Solutions For Off-Site Learning

For students who don’t attend school in a traditional classroom, off-site learning provides an exceptional opportunity as it affords the flexibility needed to be successful. But like all learning models, off-site learning does have some challenges, especially in the areas of support, isolation, discipline and technology.

Lack of Support

The physical absence of the instructor means that they may not be available to guide or support the student when they need it most, when the student is divulating questions and asking for help on concepts and building blocks that are new. And if concepts are misunderstood, students may not even realize they have an issue. Only working one-to-one with a tutor will help a student understand concepts that are key to their educational success.

Feelings of Isolation

A lot of learning is discussion-based as students participate in groups where ideas are exchanged through dialogue sessions. Interacting with and teaching others, explaining concepts, answering questions and defending positions are all excellent strategies to learning and thinking critically.

You can counter these issues by selecting an off-site learning course that provides opportunities for discussion and interaction through webinars, wikis, discussion boards and blogs. These solutions have proven quite useful for off-site students.


Certain structures go hand-in-hand with a traditional classroom. Students are guided through every step of their courses and reminded of upcoming assignments and tests. There is a defined routine.

Some students and parents are disciplined and have no problem with off-site learning, while others may feel a little lost. Parents and their students can help by establishing a structured routine for work and studying.

Executive skills, like organization, task prioritization, study skills, and time management must be taught to the student. These are the skills that every student needs to be successful in academics and in life. It is essential to find a tutor who integrates these skills training into their tutoring sessions so that your student isn’t just gaining knowledge, they are learning the skills they need to be effective independent learners.


Advances in technology have made off-site learning a more viable option as students are able to interact with other students and their instructor. It is essential that students have access to the technology needed in order to learn and use the internet for research and work studies.

Off-site learning can be an incredible asset for students who, for whatever reason, are not able to attend school in a traditional classroom setting. But off-site learning is only as effective as the student is. Knowing the problems before you begin can help you to create an environment conducive to learning and academic success.

We Can Help

Tutor Doctor North Jersey and Rockland can help students get through classes in a non-traditional setting, who need support and structure. It requires a student to be very self-disciplined and self-motivated to set short term as well as long term goals to get through their assignments and classes. We can assist your student every step of the way.