About The Tutors We Work With In Fargo

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Ribbon Cutting at Tutor Doctor of Fargo

It can be frustrating to fall behind in class. Not only does it shake your confidence, but it can also affect your desire to learn and obtain further education. At Tutor Doctor Fargo, we have the tools, resources, and experience to help students of all age achieve the grades they want. And as their parent, you can look forward to seeing the first letters of the alphabet again!

Some of the West Fargo tutoring programs we offer include:

  • Elementary/Middle School Subjects
  • High School Subjects
  • Languages
  • Special Needs
  • Test Preparations
  • Adult tutoring

School no longer needs to feel like a chore. Allow us to teach your students the study skills and comprehensive lessons they need to succeed!

Overcoming Educational Challenges – One Session at a Time

Founder John Hooi saw a discrepancy in the standardized classroom setting. He realized that because not all students learned in the same manner, some were at a disadvantage. That’s why he started Tutor Doctors in 2001. We offer individualized approaches to teaching and studying.

Our process includes:

  • Assess – Assessing a student’s strengths and recognizing where they have room to improve.
  • Match – Pairing them with a tutor that complements their educational needs and personality.
  • Tutor – Teaching them with customized lesson plans, working within the curriculum used by their teacher at school.
  • Support – Providing weekly progress reports to keep you in the loop.

School shouldn’t feel like a waste of time to students. It’s one of the greatest resources they have to get ahead in their career. That is why we instill skills and habits that will not only help them ace that final, but will carry over into other areas of their life.