Our Consultation and What Makes Us Special

Tutor Doctor of North Jersey – Jessica Bush, owner of Tutor Doctor of North Jersey, answers the most important question: what makes Tutor Doctor unique? Why should you pick up the phone and reach out to Tutor Doctor? We are unlike any other service out there; we CARE about your family, your student! Jessica’s intuitive sensibility toward PEOPLE, spending time with the family and student to really get to know them beyond pure academics is what makes them special.

The “Magical Match”

The “Magical Match” is key for students success with Tutor Doctor of North Jersey – Tutors are more of a mentor and coach to students because of Jessica Bush’s sensitivity and intuitive ability to create a “magical match” between the student and the tutor selected to work with that student. It’s a process which creates a bond of trust and comfort which ultimately helps the student not only increase their grades and study skills, but also their self-confidence and ability to excel in school as they move ahead in their schooling process. Especially with homeschooling situations, tutor / student match is key to optimal learning!

It’s all about NEED

What is your student’s particular NEED for tutoring ? Tutor Doctor can help! Every student learns differently; no matter what the special and unique NEED is for each student. No matter what age, what subject, what level, Tutor Doctor’s unique value is that we can match your student with a tutor who helps the student to not only excel, but build confidence and motivation.

Happy parent, student accepted! What could be better than this?

Hear it from a parent.. best endorsement!

Tutor Doctor of North Jersey’s Jessica Bush on LIVE IT UP TV, Educational Tip: Plan! Don’t Cram!

Summer Learning

Jessica Bush with tutor Richard and student Brandon, Exclusive interview on NJTVNews:

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