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  • The ability to accomadate the unique needs of the child.

    MIchael V.
  • That the tutor comes to the house and the one on one service. John was fantastic and my daughter was very comfortable with his teaching style.

    Vicky M.
  • I am very satisfied with the tutor that Jessica suggested for my daughter.John was very helpful and her grade improved.She also feels more comfortable with math after being frustrated and stressed a year before.She could have ended hating math after encounter with Honors Math teacher last year.Lisa Finn.

    Lisa F.
  • Jessica was able to find me a tutor at such short notice. Thank you so much!

    Liza P.
  • Professional, Consistent, knowledgeable

    Alex T.
  • I like that tutoring is fine in our home and Jessica worked very diligently to find a tutor who could work with Liam. His tutor is very knowledgeable and had a good rapport with Liam.

    Anne O.
  • Being flexible with the schedule and coming directly to our house

    Donna & Larry F.
  • So far, very nice and friendly tutors .. Easy to schedule and reschedule

    Beth & Jon T.
  • That it's in my home and it's very personalized individual attention. The focus is on becoming an all-around better student not just to get better grades.

    Lisa G.
  • High quality tutors, very responsive, professional. Jessica was very helpful in getting tutors lined up on short notice.

    Mary K.
  • Personalized at-home tutoring. Julie found a terrific tutor match for my daughter.

    Elizabeth C.
  • The tutors are very efficient . Tutoring is one to one and done in the comfort of your home . It has helped build confidence in my son . Constructive feedback from the tutor helped my son identify his weaknesses and strengths. and most of all improve his grades .

    Judith B.
  • Individualized attention according to our needs...prompt service! Updates as to how sessions go as well as a total remaining hours available to us...very important! I am completely satisfied with Tutor Doctor and particularly Jessica Bush, as well as the tutors we have used/are using!

    Janet M.
  • Everything! Attention to detail, involvement in the school-related decisions, seeking feedback from teachers and negotiating the best course of action for the child... We are very glad we met.

    Peter & Irina G.
  • I am able to schedule appointments with the tutor according to my schedule as well as having the convenience of someone coming to my home.

    Ruth & Fred P.
  • Jessica! She's very helpful. Also, I like that the tutor comes to our home and that we get a written follow-up report.

    Anne S.
  • Consistent and clear communication every step of the way. High quality tutors.

    Lisa W.
  • Quick response, tutor very knowledgeable.

    Daniel & Frances G.
  • Always available and very helpful with whatever our needs are at the time.

    Penny & Michael D.
  • Appreciate the quick response. Very helpful even in emergency requests!

    Betty K.
  • Flexible schedule in the home.

    Randi F.
  • Mary has done a fantastic job guiding and motivating our daughter.

    Glenn M.
  • The owner is extremely helpful and easy to talk to and very accessible

    Gineen S.
  • Nicole was amazing!! She was probably the best math tutor we have ever had. She made everything so helpful was encouraging and amazing!

    Lisa K.
  • I think Chris, my son's tutor, was outstanding. He was calm, patient and caring with Brian. He took the time, not only to make sure that Brian understood what he was doing, but also to build a really nice relationship with him. I also like the consistent communication and instant follow up provided by Jessica. Tutor Doctor is extremely professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a ...

    Dawn D.
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  • The tutor is great! Plus Jessica, is very friendly, accessible and accomondating

    Lauren & Dean S.
  • We have been very happy with Deniz. She is reliable, comes on-time, communicates well with us and works great with Elizabeth. She is very professional but with just the right amount of warmth and patience. Elizabeth has been doing better in math and her confidence level is definitely going up. I am sorry Deniz is going away for the summer but we talked about starting up again in the fall. She is ...

    Victoria & Sean P.
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  • The tutor who was assigned to my son Franchesca was very friendly wit my son and is a good teacher my son loves her.

    Yovana & Ralph Q.
  • It is very personnel and able to fit the student with the right tutor. The Tutor Doctor has been wonderful and very helpful. I would highly recommend this to others!

    Susan F.
  • I like the one on one tutoring because we see excellent results. I also like the flexible schedule which accommodates our busy lives.

    Jackie V.
  • highly qualified tutors

    Natalie M.
  • I like the fact that you guys respond immediately even when given short notice. and you guys were able to take the time to find a tutor that was the perfect fit for me.

    Geoffrey M.
  • My daughter is very happy with her tutor, the tutor has helped her understand what she didn't think she can ever do and understand . We are very happy with the service , we just wished it wasn't as expensive and we can use her longer for help. because of price we will not be able to use the tutor as long as we might need her for. thank you

    Susan S.
  • I cannot express how happy I am that you were able to provide a Wilson tutor for my daughter!! Kathy is amazing and Emma loves working with her!! Emma has made noticable improvement since working with Kathy!! The fact that she comes to our home and has a flexible schedule as well as her great rapport with Emma is invaluable!! I can't thank you enough for providing such a much needed service!!

    Krista & Donald B.
  • Very satisfied with Tutor doctor, what I most like about the services is the fact that the teachers are very flexible and the classes are scheduled according to the students need,

    Jessica M.
  • Reliability, care, excellent tutors, price

    Maya G.
  • I will recommed you as tutor because i see the care and effort to teach my son

    Gladys & Jose V.
  • personalized, caring, knowledgeable tutors

    Roz W.
  • You were great, unfortunately my child's commitment was not. We both did everything we could, but unfortunately we did not succeed.

    Maurene S.
  • The tutor comes to us!!

    Gina C.
  • I like the way the teachers display a friendly professional attitude and never talk down to my daughter. They always provide a way for her to figure it out on her own.

    James R.
  • Jessica and the tutors Jen and Eric are wonderful

    Elisa & Robert B.
  • Frendly explain things clearly and u send progress on how your child is doing

    Robin W.
  • Our tutor, Jennifer Tempio, has helped my daughter rasie her Social Studies grade to an A. She is pleasant to deal with and has given my daughter many notetaking tips that are helping her study habits. I would recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone that is looking for help for their child.

    Lori & Patrick M.
  • The tutors' knowledge, their age (young) and their flexibility.

    Brigitte S.
  • Great tutors. Great monitoring by Jessica Bush. In home service is a huge plus.

    Jamie P.
  • The tutors, Jen & Taleen are wonderful! my daughters grades are slowly improving thanks to the girls help with study skills and teacher follow up

    Joanne & Ed B.
  • The best thing about tutor doctor is that they make house calls. They listen to your problems and give you suggestions while in your house calls. You feel good when someone is trying to help you when there is no help. My son is a very good student but unfortunately he had a very tough teacher but i am glad i met with Tutor doctor and they provided me with a very good tutor who has a good knowledge ...

    Sana & Syed R.
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  • Positive services: feedback regarding each tutor session; running tally of hours used/left; ability to work with each tutor regarding schedules directly with them.

    Steve & Cyndi D.
  • knowledge on the subject, reliability

    Cristine D.
  • Flexible with day and time of the sessions.

    Andrew & Yukiko D.
  • Personal and geared towards Grace

    Kate S.
  • Richard is very helpful with test prep and math content knowledge.

    Jamie H.
  • Excellent teachers

    Marjan N.
  • Professionall

    Nava D.
  • the time jessica spent with us on our first meeting. The tutors seem very knowledgable, and very supportive

    Karen K.
  • somewhat flexible and can do multiple subjects

    Gail & Bob R.
  • Very friendly and accommodating when I needed them to be.

    Kate & Tom W.
  • I like the fact that the tutor's have a flexible schedule and it is convenient with them coming to our house.

    Jennifer B.
  • One on one. Personal attention which can be routed to the needs of the student

    Glenn & Barbara T.
  • Very responsive to our needs from the beginning. Provided a tutor that fit with my daughter enabling her to improve her grade in school.

    Michele & Patrick C.
  • Despite the fact we've needed separate tutors the instruction has been very consistent. The tutors communicate about what was accomplished and what needs to be done. We also like how flexible you have been with our schedule changes.

    Mary Ann & Scott O.
  • The Tudors had a good understanding how to help my child in his subject areas. He got a better understanding with Math and Science.

    Jennifer O.
  • So far, I like the personal connection you have with the family. You are truly interested in what is taking place between the teacher and student.

    Mary R.
  • Mary is a dedicated teacher who knows how to approach and deal with Xander. He really enjoys meeting with her and is slowly improving his reading abilities.

    Dana & Jordan R.
  • I really cannot say enough good things about Tutor Doctor, they are that good! We have used Tutor Doctor to help both of our sons on the ACT & SAT, respectively. After using Tutor Doctor, our older son increased his ACTscore by 30% and got accepted at all his chosen schools, while our younger son scored in the top 6% of the SAT on his first time taking it! The best part about their approach is how ...

    Robert Anderson, Midland Park
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  • Tutor Doctor is extremely professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend, family member, or business associate. Mark, my daughter’s tutor was outstanding, provided feedback regarding each tutor session, and consistent communication. In addition, the owner, Jessica, is extremely helpful and very accessible.

    Irena J., Fair Lawn
  • Jessica, Sabrina and Todd from Tutor Doctor are simply outstanding! Jessica is very passionate about selecting the best tutors for our son as well as managing the program. She comes to your home to do an in-depth assessment of your child's needs and makes the appropriate recommendations. She is always there whenever you need her to check in, ask her perspective and provide an update. She truly ...

    Tanya K., Wyckoff, NJ
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  • My daughter needed some help with standardized testing. I reached out to the tutor doctor immediately. As a concerned parent I want to make sure she has the best of everything and is prepared for everything that’s coming her way and with college pressing upon us in her senior year the SAT scores weren’t there. I got in touch with Jessica right away. Not only does she come over and sit down and ...

    Happy parent, student accepted! What could be better than this?
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  • I love that you have tutors for several subjects. Also, Jessica is very knowledgeable about what each child needs are before matching up a tutor. We love our tutor Kristen. She is very knowledgeable and it's very convenient that she comes to our home.

    Lisa Z.