Tutor Doctor Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up for tutoring ?

Please call 1-888-718-8832 (1-800-4TUTORS) to enquire about tutors near you.

How do I know tutoring will help me?

Before a tutor is assigned to your student, our Education Consultant will meet with both parents and child to assess the need for a tutor, and where your child is struggling.

What is the process for getting matched with a tutor?

You can view the complete Tutor Doctor Process here.

What is an Education Consultation?

An Education Consultation is where we visit with the family to assess the academic situation, as well as, get to know the student a little so that we can ensure a strong match with a great tutor whom they look forward to working. Many factors impact how students perform in school including missing or weak academic foundations, lack of ability to understand how best to organize homework, the learning style of the child and other outside influences. The consultation helps us understand all of these factors. The Education Consultant will also work with the client to establish goals and expectations for our tutoring sessions, prior to making a recommendation on an appropriate enrollment.

Do you offer ACT/SAT® assistance?

Yes, we do offer test prep for both the ACT and SAT®.

Do you offer any other test prep services?

We also provide test prep for a variety of other standardized tests including ASVAB, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, as well as other regional and national testing depending on location.

Do you offer online tutoring ?

We do offer online tutoring . This is often a great option for busy students and draws on the vast experience of our worldwide network of over 28,000 tutors.

Is our tutoring one-to-one or with a group?

Tutor Doctor offers one-to-one learning in your home to best accommodate your individual needs.

Where are our tutoring sessions held?

our tutoring sessions are held in your home with an adult present, or alternatively at a library or other mutually agreeable public location in your area.

What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects. Our most in-demand subjects are Math, English, Test Prep, Sciences, ESL, and more.

Is there drop-in tutoring ?

We do not offer drop in tutoring as all of the tutoring is conducted in the privacy of the student’s home or preferred location.

Who are the tutors?

The tutors we work with come from a variety of backgrounds, including former and current teachers, professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, and others who may have specific expertise in the subject area. The two things they all have in common is that they are experts in their respective academic subjects and they are passionate about helping student’s succeed.

Do tutors work with the school or teachers?

Yes, with your permission, the tutors we work with reach out to the student’s teachers to increase communication and understand the requirements of the class. Often they also provide insight into the child’s learning challenges or areas where the student can get ahead of the class.

Are tutors available in other languages besides English?

Tutors are available in a variety of languages but please contact your local office to determine if we have a tutor available for the specific subject required.

Are you flexible with tutoring days and times?

Yes, the tutors we work with give us their availability before we match with the student. During the consultation, the Education Consultant will discuss scheduling constraints and work with the family to determine the best schedule for the sessions.

How much does your service cost?

At the local level, the price is based on the age of the student, subject matter, geographical location, and any special requirements which may be requested by the family. Tutoring costs typically run between $40-$80 but please contact your local office to find out pricing in your area.

Do you offer payments plans or financing?

We do offer payment plans that last the duration of our tutoring timeframe. For example, if tutoring is slated for 3 months you can make payments during those 3 months.

As a student, what can I expect from my tutoring sessions?

The tutor will come to your home to work with you closely on understanding the subject where you need assistance. This time can be used to ensure you build a foundation of the subject, as well as review homework, build study habits, focus on time management and organizational skills, or get ahead of the class. The tutors we work with will work with you to develop a program that works best to fit your needs and learning style.

How do I contact my tutor?

Once a tutor who is a good fit has been selected, you will be provided their contact information.

What training and experience do your tutors have?

The tutors we work with are personally selected for their expertise in their subject matter. They include university and college professors, teachers, professionals with a degree in their tutored area, and college/university students with high academic standing.

Will I get the same tutor every time?

Yes. From our initial consultation, we choose the most suitable tutor for you based on your schedule. That tutor will be assigned to you for the duration of the enrollment. In some circumstances your tutor may no longer be available, of which we will then re-match you with another tutor.

How are sessions tailored to the needs of each student?

The combination of a highly qualified tutor, working with the student’s classroom curriculum, and in coordination with the parents and teachers allows us to tailor the sessions to the student’s needs.

What if a tutoring option is not listed on your website?

Please call us. In most locations our offices maintain a robust roster of tutors, many of whom are skilled in subjects which may not be listed on our website.

Do you provide an assessment?

During the consultation the Education Consultant may provide formal and informal assessments depending on the academic situation.

If I have questions or concerns, whom do I contact?

You can contact your local office directly. We are 100% focused on the success of your student, so we encourage clients to contact us with any questions or concerns as we achieve that goal.