Meet Jessica Bush

Jessica of Tutor Doctor of North Jersey was the Featured Educational Expert for “Best of NJ: Back to School 2016”

For Jessica, “making learning personal” is not just a slogan – it’s the foundation on which she has built Tutor Doctor North Jersey and Rockland. For the past 10 years, her instinct for uncovering the unique needs and desires of students and their families – and her passion for helping them achieve their dreams – have been the hallmarks of her tutoring practice.

Her commitment to helping others and sensitivity to mental health advocacy is something Jessica learned from her mother, and she credits her father for nurturing her love of art. Weaving together these twin legacies, she is guided by her intuition to find creative, out-of-the-box solutions to helping students of all abilities overcome even the most complex learning challenges.

Jessica and her tutors – many of whom have been with her for years – are sensitive to the range of issues students struggle with today. They understand that learning is often about more than just mastering academics. Whether it’s test anxiety, executive function, or school avoidance, their expertise lies in helping families address these concerns holistically.

Just as no two students are alike, nothing about the Tutor Doctor process is standardized. Jessica listens and observes in order to fully understand each student’s goals, frustrations, and unique dynamics, at home and in school. She then pairs the student with the ideal tutor, and together they create a customized game plan. Her aim is to build a support team with a shared commitment to seeing the student learn and grow.

Families know they can count on Jessica to be honest, responsive, and professional. She has earned her clients’ trust by being accessible and reliable, as well as by respecting their privacy and maintaining complete confidentiality. Whether helping parents learn to advocate on behalf of their student or navigate the college admissions maze, she is dedicated to making learning personal – every single day.

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