About Our Private Tutoring Services in North Jersey & Rockland

15 years ago, John Hooi had a simple idea and a desire to make a difference.

He Wondered:

  • Why did parents have to drive half way across town to put their student in another classroom when it was the classroom experience their child was struggling with?
  • What if a tutor could come directly to the family’s home to deliver academic coaching services instead of fragmenting a family’s precious time?
  • What if there was flexibility in the tutor’s schedule so that tutoring time slots could be scheduled to accommodate a family’s busy schedule?
  • What if a struggling student could get one-to-one attention instead of being limited to the “one-to-many” teaching models used by most extra-curricular learning centers?
  • What if a tutor could develop a personalized program by working with the student’s existing homework and school curriculum instead of loading more standard textbook work on an already overwhelmed student?

The Answer: Tutor Doctor Academic Coaching System

John’s vision for Tutor Doctor has taken shape over the last 12 years. With offices in over 15 countries globally, Tutor Doctor is providing superior supplemental academic services that are positively impacting the lives of students and their families. Working collaboratively with students, parents and teachers, Tutor Doctor’s academic coaches provide personalized instruction along with the motivation to boost each student’s confidence and ultimately help them succeed. Report cards typically improve 10 to 20% in the first 6 months!

No wonder parents and students find the Tutor Doctor Academic Coaching System so refreshing.

Our Mission

Through our international network of associates, Tutor Doctor of North Jersey serves as an educational catalyst, delivering academic performance, greater self-esteem and impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children and students around the world.


The Tutor Doctor Advantage