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Organic Chemistry Tutor

From molecular orbital theory to balancing chemical equations — organic chemistry has a reputation for being one of the most difficult courses you can take. With a semester full of new ideas, compounds, and configurations ahead of you, know that you don’t have to go at it alone!

Do a Lot of People Fail Organic Chemistry?

Even if you have a knack for math and science, organic chemistry presents a new set of challenges for many individuals. Studies have shown that, on average, up to 40% of students fail organic chemistry their first time taking the class. Don’t let this percentage scare you, though! If you arm yourself with hard work and attend regular organic chemistry tutoring sessions, you’ll be on your way to beating the average and passing your course with flying colors.

Should I Get a Tutor for Organic Chemistry?

If you’re concerned about the subject matter at hand, a private organic chemistry tutor can help you overcome these fears and master the material. Tutor Doctor offers customized tutoring programs designed around your learning style and level of confidence in the subject.

  • Our online organic chemistry tutors can help students tackle and understand the following topics and more:
  • Integration by parts
  • Molecular orbital theory
  • Net ionic equations
  • Alternating series test
  • Angular momentum
  • Antiderivatives
  • Arc length
  • Area between curves
  • Aromaticity
  • Balancing chemical equations
  • Balancing redox reactions

Learning Organic Chemistry is Easy!

Or at least — it can be! Head into your coursework with confidence with the guidance of an organic chemistry expert. Tutor Doctor offers flexible services to meet your busy schedule, additional resources to continue learning after your lessons, and has proudly helped over 300,000 families across the globe conquer their academic challenges.

Find an organic chemistry tutor near you and begin learning your best today!

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