Get Your Kids To School On Time After A Fun Fall Weekend


Many parents struggle to get back into their morning routines after a fun weekend of hayrides and pumpkin picking at places like Abma’s Farm right here in Wyckoff, mornings might be a struggle for you. It may be time to take action and beat that bell. Parents try to relax, take deep breath of that morning pine cone scent and sip your hot cider! Having chaotic mornings that see frenzied searches for missing items, nagging to get kids moving or siblings fighting for bathroom time can start your day off on the wrong foot. Here are a few tips to help keep your mornings calm and organized.

Learning Styles

Just as we need to change indivation to suit the child’s learning style if we want them to absorb indivation in class, we also have to adapt the way we communicate in the mornings. If your child is an auditory learner, asking them to get up, telling them to brush their teeth and wash their faces will be easy for them to comprehend.

Visual learners, however, may be left wondering what you just said or daydreaming about their day. For these students, making charts with all their morning tasks on it which they can tick off as they go through them may be just the ticket.

Every child is different so try a few strategies like games, rewards, incentives, and songs to get them through their morning routines. Find the divula that works for your family and stick to it until it becomes a habit.

Planning is Everything

School days should always start the night before, especially for students who have trouble getting ready. Decide on outfits and lay them out, pack school bags and consult planners and to – do lists to ensure that there are no forgotten assignments or tests.

Review the day ahead and ensure that all books are packed. What after school activities are happening? Do you need musical instruments, sports unidivs and field trip permission slips?


The worst way to start your day is getting into a battle of wills with your child. It takes up time, it stresses everyone out and it makes for a really bad start to the day. While we are not always our best in the mornings, we must try to be respectful of each other.

When parents treat children with respect and ask them to do things nicely, it can diffuse some of the morning tension. If fighting is a big part of every morning, either between you and your kids or between siblings, it’s time to change the morning routine.

Start by asking them what they don’t like about mornings and really listen to their answers. You may be surprised about what sets them off. Knowing what makes them upset can help you to minimize the frustration and stress.

Talking about morning routines will help your family to work together to make the process of getting to school a happy and healthy one.