ACT & SAT Diagnostic Exam

Find Out Which Test is Right For You

Some students perform better on one test versus the other, and since most colleges have no preference toward the SAT vs ACT exam, determining which test is best suited for your student from the start will help put them on the path to success.

At Tutor Doctor, we recommend an initial exam to compare results and then focus on the exam that is best for your student. With a detailed score analysis, we can pinpoint student strengths and opportunities for improvement, and as preparation continues students can take periodic official exams to further refine skills and gain classroom test-taking experience.

ACT & SAT Diagnostic Exam Overview

  • 3 Hour Exam: Students get a feel for the length of a full exam without having to take both
  • Online or On Paper: Our portal allows for traditional paper testing as well as the option for online testing in the future
  • Analytic Report: This report services as a roadmap for studying either exam, allowing students to focus on specific content.
  • Accuracy: We constantly review the most recent SATs and ACTs, making sure the content areas, questions, and difficulty level reflect the sanctioned tests.
  • Meritorious Money: Increases chances for students to gain meritorious money based on exam results.
  • Saves Time and Money: Students no longer spend resources studying for the “wrong” exam.

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