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  • As a school counselor this is a phenomenal resource to share with our students and their families. Tutor Doctor is easy to access and flexible with your schedule!

    kristin, colgate, WI
  • Rade really seemed to understand our needs in our initial conversation. Good communication emails. Excellent tutor, very impressed with Kathy and how she works with our son.

    Kymn & Andy L.
  • We like the flexibility of our tutor's availability. If our daughter is struggling with a concept taught during the week, or needs help prepping for a test, Paul is always able to come over and help her. The individual attention has made a huge difference in clearing up questions and giving her confidence.

    Beth & Michael R.
  • We love the flexibility, that they come to your house and knowledge of the tutors.

    Dawn & Kevin O.
  • Our previous tutor and new tutor are very helpful.

    Jeff & Laura K.
  • My granddaughter loves her tutor! She was able to help her bring every grade up by one grade, I think that speaks for itself.

    Margaret R.
  • The tutors were very well matched to the needs and personality of my child and were very in tune with the common core curriculum and its requirements. They also came ready to provide additional resources.

    Ella A.
  • They were quick to get me a wonderful tutor.

    Katie B.
  • Love that the tutor comes to our home.

    Dan & Kim B.
  • Tutor Doctor works with a busy schedule & helps having the tutor come to my residence.

    Paula C.
  • Our tutor is very nice & personable.

    Kristin N.
  • They give quick responses and are flexible of scheduling sessions. Overall experience is great.

    Craig & Julie K.
  • Tutor is knowledgeable and flexible. She is able to meet the needs of my child along with scheduling demands.

    Colleen A.
  • I like the paying up front and someone coming to the home.

    Alison L.
  • You can work around our schedule and meet any need.

    Sue M.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that the tutor comes right to our house. I also like that you are scheduling right with the tutor. It was a very worthwhile summer and we look forward to continuing in the school year!

    Jackie W.
  • I like that you changed tutors at my request without hesitation. I also like the confidence my son is showing not only in math but in other areas as well!

    Dave & Ali Z.
  • Terri is a great fit for Sam. He was able to drill down to Sam's specific needs and work with him.

    Missy C.
  • The prompt professional support received was appreciated. This goes for both Ms. Gratton and the tutor, Kyle. We were in a time crunch to get our daughter some help for a class she was struggling in. The tutor was professional and presented the materials in a manner that she understood. He also took the time to make sure she completely understood the material and was confident with her assignments ...

    Peter Y.
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  • The tutor is awesome.

    Ahyanna R.
  • Tutor Doctor is very focused on matching the correct tutor to the student, in terms of the particular subject matter as well as personality type. This has really paid off! It's a great match, and the tutor is very flexible about scheduling. She is also very responsive to whatever the particular subject need might be at each session.

    Theresa W.
  • They listened to what I was asking for and gave a few choices and listed their expertise and background and family information. This helped to find a great fit.

    Louise & David R.
  • I like the flexible payments and schedule options.

    Michele C.
  • We loved that our tutor came to us and worked within our schedule. She was extremely accommodating. My daughter felt comfortable and confident in asking questions to get the help she needed. She pulled A's in Algebra both semesters, when in the past she struggled to get D's and C's!

    Kris H.
  • So far its going great, thank you!

    Andrew B.
  • I love getting the detailed emails on the tutoring sessions. Also, our tutor is the perfect match for our daughter. The growth she has shown in the short time they have been together is amazing.

    Liz & Nelson L.
  • Love the schedule flexibility.

    Mary S.
  • Our tutors are friendly, knowledgeable, hard-working young men. Perfect role models for our 16 year old son!

    Caroline T.
  • I like that the tutors come to my home. It is a real time saver on busy school nights. I also like that I can request tutors with very specific skills to meet the needs of my child.

    Doug & Wendy P.
  • Easy to schedule and many different tutors to choose from for different classes.

    Jane O.
  • Very convenient. Has really helped my son get on track. Hoping to see his grades improve soon.

    Debbie L.
  • We loveeeeeee our tutor!

    Nicki W.
  • I liked the fact you could meet at a place that was comfortable for the student. I love the fact that there is a caring tutor who the student is matched up with not just someone who has time.

    Sandy D.
  • Love the customization and ability to find the right fit with a tutor.

    Tricia S.
  • The tutor we have seems to be working well with my son.

    Eida D.
  • She is very dedicated in spending the time to help my son.

    Kim W.
  • Tutor will meet anywhere and has flexibility in schedules.

    Melissa M.
  • I like that my son is comfortable to work in his home with his tutor. Kyle has been very friendly, open, and works with my son very well. He is prompt and meets his commitments and is very in to working with us.

    Bob & Lorraine G.
  • Very convenient, easy to schedule (flexibility) and kind staff.

    Tim & Kelly H.
  • The flexibility, convenience and willingness to switch tutors to meet the needs of the client. Thank you for your service.

    Belinda R.
  • Very accommodating to our family's schedule. Our tutor is so helpful and patient with our child. We really appreciate Tutor Doctor.

    Sergio & Jill C.
  • Very professional, timely callbacks and tutor is excellent in adapting each session to my son's needs.

    Nadine & Jim B.
  • The tutor was awesome and specifically met our child's needs!

    Germaine & Latonya D.
  • I like the flexibility and quality of our tutor. I also like that you can adjust the schedule to fit your child's needs.

    Jill & Brad K.
  • I like that they have flexible scheduling and that they come to our home.

    Pam M.
  • Completely professional in your approach and friendly.

    Dave M.
  • Flexibility, high quality tutors, personable, accommodating, and great results!

    Yolanda V.
  • Flexibility of having a licensed professional coming to our house and catering to each child's specific strengths and weaknesses.

    Craig & Mary S.
  • They are very flexible and thorough.

    Judith & Edwin M.
  • Lindsay is awesome!

    Alane B.
  • You were very helpful when I initially called and worked within our needs. Kyle was prompt, very knowledgeable and helpful to Drake in Calculus. Drake currently has an A in the class so it shows a little tutoring goes a long way. Since Drake was caught up on all his review for his AP exam and we did not need the extra hour you were willing to refund the hour to us. That was very nice and we ...

    Dean W.
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  • The one on one home setting lessons are wonderful!

    Vicki B.
  • Love that the tutors come to our home.

    Jerry & Marguerite Q.
  • Excellent tutors. Accommodating to scheduling and location.

    Rebecca K.
  • Katie works so great with my daughter, I've noticed quite a difference in just a few weeks!

    Cassie Z.
  • The convenience of an at-home visit and the flexibility of appointments with our tutor.

    Jennifer S.
  • Its so great that you come to our home. It helps keep the stress down of trying to get to places on time. I think this helps also by allowing the child to be more comfortable in their own environment.

    Heather S.
  • Rade is great to work with in general. She provides a great sense of relief when discussing challenges. The tutor we have been using, Stephanie, is remarkable! Without her, I would imagine we wouldn't proceed with any tutoring.

    Mindy F.
  • The young man that has been tutoring my son in math and chemistry has made a real connection with him. His explanations of both disciplines are very thorough. My son has said that when their session is over he understands both much more clearly than when he leaves class at school. Thanks.

    Carl & Mary M.
  • A good tutor match was essential for us and Amanda is a perfect match.

    Ken & Cheryl W.
  • All of the tutors we've had were very helpful and polite. We know without the help my daughter and I would suffer with our grades. After the tutor left she was busy with her homework. Thanks again.

    Denise Z.
  • Love the convenience of a tutor coming to our home. My daughter really connects well with her tutor. We see a huge improvement.

    Lindsay S.
  • I like that the tutor comes to your house. I also like the fact that you can switch tutors if it isn't working out so good with one.

    Victoria B.
  • The flexible schedules, in-home tutor sessions customized to the students specific needs and quality tutors are wonderful.

    Anne B.
  • The quality of the tutors and their responsiveness to our needs is great!

    Sue Y.
  • Love the fast response and flexibility of our tutor.

    Kelly G.
  • The personal attention given to make sure my children are best matched up with the right tutor for their specific needs. We are only a couple of weeks in to the tutoring process and I am very pleased and my girls really like going.

    Jeannie L.
  • Love that the tutoring is at my home and she is flexible.

    Donna C.
  • The coaches are very good at getting straight to work. My children have enjoyed the interaction, and it does not come across as a chore or something they dread. Very flexible with hours!!

    Gavin & Judie T.
  • Tutor Doctor does great to match tutor to child's needs and personality.

    Lacretia G.
  • It was so easy and quick to get it going. When a mom gets to the point of finding a tutor she is ready to get it going. That was awesome. Rade gave me comfort that we could find a fit for my son.

    Stacy B.
  • We have had three tutors from Tutor Doctors and have been extremely pleased. Everyone is professional and genuinely concerned about the success of the student. The immediate availability of each tutor is invaluable, allowing for quick help when my kids were in need of assistance.

    Kate C.
  • They are customized to child's needs and customized to our family schedule. Feedback reports on tutor sessions are great!

    Jackie & Chris K.
  • I like that the tutor communicates with my child's teacher so everyone is on the same page, so together they can find a way that works best for my child.

    Jodi B.
  • The tutors are diligent with trying to get the children on track with their organization, school work and confidence. We are thankful for this program.

    James & Sundra H.
  • The convenience of the tutor meeting at our house has been great.

    Sandy L.
  • We like the convenience, affordability, and one on one focus.

    Amanda S.
  • I love the convenience of having a tutor in our home. I love how you match a tutor to the student and the 1/1 ratio. Thanks!

    Terry K.
  • The tutor we have seems to perfectly meet our specific needs.

    Colleen C.
  • I like the personal service that Rade gave us in selecting a tutor that would fit with our students. The weekly reports are great.

    Rachel H.
  • Assigned a tutor who can truly meet the individual students' academic needs.

    Pat P.
  • We are in our 3rd week and the Tutor has been excellent.

    Dawn O.
  • Tailored to child and child's school work, love that the sessions are done at our home.

    Pam A.
  • The two tutors I have for my children are very dependable and personable. It has worked out very well.

    Amy R.
  • Our family truly enjoyed Catie Kuckuk she was WONDERFUL!!! She worked so well with our son who was behind and just got him caught up to where he needed to be.

    Charla B.
  • There is a wide enough pool of potential tutors available so that Rade can truly customize the assignment to more closely match the student's needs.

    Kristin L.
  • We have a wonderful, helpful tutor. I also appreciate Rade's willingness to help to find us the right tutor.

    Karen T.
  • We love the tutors, the flexibility - everything!

    Heidi F.
  • Love the flexibility of being able to pick from more than one tutor and/or specialty.

    Carleen C.
  • I appreciate that the tutors come to our house.

    Shellie P.
  • Tutor is matched to your child's needs and personality. Tutor comes to your home and work around your schedule. Tutor's credentials are very prestige. Our child has greatly improved in the subject studied!

    Amy P.
  • Alyssa is very good with Rafael and knows just how to work with him to reach his best.

    Lisa G.
  • We've really liked Tutor Doctor. Every person that we have worked with is very friendly and easy to work with. My son enjoys his time with his tutor very much!

    Julie B.
  • We love that they do In home sessions and have flexible scheduling and appointment lengths.

    Lynn K.
  • The one on one tutoring allows the tutor to work specifically for a dedicated hour with what the student needs the most help on.

    Sharon B.