ACT/SAT Test Prep Tutoring

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At Tutor Doctor, we understand that standardized tests do not mean standardized strategies.  We believe that each student is unique.  That’s why our tutors are trained to maximize a student’s strengths and minimize any barriers to learning.  Students can progress faster through our program due to one-on-one instruction specifically focused on their weaknesses, unlike in a classroom setting where students can get distracted and instruction may not be as targeted to their needs.  Here at Tutor Doctor, we believe that STRONG STRATEGY + PERSISTENT PRACTICE = REMARKABLE RESULTS!  

Results are not guaranteed as every student is different but typically our students increase their ACT score by an average of 3-5 composite points.

97% of our ACT Success students increase their scores!

Our ACT test prep program breaks material down into manageable pieces. We share proven tips, tricks, and strategies, and provide numerous opportunities to work with the type of questions and materials students will see on ACT test day. Our instructors encourage students, reinforce strategies, and create a better understanding of how to be successful on the ACT.

3 Convenient Package Options

  • Choose 20-Hour, 14-Hour, or 7-Hour test prep packages!

What’s Included in All Programs!

  • Exhaustive Diagnostic Test to reveal all your skill gaps and learning needs! 📝 
  • 30 English Rules!
  • 50 Math Formulas/Equations!
  • 15 ACT Science Strategies!
  • 30 ACT Reading Tips & Tricks!
  • Create your own customized ACT test prep plan!
  • No-hassle ACT Test Registration and Test Day Tips
  • Mind-blowing, little-known test-taking strategies!
  • Learn the elusive WHY’s & HOW’s of how to solve the pesky ACT questions!
  • Secret-weapon mindsets and approaches that will BOOST your score automatically! 
  • EXCLUSIVE FULL-ACCESS to our ACT Ascend Library with LIMITLESS resources from our online practice tests and study guides to videos, formula sheets, and more!

ACT Superscoring is Now Available! Superscoring is the process of averaging your four best subject scores from all of your ACT test attempts.

ACT will now provide an automatically calculated ACT Superscore to all students who have taken the ACT more than once.
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Surprising Facts About The ACT:

  • ALL Universities accept the ACT
  • The ACT is considered the better measurement tool to gauge college readiness. It is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school whereas the SAT® is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. Additionally, the ACT also tests reasoning abilities via the Science Reasoning section.
  • You do NOT need a knowledge of Science in order to do well on the science portion—this section tests your reasoning skills, and is more like the SAT®.
  • In most cases, it is easier and quicker to raise ACT scores because the test is basically a review of what students have been learning for 11 years in school.
  • The most important factors in college admission: GPA 45%, ACT exam 45%, Other 10% (volunteering, school activities, sports, etc…).
  • ACT score determines how much scholarship money will be awarded.

Not sure which test is right for you?

Tutor Doctor provides FREE ACT vs SAT® diagnostic exams to determine which test would best be appropriate for your student’s success. Getting into college is competitive, therefore, we will make sure your student is taking the test that best maximizes their potential to do well, score high, and get admitted into the college of their dreams.

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