Beat Learning Loss With Our Summer Tutoring Programs!

With the long break, students often experience “summer learning loss” known as a decline in students’ academic skills and knowledge during the extended break from school, leading to a potential setback in their educational progress.

Summer learning programs can help bridge the gap and give your child regular refreshers throughout the break. Discover the power of summer tutoring and give your child a head start in their academic journey.

The benefits of summer tutoring are key to helping your child overcome summer learning loss and further their education. By investing in summer tutoring, you are setting your child up to:

  • Build Their Confidence: Summer tutoring can boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence in their abilities, preparing them for the upcoming academic year with a positive mindset.
  • Foster Academic Growth: Summer learning allows students to explore new subjects, master challenging concepts, and advance their skills, giving them a boost in their education journey.
  • Reinforce Study Habits: Summer tutoring helps students maintain good study habits, promoting consistency in their approach to learning and preventing procrastination.

Here’s why families trust Tutor Doctor with their children’s educational journey:

  • Tutor Matching: Each student is carefully matched to a tutor who can provide them with the most value throughout their summer learning.
  • Customized Learning Plans: We understand that every student is unique. Our tutors develop personalized learning plans to meet your child’s individual needs and goals, fostering an engaging and effective learning experience.
  • Highly-Rated: 95% of our customers recommend us after using our services to help their children through their educational journey.

To learn more about how Tutor Doctor can help your child with a personalized education plan this summer, please click the button below!

Understand Summer Tutoring With Our FAQs

How much learning is lost over the summer?

Studies suggest that students can lose about 1 month of academic progress during the summer break.

The “summer slide” can have a lasting impact on a student’s overall educational progress. Research has shown that students tend to lose more ground in math than in reading. This disparity could be due to the fact that reading and language skills are more easily reinforced through everyday activities, while math concepts require more focused and structured practice.

The degree of learning loss varies depending on the individual, the subject, and the duration of the break. To learn more about the benefits of summer tutoring for each individual, please read our blog “How Summer Tutoring Can Help Different Types of Students.”

How can I prevent summer learning loss for my child?

To prevent summer learning loss, engage your child in educational activities, enroll them in summer tutoring programs, and encourage reading and problem-solving throughout the break. These activities can help students maintain and even enhance their academic skills during the summer months.

Summer tutoring allows for the continuity of learning, skills reinforcement and focused practice which all contribute to preventing summer learning loss. We can help your child further their learning and get a head start before the new school year. Be sure to contact us for a free consultation today!

How can I become a summer tutor?

Due to summer learning loss, summer tutoring is in high demand. We are always looking for qualified tutors to help us change the trajectory of students’ lives.

To become a tutor with us, please submit an application. If we’re interested in moving forward with your application, we will reach out. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

My son worked with Sarah over the summer. We were so pleased with the progress shown! Sarah made a very big effort to connect to our son and use activities and reading material that was aligned with his interests. It was much appreciated. Sarah was sensitive to our son’s needs and learning style and tried hard to listen to him and us to get the best work and experience possible. We highly recommend Sarah, thank you!

I am so glad that I enrolled my son in Tutor Doctor this summer. Our needs were very specific as we needed customized private tutoring for our high-functioning autistic son with ADHD. Parents like myself know how challenging it can be for such kids to find the right kind of education. Tutor Doctor found the perfect match for his needs. My son’s tutor Ellis is very experienced with kids with learning disabilities. He patiently assessed him over time and is providing him with the right kind of mentoring. I am glad I found them just at the right time. Looking forward to a long association with Tutor Doctor. Thanks for holding my son’s hand when he needs it the most!

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