Boston Private Tutoring Service

Providing Students with the Knowledge and Skill They Need to Excel

At Tutor Doctor, we understand that some students learn differently or need a little extra support. When traditional classroom methods fall short, our private tutors are here to fill in the gap. We believe in providing every student with personalized learning solutions that work, and we are prepared to do so for you or your child.

What Sets Tutor Doctor Apart from the Rest

Our tried-and-true methods have helped thousands of students overcome difficulties in a wide variety of subjects and go on to succeed in their studies. Check out our four-part process:

  • ASSESSMENT: First things first—before we dive into the material, we take the time to get to know each student and understand their challenges, goals, limitations, personality, learning style, and so on. We want to make sure we have a good grasp on each student’s strengths and potential areas of improvement before ever cracking a textbook.
  • MATCHING: Pairing up with the right tutor is like dating—but we do the hard work of finding the right one for you! We make sure to select tutors whose expertise, personalities, and teaching approaches complement their students’ needs, goals, and learning styles.
  • TUTORING: Now on to the good stuff. After we assess each student and match them with the right instructor, our Boston private tutors go to work to create lesson plans that can be incorporated into students’ curriculum and overcome the challenges they are facing. We also make it a point to teach study habits and learning skills that will give our students a competitive advantage.
  • SUPPORT: Parents of students will receive weekly progress reports so they are always in the loop and aware of how their kids are improving and growing.

Find out why parents, students, and teachers in Boston trust Tutor Doctor! Call (888) 718-8832 to get started and explore our tutoring options available to you.