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Serving Students in Etobicoke and throughout North & West Toronto

More than 15 years ago, Tutor Doctor was founded to make a difference in the lives of students. Now, Tutor Doctor of North & West Toronto is proud to bring our innovative and caring tutoring services to the local area. We are proud to serve students throughout Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Markham, North York, York Mills, Etobicoke, Central Mississauga, Concord, Unionville, and beyond, offering reliable at-home tutoring services.

Tutor Doctor was created to provide a different type of tutoring program. the tutors we work with are all highly trained, thoroughly screened, and hand-selected to pair up with your student based on learning style, subject matter, and other factors. All of these things and more make our tutoring services completely unique—not to mention effective!

In-Home and Online Tutoring Services You Can Trust

We don’t want parents to drive half way across town just to get their child placed into another classroom setting with numerous other children. The Tutor Doctor method is different, utilizing one-to-one attention and personalized tutoring plans to ensure each student gets the support and guidance they need to truly learn.

The key things that make us stand out include our process, our guarantee, the tutors we work with, and our mission and values. You won’t find another tutoring company in Etobicoke, Richmond Hill or North Toronto that can compare in all of these areas!

Simple Revelation Opens the Door for Excellent Tutoring

We created Tutor Doctor because we recognized that the classroom setting is often unable to effectively unlock the true learning potential of each and every student. We want students to have a place to turn to help them grasp difficult subjects, get ahead, or even just get on track. We take into consideration the unique learning style of every student, breaking the classroom mold and offering a more meaningful experience for our students.

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* At Tutor Doctor, we find that Academic Success is when a student is capable of confidently sustaining their performance at higher and higher levels. As a student is able to do this, it will be their natural inclination to try and seek out greater challenges. This will carry on through out their academic career, as well as the rest of their life. We also understand there are two primary components that lead to academic success. The first is Academic Foundation Building which is the typical subject matter students learn in the classroom. As they are able to master this they will gain the confidence to be successful. The second is Academic Discipline which includes time management, organizational skills, sustained attention, following through on tasks and work in memory. The Tutor Doctor Academic Game Plan is a calendar based agenda with a very specific process, and it also provides accountability for the students to follow through on their tasks. The agendas that students face at their schools generally do not have agendas with specific processes or ways of tracking accountability. We integrate the Tutor Doctor Academic Game Plan into all of your students’ tutoring sessions, and the tutor acts as a coach to ensure the game plan is followed. We find three primary benefits when students follow the Academic Game Plan. The first is your student will develop the skills necessary for academic discipline. The second is when your student follows the game plan, it is a rewarding tutoring session for the tutor which in return makes a more efficient tutoring session for your student. The third benefit is this maximized your investment in your child’s education and this is what we want. How well a student’s academic discipline has developed by the time they graduate from middle school is the best predictor of how successful they will be after high school. When a student utilized the game plan, what you will find is the results do follow.