ...

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  • How To Take Effective Notes For Each Learning Style

    Study Tips

    All students have different learning styles. Let's use an example – in early math classes, some students will best understand multiplication and division concepts by seeing it done in front of them. Many of us may have grown up with traditional ...

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  • The Importance of Teaching Your Child to be Environmentally Friendly

    Environmentally Friendly

    Over the last few decades, we have become much more aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly. Years of pollution, deforestation, and wasteful consumption during the 20th century had a highly damaging impact on our global community. Today, ...

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  • Good Stress vs. Bad Stress: How to Know the Difference


    We usually think of stress as a bad feeling, but did you know it can also be a good thing? Stress is often a useful motivator to overcome difficult or challenging situations. So what's the difference between good stress and bad stress? To narrow down what ...

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  • 5 Reading Strategies That Boost Memory

    Reading and Comprehension

    This post was written by Daphne Engelken, an Education Consultant at Tutor Doctor Central Coast . Today, we're going to be addressing a common issue that shows up in at least 70% of our consultations with the students we support through tutoring – auditory ...

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  • Healthy Lunch Tips for Your Children [Infographic]


    1. Avoid prepackaged “meals.” In general, we recommend packing a healthy lunch as opposed to prepackaged meals, which are often full of sodium and processed foods. Yes, they're convenient – and of course kids love bringing “ munchable ” (we'll just say ...

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