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Register for Online Practice ACT Exam

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SAT and ACT scores can improve your admissions profile, even at test-optional universities. Just like your grades and course rigor, your strong SAT and ACT scores demonstrate your academic strength and set you apart from the crowd of qualified applicants. Also, many scholarship awards will consider your exam scores.

What’s the best way to start? Take a diagnostic exam and map out your custom plan with our testing experts.

No risk, no stress. Your scores are completely confidential and will be shared only with your Tutor Doctor advisor.

Tutor Doctor’s online practice exams include:

  • Live-proctored online monthly full ACT diagnostic exams
  • Self-proctored digital adaptive full SAT diagnostic exams
  • Detailed score reports that identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • SAT vs ACT: recommendations on which test is a better fit for you

Your comprehensive score report is the starting point for an effective test preparation program. Using your baseline performance data, your advisor will customize a plan for your unique needs and goals.

As preparation continues, you’ll take periodic practice exams to further refine skills, improve pacing, and build the stamina you’ll need for success on the official exam.

There is simply no better way for you to build momentum, increase your confidence, and achieve your target scores!