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Becoming fluent in English is typically more difficult than other languages. Of any study that a child, teen, adult, or veteran will undertake, learning English will likely be the most rewarding—and the most likely to require a tutor. At Tutor Doctor, our experienced tutors help students at all ages and levels with their grasp of the English language with effectiveness, skill, and clarity.

The Difficulties of Learning English

English has a long history of interaction and trade with other languages. While the roots of English are common to most European languages, English borrows multiple words, constructions, and stems from Greek, Latin, Scandinavian, German, and more. As a result, the “rules” that form the English language have a multitude of contradictions and exceptions.

In addition, English is still growing. English is spoken as the official language by over 45 nations worldwide, and in each nation, it takes on a unique form. Even the “official” English is constantly growing—in fact, a new word is added to English every two hours on average. With such a high rate of growth, it is no wonder that non-native speakers have a difficult time with English.

Why a Tutor Can Help

Despite its difficulty, English is the most widely taught language in the world. In fact, there are more non-native speakers of English than native speakers! If a person speaks English, it is far more likely that they learned it as a second language. That’s why Tutor Doctor offers ESL services to all ages, including adults and veterans.

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Much of learning is the willingness to make mistakes. That takes confidence and strong sense of security. The tutors we work with provide education in the safety and familiarity of your home, so your ESL learner has the confidence and courage to take risks and ask questions. This will foster their confidence while teaching them how to become an effective speaker, writer, and reader.

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