Education financing made easy…

Times are changing quickly and we are increasingly turning towards technology to keep connected. As you start to work more and more virtually, we make it easier for families to apply online for payment options through Your Tuition SolutionSM.

We provide families who are proceeding with education services with this link to give direct access to our center’s application page from your own home. You can view all options without impacting your credit until you select a plan and move forward.

  • Applicants see all their payment options with no credit impact until they select a plan and move forward
  • A quick and simple online application that leads to an instant decision
  • No upfront payment or application fees

Put your student on a path to success with help of Your Tuition Solution.

Complete your application online today:

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Let’s keep our students learning. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your
Tutor Doctor home office at 704.890.8887 or