How Summer Tutoring Can Help Different Types of Students

Whether your student needs academic support or is already succeeding in school, summer tutoring offers benefits to all learners! Here’s a breakdown of the different types of students – and how Tutor Doctor’s summer tutoring programs can help.

1. The High Achiever: These students typically receive top grades, are highly engaged in school activities, and display a strong dedication to their academic responsibilities. Tutoring over the summer break benefits these students by helping them get a head start on next year, as well as supporting them with discovering and implementing strategies and routines to stay on top of schoolwork while reducing academic stress.

2. The Natural Student: These students generally receive excellent grades and often describe learning as coming naturally to them. As a result, these students typically don’t feel the need to spend as much time studying or completing assignments. Summer tutoring can support these students with enrichment and engagement programs that will encourage self-discovery of new topics based on their interests, as well as foster intrinsic motivation regarding their academic journey.

3. The Struggling Student: These students experience difficulty in one or more subjects and often lack confidence as a result. Summer tutoring greatly helps these students by closing gaps in their learning while reinforcing key concepts and addressing the root of their academic struggles. Summer is also an ideal low-stress time for these students to engage in a tutoring program that will assist with critical executive functioning skills, including time management and goal setting.

4. The Disorganized Student: Disorganized students often appear “scattered” and parents may describe them as absent-minded or forgetful and prone to procrastination. These students have difficulty keeping track of their schedules and homework assignments, often because they have no organizational system for their materials or tasks and responsibilities. Summer tutoring with these students focuses on building healthy academic habits and developing critical executive functioning skills like organization, task initiation, and prioritization.

5. The Unmotivated Student: These students often feel disengaged in school and display little urgency to complete homework assignments. Unmotivated students will often leave important responsibilities to the last minute, and as a result, their grades do not reflect what they are truly capable of. Tutoring over the summer holidays can help these students by uncovering the reasons for their lack of motivation and growing an understanding of their extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. In addition, tutors help these students to develop and implement personalized strategies to foster a positive attitude towards academics moving forward.

6. The Student Lacking Confidence: These students are often not inclined to participate in class and may be described by their teachers as being “shy.” For other students, a lack of confidence might manifest itself as negative or attention seeking behaviors, like being the “class clown.” Summer tutoring with these students focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of where these confidence issues arise from. Tutors typically play a mentor role, providing support, praise, and encouragement in order to help students gain back their lost confidence with academics.

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