ACT vs. SAT® In North Jersey & Rockland

ACT or SAT®: Free Assessment Determines the Best College Admissions Test for Your Student

Many colleges and universities give applicants a choice between taking the SAT® and ACT standardized college admissions tests. Often both parents and students find deciding which test to take a daunting task. To help families determine which standardized admissions exam highlights their student’s strengths, Tutor Doctor offers FREE diagnostic assessment testing. The results of this exam provides valuable insights that one of our highly experienced and qualified tutors shares with you and your student so you choose the test that optimizes the likelihood he or she will gain admission to his or her first choice school.

Gain a Competitive Edge with ACT and SAT® Tutoring

Once your family decides between the SAT® and ACT, your student can gain an advantage over other students applying to the same college by working with a member of the Tutor Doctor team. Some of the benefits of our SAT® and ACT in-home and online, one-to-one instruction include the following:

  • We find 97 percent of students who work with a member of the Tutor Doctor team increase their ACT and SAT® scores.
  • Families find that even slight improvements in their students’ SAT® or ACT scores lead to significant financial benefits by gaining access to merit-based scholarships. In fact, many students who complete their individualized Tutor Doctor test preparation plan earn as much as $40,000 annually in academic scholarships.
  • Since 99 percent of merit-based college scholarships use ACT and SAT® scores as benchmarks, a high score on these standardized admissions tests is often worth thousands of dollars.
  • At Tutor Doctor, our highly qualified test prep tutors carefully pace instruction so the student can easily manage and learn the material and strategies presented to them.

The Tutor Doctor Approach and Team

Today’s college applicants face unprecedented competition for both admissions and scholarships. Students who complete our ACT and SAT® preparation programs gain the skills and knowledge to make the highest scores possible on these exams. The Tutor Doctor program differs from other test prep programs because the tutors we work with develop customized study plans based on their students’ needs and skill level. In addition, our students benefit from receiving one-to-one ACT and/or SAT® tutoring in the comfort of their homes.

At Tutor Doctor, we only employ the top qualified tutors who demonstrate a passion for assisting our students in their quest to achieve the highest scores possible on the SAT® or ACT. The tutors we work with are experts in ACT and SAT® test-taking strategies, and they stay current with any changes made to the tests. In addition, we know how to engage and motivate students so they get the highest scores possible on their standardized admissions tests.

How The Tutor Doctor ACT and SAT® Test Preparation Plan Works

  • Step 1: The tutor introduces the student to the most effective strategies to use when taking the ACT and SAT®. Then the instructor reviews the academic material that appears on these standardized college admissions exams. If the student demonstrates any skill deficits, the tutor provides remedial instruction.
  • Step 2: To reinforce instruction and boost confidence, the tutors we work with give their students various subject-specific skill building exercises.
  • Step 3: Students then take numerous timed practice tests structured the same as the actual ACT and SAT® exams. This provides the student the opportunity to assimilate and apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

SAT Preparation Plan