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  • Very professional.

    Angelica F.
  • Amazing service!! Fast, reliable, and professional.

    Grace C.
  • Teacher is really nice and knowledgeble.

    Haiyang C.
  • The tutor is the right fit for my daughter. I like to weekly updates .

    Romina P.
  • Iyou found me someone very well suited to tutor my daughter.

    Tammy D.
  • Come to home and matching of tutors to student

    Jennifer D.
  • Reliable. Stick with the plan. Committed

    Ivy H.
  • I like the one on one student, teacher ratio. I also like that the tutor comes to the house. Most importantly, my daughter has an amazing tutor Michael Cesario . He is very knowledgeable and a great teacher!

    Carrie G.
  • How the tutor comes prepared and goes over area's that my granddaughter has a difficult time with.

    Teresa S.
  • Providing professional teachers.

    Madalina E.
  • Everything

    Rose K.
  • Great support for my child

    Miriam H.
  • There is a choice of tutors with their qualifications and if one doesn't fit you can switch.

    Angie S.
  • Good attempt at matching tutor to student. Very responsive to questions.

    Anna V.
  • The big advantage is that the tutor comes home

    Angela A.
  • Excellent teachers and great admins

    Neela A.
  • I like the one on one.

    Lina M.
  • Tutor is very punctual, comes always on time, one to one lessons, and we always receive an update of the lesson taught and hours.

    Kozeta V.
  • At home service is very convenient.

    Victoria H.
  • In home tutoring.

    Ella R.
  • Very professional and patient.

    May W.
  • We are very happy with the level of professionalism your tutors bring with them to our home. and the unique way they are able to present the subject matter makes a big difference for our daughter.

    Robert M.
  • Completely personalized and that you come to us!!! My son enjoys his sessions and recognizes their value to him.

    Jodi B.
  • Experienced, friendly tutors that seem to relate well to my son.

    Karen B.
  • I like how they assess the student and arrange Tutor also they update each session progress

    Muhammad S.
  • Amir who is my son tutor is great and very thorough. We are very happy to get him for our son.

    Sonia A.
  • The tutor, Vincent, is exceptional. He does a great job engaging the kids by making learning fun.

    Chantal S.
  • Very efficient

    Adriana L.
  • Tutor communicating with teachers

    Esayas G.
  • the tutor has done a great job and Kevin has benefit a lot from the tutor

    Wenxu G.
  • My tutor Donna is Fantastic...her work with my son has improved his grades and confidence.

    Anna D.
  • One-on-one attention; convenience of receiving tutoring at home.

    Enkhee G.
  • Very good

    Heba S.
  • Convenience and knowledgeable tutors.

    Audrey F.
  • It's encouraging and motivating for students

    Manuela T.
  • at home tutoring good match with tutor and client tutor engaged and passionate in helping the client understand material

    Diane K.
  • The tutors are very educated, understanding towards our daughter, making sure she understands what the topic is about . The resullts have already Improve., and the most important is that our daughter has impove her confidence and positive adittude t.oeardsn school. Thank you.

    Chris B.
  • The teacher is so nice and know how to teach my kid

    Jenny Z.
  • The tutor is very professional and nice.

    Georgina E.
  • Convenience having the tutor me to the home. One-on-one engagement. Post session feedback. Professional and pleasant tutor.

    Sophia H.
  • Knowledgeable, accommodating tutor with flexible hours

    Luciana N.
  • The teacher is very nice, they increase child's interesting and confidence in learning and make progress.

    Delong L.
  • Deandra has been a wonderful tutor for Jordana. Tutor Doctor listened to my requests and found a perfect match...on the second try. Deandra communicates with Jordana's teacher regularly, supporting her in-class program and building her self-esteem. Also, Deandra has taken into account Jordana's love of listening to stories and spends part of each session reading aloud to Jordana and working on her ...

    Elliott M.
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  • Commitment and professionism

    Deborah K.
  • The tutor I have is wonderful. She's attentive and caring and is very conscientious of my limited time.

    Sabriana I.
  • Ivey is an amazing amazing patient lovely tutor.

    Nuryt G.
  • Very reliable

    Leslie Z.
  • Personal one on one attention. I thought the initial consultation was bang on accurate.

    Pier S.
  • The Tutor we were matched with David is excellent... the kids really enjoy his teachings and we like his style..We are really happy with him and the progress we see in our kids. Thank you!

    Anna M.
  • convenience, the reports after each session to see the progress and the one on one.

    Lisa D.
  • I like the one on one. The feedbacks right after the lesson.

    Althea J.
  • Love the fact you come to the home it works out perfect for us Amazing tutors

    Josie A.
  • The high level of communication between the tutor, parents and the company. As well, the strategies in place to organize our child and improve study habits.

    Angela B.
  • Customization, efficient teachers

    Sumana V.
  • Home visit with one on one attention so my son can learn at his own pace.

    Michelle S.
  • I like that there is always a follow up and a report at the end of the lesson

    Sharon B.
  • convenience, adaptability with my kids, kids learn and understand subjects, Tutors are very accomedating

    Julia H.
  • Katherine is an excellent and patient person and works extremely well with my two daughters. I would highly recommend her and tutor doctor. Paul

    Paul R.
  • I like the fact that the Tutor's come to my home. It is a more relaxed setting for my children and I feel since they are so relaxed are able to focus more.

    Anne M.
  • Really happy with our tutor and how my daughter is improving her skillset.

    Lina D.
  • How you find the right person to tutor out children.

    Sandra P.
  • The services are personalized.

    Monica S.
  • I was happy that when the first tutor we got didn't work out, that tutor doctor was very understanding and apologetic for the behavior of the first tutor, and they made a real effort to match my son up with a more appropriate tutor.

    Gila B.
  • Tutoring provided in the home.

    Diane E.
  • Good structure ,well organized ,very professional. Love the session update , it helps me to keep track. Being matched to a tutor was very fast.Best tutor ever. He is a very good mentor.Already seeing great improvement. I'm so happy a friend told me about tutor doctor.

    Paulette S.
  • Great caring staff

    Sulana P.
  • Professional & accountable

    Diane R.
  • Professional & personable tutor. Kept up to date with work/progress.

    Tammy R.
  • Very good teaching and communication. The tutor tries not to waste time. Tutor comes on time and leaves on time. Tutor makes sure the child understands the material.

    Michael B.
  • Taking the time to find a great fit for my children's learning.

    Caterina G.
  • The tutor is committed and always on time. The tutor is knowledgeable of the material and is able to articulate the concepts to the student. Is able to teach time management skills, and willingly organize and set high standards for the student. The student is able to pass the test.

    Deborah L.
  • Isabella has been so accommodating with the time for tutoring, in addition she connected really well with my daughter and her requirements. Isabella is very patient, intelligent and gives her great techniques to use to study etc., we are very pleased with Isabella.

    Dave D.
  • Extremely knowledgeable Education consultant; made impact to student and parents, alike. Tutor is very intelligent, timely & has made an early impact on my son's preparation, improved grades and home work-ethic. Tutor Doctor understands we're making an investment, and we want to see a return on that investment. With TD staff coming to the home, it relieves a great deal of stress & is efficient for ...

    Scott B.
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  • Homa was amazing! If all your tutors were like her, you'd have to open up a hundred more offices!

    Ingrid M.
  • knowledgable tutor that has been able to relate to my daughter and her learning needs. flexible in setting dates/times. reliable. Best part is that my daughter's math mark as improved and she understands the material!!

    Nora P.
  • Very Professional and helpful. My daughter likes her teacher Adisa who goes out of her way to help my daughter when she needs extra help.

    Sashi P.
  • The feedback gives me info on my son's progress. Also the tutor seems very knowledgeable in the subject that he is teaching. Always comes in and never cancels his classes.

    Raj P.
  • Our tutor Michelle is professional and so dedicated to my girls. she takes the time to explain and update me with progress and caters her lesson planning to meet the students needs. In addition the staff at tutor doctor are so helpful and knowledgeable :)

    Sambra M.
  • That there is on line material, that you come to my house, that you adjust to my schedule

    Roger A.
  • 1. One is to one ratio 2. They come to you 3. Times can be flexible 4. Progress reports after every session 5. Qualified tutors

    Elvira F.
  • Home tutoring had been wonderful. It has provided great focus for our son.Amanda is an exceptional tutor!

    Julia B.
  • We are very happy with the services Tutor Doctor provides, always very attentive to the students and parent's needs and available to answer any questions or concerns we might have. It was a pleasure to meet Alrecommendis an excellent tutor, very punctual, responsible and he really knows how to teach any subject in a way the student gets really engaged and you can see good results.I would recommend ...

    Mirelvis L.
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  • everything

    Robin O.
  • The promptitude to respond to my son's needs, great match with the tutor and the follow up. I am impressed and will continue to use your services should my son need it. His marks as well as his confidence improved greatly. Excellent service! Thank you very much! Julieta Varga

    Julieta V.
  • The tutors are bright, enthusiastic and driven. They have inspired my children to learn new things in a fun and interactive way without having their work load feel tedious. I also appreciate the regular correspondence between tutor, organization and parent.

    Anna P.
  • I love that Brian comes to the house at a time that is convenient to both of us. Though Michael's first tutor was fine, we did not see a big improvement in his marks but we did see an improvement in his self-esteem. Brian is wonderful! Not only does Michael have wonderful self-esteem, his grades have improved and he feels very confident in his work and presentations now. Thank you Tutor Doctor, ...

    Kathy S.
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  • Commitment and dedication of the tutor (Keira) and her ability, patience and interactive skills that motivates my child to open up and give his input even if it's silly.

    Rozina J.
  • I like it because of the services that it provides in matching students with the right tutor.

    Reem H.
  • I cannot speak for the other tutors but I know that Camesha is very effective in the way she is tutoring my daughter and she is happy and she is learning and she's starting to have more confidence in her subjects

    Nadia F.
  • Time is taken is find out what my child's strengths and weaknesses are in order to help them.

    Paulie S.
  • Tutor doctor has been a great service to me and my son. My son`s tutor teaches him tips and tricks to figure out questions more efficiently. My son has improved very well in math.

    Licinia C.
  • The tutor comes right to our house for the sessions, I believe it relaxes my child to learn in their own environment. I also like the tutor's teaching style/personality is matched to my sons.

    Julia F.
  • professional

    Ivy L.
  • Finding a suitable tutor that matches with our children.

    Natalie F.
  • Everything!!

    Shirletta E.
  • Communication between parent an tutor instructor and daily update on home work that was worked on each visit.

    Saheeda A.
  • I really feel tutor doctor has a very professional approach as Gary comes in and does some tests to see which level a student. I've already been telling people about tutor doctor and one of my friends has actually started tutoring with the company! :)

    Kanwaljit D.
  • My daughter seems to really get along with both of her tutors...I like the fact that tutor doctor took the effort to personally match the tutor up with my daughters personality

    Vanessa R.
  • Excellente quality of tutors!

    Claudia Q.
  • Is very helpful and the teacher is very good and always on time

    Arminda C.
  • I like the tutor and the reports I receive.

    Annette P.
  • everything

    Juanita G.
  • It is in home. If the tutor is not a good fit, they will replace the tutor in a very timely manner. The tutors we have had so far were pleasant and knowledgeable and patient.

    Catherine S.
  • The knowledge, compassion and flexibility that the tutor has.

    Teresa S.
  • Unfortunately I am too far from Toronto the Internet service in Brazil, Rio isn't working as we expected. We are leaving in a hotel and Peter my son has some challenges to learn. The tutor, Sassan is doing his best but I 'm not sure that is having the same quality than personally . We are still trying. Thank you, Vera Poppinga

    Vera P.
  • I love our tutor Feri, Always on time, pleasant and understanding of Jamie's needs. She is an absolute wonder and necessity. She is part of our family.she makes Jamie feel wonderful about himself and he always looks forward to her visits. Having her in the comfort of our home is so calming to both Jamie and all of us. I have already recommended your services to my friends and family. Thank you ...

    Imma P.
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  • Your staff and all the effort that was put in to help my son reach his goals

    Anna-Maria C.
  • Very professional and the in home service is great, makes things easy

    Nino D.
  • Good matching of students needs and tutor's skills.

    Susan I.
  • Nice tutor, helpful .

    Wei J.
  • Professional and keep me up to date with reports about each session

    Alina G.
  • We are extremely happy with Milad. Our soon enjoys the tutoring and is very happy with his results

    Rose V.
  • She is responsible, and well prepared every week, the kids love her to come.

    Orsei L.
  • first visit with consultation you find tutor that exactly fits my daughter,s way to learn perfectly

    Alona S.
  • Quick service

    Joanne L.
  • I love our new tutor - and the fact that I can easily ask for a new tutor if the current one is not a great fit! Our kids are responding very well and have taken a keen interest in getting their work done independently! This was a struggle before Tutor Doctor!

    Kary O.
  • Teacher is very good

    Ricardo M.
  • Easy and reliable, great tutor

    Pam C.
  • Jason our tutor is very knowledgable and he is a very good fit with our son. We are reviewing his progress carefully. I especially like the tutor session updates. This tells me how well our son is improving and understanding the work.

    Susan M.
  • Very effecient.Tutors work hard to improve students understanding /knowledge about subjects that are assigned and give updates immediately.

    Gina C.
  • Elyna is great

    Kristen N.
  • I love how the friendly professional staff was committed to finding me a tutor that was able to fit my needs and schedule. My tutor and I get along great; she is friendly, funny, accommodating, knowledgeable and organized. She ensures that I understand the material before moving on, which is what is great about the 1-on-1 experience. Thank you Tutor Doctor!

    Clarissa L.
  • Constant progress reports, and noticeable improvement in my daughter's learning.

    Emmanuel A.
  • Daniela is an excellent tutor. She listens and helps our daughter understand

    Antoinette Q.
  • I like the one on one service you provide. My child is improving with every lesson. We are so happy we heard about Tutor Doctor. Thank you.

    Ilva G.
  • So far I saw professional approach in your business of tutoring. The tutor assigned to my son was the right one. . knowlegeable, cooperative, very polite. He is giving my son support and confidence in his course. I see that this experience is going to give a very good result towards the end of this academic year.

    Amal H.
  • The service from day one is 100% satisfaction. From customer service to our lovely tutor, The Tutor Doctor is very professional. They deliver what they promise as best as they can. Our math Tutor is very intelligent, she is experienced and makes sure my daughter is completely satisfied with the teachings. She also makes sure my daughter sticks with the program. In three weeks my daughter has built ...

    Manuela O.
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  • I am very pleased with the help my son is getting, he has struggled for years with different tutors and after school programs. Making no difference at the end of the day. The one on one is fantastic, and right at the confort of our home. I wish I would have known about Tutor Doctor before. My son is getting A's on his math and actually understanding his homework. I feel less stress and worried ...

    Rossy B.
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  • Responsive,timely

    Thomia O.
  • Arrive on time, committed service. Perfect.

    Jennifer L.
  • The convenience of having in home tutor sessions are great. If there are any questions or issues, they are handled with ease and in a very timely manner. Aiden's tutor, Rax is very personable, very educated and is so very patient. At the end of each session he makes sure to discuss with us what he did for the session and what is expected next. I highly recommend Rax as a tutor, he is doing a great ...

    Vic R.
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  • Tutors are capable, informed and proactive.

    Elisa S.
  • Good service. Knowledgable tutors. Convenient at home sessions that can be arranged on short notice.

    Zejna N.
  • The tutor has come with many fresh ideas. She's kind and my daughter enjoys her sessions. I also really appreciate the email updates from her.

    Michael R.
  • Initial intake meeting was very thorough. Request to change tutor was promptly addressed. Current tutor is outstanding and having the sessions in our own home is very much appreciated.

    Gailina L.
  • The tutor comes to my home, the tutors are well chosen ...knowledgeable, polite and good with people.

    Donna A.
  • We are happy about your intial prosse of finding a teacher .

    Shan R.
  • Thank you.

    Irit V.
  • how committed Aileenas tutor is, and how she is readily available to answer questions any time.

    Stacey B.
  • Profession, and your tutors are well picked.

    Denise E.
  • professional and excellent tutors

    Sydney B.
  • In home convenience

    Dean C.
  • Fantastic

    Martine E.
  • Regular reports

    Ramona M.
  • The matching of the tutor and student is critical in order to have successful result. The tutors are knowledgeable and patient.

    Gabriela R.
  • Responsive, flexible, great communication.

    Mary K.
  • Very professional and the tutor we have for our son is working out great!

    Mary D.
  • I like that you guys do an assessment for the student before sending a tutor to solve problems in certain subjects they're struggling with.

    Abimbola O.
  • friendly, on time, available when needed

    Lydia A.
  • Great service! Great people! Great results! Thank you Tutor Doctor!

    Frank M.
  • I like that the tutors are competent, intelligent, and efficient. My short time with my tutor improved my understanding of mathematical concepts and ability to complete the assessments competently. The matching process was quick and I was pleased. I would recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone.

    Shari N.
  • Everything.

    Elena R.
  • The convenience of finding the right match at the right time when needed.

    Rosemary G.
  • Since it has not got too far yet but per my daughter's experience with Afsaneh she is satisfied with her teaching method and services. Keeping in mind that my daughter has a typical approach to people but so far she is been going along with her timetable and I am hoping she gets a good result before ending the school this year. Overall we are satisfied with your services. Hope this can help you ...

    Shirali K.
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  • I like everything about it I like the fact that they send in a report each time they come

    Diane P.
  • One on One tutoring Tutors are aligned with my child's needs Tutors are professional and compentent in the subjects Tutors also teach my child to have a better attitude towards his homework

    Linda M.
  • I'm pleased with the tutor match for my child. The tutor is efficient, on time, capable and reliable.

    Estella W.
  • Our Calculus Tutor Mohammad Aryanpour is fantastic! He is energetic, vibrant, really knowledgeable, with a great positive attitude. He has given our son Matthew the boost needed to excel in his Grade 12 calculus. My wife and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you TutorDoctor for introducing us to Mohammad. Cheers Alex Martinez

    Alex M.
  • Everything is perfect.

    Robert M.
  • very professional tutor.

    Dennis R.
  • I am so happy with Tutpr Doctor -- our Teachers are incredible!

    Jane H.
  • I really like Cathie, I think she is a great fit for my son. She really understand the school system . She sees the best in my son. She is very patient. I think you should recommend her for any child who needs a confidence boost. My son loves working with her. Her knowledge of English is great. Mita

    Mita B.
  • Teaching is customized for my child's specific needs

    Rose C.
  • Very accomodating and tutors are well prepared as per current curriculum

    Liene F.
  • change attitute towards learning, and gaining interest

    Joy Z.
  • My contact has always taken the time to listen and respond to my concerns - the current tutor has been very helpful with teaching concepts and building confidence.

    Marisa I.
  • I specifically like the fact that you try your best to match the tutor to the student. My son went through more than one tutor, the last one was a perfect match and it showed in his grades. Currently with my daughter, her very first tutor seems to be a perfect match as well. This obviously makes the learning experience more effective. Furthermore I like the flexibility you offer in scheduling ...

    Steve E.
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  • Jon (tutor), is great and very knowledgable. Both my kids enjoyed his teachings. Both my kids grades in math has raised 15% overall mark. They have more confidence and understanding with math sessions and different areas in math. Jon is always on time and has a great attitude. I would highly recommend The Tutor Doctor to anyone. GREAT SERVICE and Positive Results! Thank You, Diana

    Diana R.
  • Very professional. Love the quality teachers. Tutor Doctor delivers what they promise! money well spent.

    Laura R.
  • The teacher is fabulous. She connects well with our son. She is able to pinpoint his learning areas and work on them. Her homework assignments are manageable. Goals are mutually set.

    Jannine B.
  • Prompt replies. Reliable tutors!

    Susan M.
  • I like that you come meet the student & work to find a tutor match that meets their school needs, learning style and personality. I also like the reports I receive following each session.

    Cheryl C.
  • The reports following the sessions.

    Tracey G.
  • Friendly and informative teachers

    Bilquees A.
  • The tutor is patient and keePs hekping him evev though he is slow at cAtchin on

    Frieda T.
  • Our tutors, Matthew and Brian are absolutely wonderful!

    Toula K.
  • I like the fact that my child is the focus and not how much the parents are willing to spend. I have made enquiries with Silvan and Kumon, I was concerned that they donnot consult or work with my son's Teacher. When Gary outlined how the Tutor Doctor works; with the main focus on building effective skills. This is achieved buy building on the concepts and following the same curriculum as Ontario ...

    Tanya R.
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  • Out tutor has been the perfect match for my son

    Nikki R.
  • Everything.

    Tara K.
  • Flexible. You listen to ensure we get a good match for our daughter.

    Aileen T.
  • It is personal, one on one and conviniet with qualified and credited teachers.

    Farid M.
  • We are very happy with Christenna our Tutor, and how well we are able to accommodate our busy schedule

    Georgia O.
  • Friendly professional and that you come to the student. Helps ease the pressures.

    Julia D.
  • choosing appropriate tutors per student.

    Esther T.
  • Commitments. good Tutors, follow up,.

    Rana A.
  • Tutor was great, knowledgeable, flexible and very nice. Excellent experience!

    Monica L.
  • Marco Merante was my daughters tutor and was always punctual, presentable and courteous in my home and with my daughter. We had no problems with changing schedules, he was very accomodating as well.

    Aida G.
  • Our tutor Jodi is very calm with the children and takes her time to explain every bit of my children's work to them. I love the fact that tutor doctor gives feed backs on how the children are doing.

    Josephine A.
  • The session reports and follow up esils

    Sam N.
  • Your team is all professional and responds to our kids' need so perfectly. Bravo TUTORDOCTOR !!!

    Vanida G.
  • Perfect match. Our tutor could have not been more perfect.

    Laura F.
  • It's personal attention for my child. I really enjoy the feedback after sessions. The whole process has been professional and with our best interest in mind. Our tutor has gone above and beyond for my child.

    Rose V.
  • Convenience of coming to your home, many different tutors for any subject you want and the feedback you get back from every session.

    Doris K.
  • Convenience and quick response

    Marianne M.
  • I liked the tutor who is assigned to my son, she is very encouaging and my son looks forward to the session.

    Mary K.
  • Friendly, efficient and productive staff. I am already noticing a great improvement in my childrens accademic achievements thanks to Hassan who not only is a wonderful tutor but also an mentor in how to become a better student and share his own experiences and advice on university and high school.

    Lucia P.
  • Very helpful

    Vicky T.
  • The convinience of tutoring at home as well as feedback on every lesson.

    Gayomi S.
  • home visits good match with student and tutor

    Daniela P.
  • The professional attitude from the initial meeting was extremely impressive. A suggestion would be to get an interim evaluation from head office on issues that may arise in the childs learning abilities. For example my daughter struggles on tests and quizzes, pooling resources together to determine ways of improving her memorization techniques ???

    Adele M.
  • Accommodating and the service is professional

    Iszabella S.
  • I am happy with our tutor , Jennifer. She is very easy to work with, has a great attitude and seems to have a good connection with my son. His grades have improved substantially this year.

    Lisa H.
  • Good teachers and on time every time

    Andres M.
  • very good rapport with my children with their tutors. Tutors are well prepared and professional

    Marla H.
  • Tutor Doctor was very diligent in selecting a tutor for my daughter who would get along great with her and motivate her to do well. Their choice could not have been any better!

    Louise L.
  • Tutors are punctual & professionals.

    Rola N.
  • Efficient, timely,try to match student with tutor. If problems arise always available to review

    Anthony R.
  • It is a very good service.

    Gary Y.
  • Tutors are organized, inspiring and reliable

    Felyce Z.
  • results and professionalism

    Audrey D.
  • Lauren is a wonderful, intelligent young woman. My children look forward to their sessions with her and enjoy working with her. She's able to keep them focused on their tasks for the duration of her session. Also, I'm impressed with her educational background.

    Carmen M.
  • teaching methods, quality

    Louiza I.
  • the best tutor company, best service. always follow up. very recommend.

    Harry H.
  • It is what every parent should expect when hiring a tutor. Your child is given the best possible support and the parent receives constant relevant feedback. You see the difference and so does your child. The Tutor Doctor makes a parent feel they finally made the right decision and can see their child succeed no matter how difficult it has been. It does not have to be difficult with the right ...

    Lorraine C.
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  • Readiness to help, listening to problems amd finding solution in timely manner. Great tutors. Flexibility in required days and times.

    Marina R.
  • The whole experience was wonderful. Our tutor, Zack was great! Paul was struggling in math and Zack was excellent in helping him understand the work. Paul did not put in the effort that he should have and a result, his marks reflected this. Zack is an excellent tutor and we would so recommend Tutor Doctor to our friends. Have a wonderful and safe summer!

    Fani C.
  • I really like the Session Reports. It is very helpful since it is so difficult to get my son to talk about what he's learning. I Also appreciated the free initial consultation. It really helped us to make an I formed decision.

    Luana F.
  • We appreciated how thorough the pre-assessment was in assessing our son's needs. Staff dealt very quickly with our concerns and are very happy with the current tutor.

    David B.
  • That you are thorough and offer good customer service.

    Bilkis J.
  • constant follow-up and tutoring at home.

    Caroline H.
  • I appreciate the time that is provided by my Tutor and the honesty and integrity he brings. My grandson who do not open up to strangers clicked immediately with Daniel on the very first visit :)

    Maureen F.
  • This is our first experience with Tutor Doctor and we are very pleased with our experience. Jackie (our tutor) is polite, punctual, reliable and very helpful! We highly recommend Tutor Doctor!!!

    Pina G.
  • excellent service.

    Arvind P.
  • I love that you come to the house and accommodate my working schedule.

    Sabrina G.
  • I had a very good math teacher.Math teachers are very hard to find.

    Heather B.
  • We really appreciate the access to skilled tutors based on our child's needs. We find the session reports extremely valuable and informative. They allow us to review our child's progress without having to try to extract it from our child which can be challenging. We now have a sense of comfort knowing that our child has access to the support that she needs to be successful at school.

    Rose R.
  • Your tutors are highly educated young people.

    Saveria B.
  • The tutor is very helpful.

    Susana S.
  • I love the fact that tutor doctor tutors come to the house, I am able to get dinner ready while my kids are being tutored!!!! Also the tutor is very calm in explaining new concepts for subjects my children are having problems with..... Thank you TUTOR DOCTOR!!!!

    Dora G.
  • That students are matched up with suitable tutors and that it is done in the comfort of your own home.

    Adriana C.
  • We've had a very good experience with the English, Economic and Calculus tutor - overall very impressed with Tutor Doctor

    Fernanda K.
  • It is very good and convenient for me and my twins

    Thanh H.
  • Staff is mature, reliable, qualified and knowledgeable on their specific topic of tutoring

    Manuela C.
  • I like when I to receive the fee back on each class so i know how Anthony is doing with his homework

    Rosalia P.
  • Very attentive to the educational needs of students. Great tutors.

    Emily G.
  • I like the fact that the tutoring takes place at home.

    Anna C.
  • The convenience of the tutor coming to the house. Tutors are knowledgeable and very helpful

    Margaret L.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our home to help my child. Very convenient.

    Carmela C.
  • Quick response to a concern that I had. Tutor is very patient and well spoken makes my son very comfortable and now he enjoys working on his math.

    Deanna W.
  • I like that the educational background of the tutors is that of the subject matter being taught. It is absolutley unbelievable that teachers in the school system are not required to have any formal education in the subject matter that they teach.

    Sandra S.
  • Tutor Doctor worked diligently to find the right fit for our child. Our tutor is very accommodating of our schedule and has fully engaged our child in their sessions. Improvements have been noticed in math and organization skills. Thank You!!

    Judy M.
  • Our Tutor is well prepared to answer questions and provide useful information and tips in order to succeed in learning

    Lucia P.
  • That they come to your house

    Laurie R.
  • Very professional, prompt, reasonable price

    Alexandra G.
  • I liked the consultation before tutoring began, found it very helpful. Very pleased with how quickly Tutor Doctor was able to assist with such short notice.

    Tina T.
  • I like that the tutor is knowledgeable about the subject matter specifically. I also like the reports that follow each session.

    Gloria D.
  • Tutor is extremely knowledgeable and very flexible with tutoring dates/times

    Rita M.
  • Ranhvir is a professional. You have chosen the right tutor for my son. Since he has been assisting my son, he has developed a better attitude about math. Thanks.

    Catherine S.
  • Like the fact that the tutor works around our schedule. Very accomodating. Great that we get summaries of the progress being made.

    Terri M.
  • Professional,courteous and prompt

    Monica A.
  • The feedback from the Tutor

    Rachelle M.
  • Coming to your home is so great.

    Deborah-Lynn V.
  • the fact that your service come to our home

    Elena T.
  • Matching the right tutor with the student. Good chemistry is key!

    Barbara G.
  • The one on one tutoring.

    Desmond D.
  • good tutor and reporting / feed back system is wonderful. I feel that your company stands behinde what is offering to customer. Thanks

    Hamed T.
  • That you care about the children

    Jessica P.
  • All staff members we have come in contact were extremely professional and organized. The consultant, Gary McNulty, was very personable and engaged our daughter in the process of selecting appropriate choices for her learning through the Tutor Doctor service. Gary responded promptly to our emails and he also followed up through email to find out if the tutor was a good match for our daughter. The ...

    Vickie D.
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  • Love our tutor--he is so dedicated and my kids have improved so much!

    Natascha G.
  • Very professional with a family like touch.

    Rudy I.
  • Very professiional in dealing with clients. Making sure students and teachers are compatible. Great job guys.

    Brian N.
  • When Tutor Doctor saw that something wasn't working, they immediately addressed and fixed it. I am very satisfied with my son's tutor. It is a great gift when you witness your child making progress and consistently showing improvement.

    Paula I.
  • We are very pleased with our tutor Helen, she was very helpful in achieving our daughters goals.

    Bal S.
  • the in home visits and the email follow up after each visit

    Marijean M.
  • Quick matches_x000D_ Accommodating _x000D_ Access to teachers emails / texting _x000D_ Accessible_x000D_ Flexible

    Lysa S.
  • i would highly recommend Tutor Doctor. I have two children that have tutors with Tutor Doctor and they are both doing extremely well in school. It makes life easier for me and for them.

    Anna F.
  • Easy to book, easy to deal with in terms of questions answered, and did exactly what they said would happen in the initial meeting.

    Candace A.
  • The thorough commitment to helping our daughter.

    Paola C.
  • The quality of the tutors you have provided over the last 2 school years have been fabulous as well I like the flexibility of the program (and the tutors).

    Anne R.
  • I loved the personal pick of our tutor that matched our daughter's personality perfectly. Gary was fantastic, sweet , knowledgeable and very patient!!!!

    Lidia K.
  • I like the fact that you make house calls. My schedule is extremely busy, and having a tutor come to home allows me to get things done while my son is getting tutored.

    Michelle K.
  • My daughter was applying to a very competitive program for University. Her chemistry marks needed to be extremely high to be competitive for admission into the program. The tutor that was chosen for her was extremely knowledgeable and put her immediately at ease. She actually enjoyed her sessions and was able to bring her mark up in grade 12 chemistry a full 9%! Her confidence improved and I know ...

    Kristin T.
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  • good matching and in home convince. professional staff

    Judy G.
  • The one thing we like most besides flexibility on time is your personnel (joy c.) is properly qualified to teach, her competence makes it easy for my daughter to better understand the process of learning. me and my wife appreciate all the assistance that was provided to our daughter.

    Cynthia N.
  • The results!

    Heather F.
  • We have had a good experience both with the outcome and the commitment on the behalf of the tutor herself. A pleasure to have had her help and mentoring.

    Franca G.
  • I really like how you took the time to come out and meet my child and then matched him with the right tutor. I also like the fact that the tutor comes to my home and works with my child one on one, also if I or my child ever have a problem with the tutor you will replace them with someone else.

    Kris G.
  • Tutor Doctor is really great to be with because they really find you the best tutor for your child and time is very convenient. My daughter learned a lot and she really made it on top especially French..Absolutely recommended!!!!

    Sarah F.
  • Personalized process that tailors a solution to fit our needs.

    Aldo B.
  • My son and his tutor have made a connection which is enabling my son to understand certain areas of math better. He had developped better study habits over all and is now taking pride in his work.

    Trixie D.
  • It is a very good service.

    Sugir S.
  • You did an excellent job of finding the right tutor for our son.

    Jane R.
  • The ease of setup, the friendliness and the impact on my Daughter so far. Great work!

    Manpret B.
  • They are extremely professional, the company as well as the tutor. Your total committment is quite evident, especially the way you follow up with the parents, on their child's progress. I am extremely satisfied thus far.

    Michelle M.
  • In home service plus great staff.

    John G.
  • I like the teacher, she is very professional and at the same time nice and friendly. I like the fact that after each lesson I'm getting a report on what was done and the progress. I like the fact that I'm notified on the amount of hours left.

    Ariela A.
  • Its a one on one service and your child is attentive to the tutor and it makes such a big difference! SOO HAPPY :) Thanks Jon-Anthony!

    Fiorella S.
  • The teachers are well educated themselves and qualified. They match teacher to the student very well and I really like that they come to your home for your child in safe and comfortable environment.

    Simone Z.
  • I like just about everything so far, the initial consultation went great. Just by assessing my child needs and what we want for him, went well. The Tutor that was given to my son is supberb, he is awesome with my son. The tutor has such great personality,my son actually look forward seeing him and enjoys the way he teaches. He is understanding his math theory more and is more comfortable in asking ...

    Nadia R.
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  • I like the fact that the sessions are one on one and that they take place at home.

    Sandra M.
  • #NAME?

    Jocelyn T.
  • Although it was for only a few sessions, I found the service outstanding!

    Mara S.
  • Qualified, patient tutors. The fact that they come to your house.

    Sandra P.
  • I love the professional tutor I have for my son and the special attention she gives him as he has special needs. Getting a family report each session is really helpful in knowing his progrss and what he is doing at each session.

    Jennifer A.
  • The fact that you were able to match up a Tutor with our son that made him feel comfortable. Someone of the same gender and young in age. The Tutor was very knowlegable and I beleive contributed to our sons better grades in school.

    Fanny D.
  • I like the fact that you come to the house, that the tutor gives feedback, and that the pricing is fair.

    Ian G.
  • Consistancy and making sure my son understands what he is having difficulty with. Also, tutor is dedicated to giving my child the help he needs

    Teresa C.
  • Tutors are very professional they get the job done. I also enjoy their feedback on how my son is progressing.

    Maria S.
  • Tutor professionalism Regular reports on work done

    Lauren D.
  • I like the dedication of the tutors. The are genuine in their concern for the progress of my child.

    Cristina C.
  • The tutor really understands the students and tries there very best to make them understand.

    Anna C.
  • The people,the service,riliablity and my sons improvement

    Hamid H.
  • Very flexiable with students schedule, perfect teacher, student match!

    Linda L.
  • The tutors are very professional. I love the fact that they come to our home.

    Mirella Z.
  • Tutor with great personality and knowledge.

    Neda S.
  • Flexible approach targeting individual needs, organizational skills are included in the package

    Svitlana B.
  • I love that the tutor comes to our home. A nice, comfortable quiet environment for our son

    Tammy C.
  • Caring and committed tutors who have both patience and goal-setting in mind with student.

    Jason L.
  • The dedication and enthusiasm of the tutor

    Mimi C.
  • The tutor provided was excellent

    Naomi B.
  • The Tutors are knowledgeable, flexible and usually prompt. Thank you.

    Jennifer H.
  • Helps to kid understand more

    Sibe D.
  • For 3 weeks now that we have Moon as Ralph's tutor i can say that tutor Doctor is reliable, trusted and above all the flexibility of time.

    Agrifina B.
  • How you qualify the needs of the student.

    Milena L.
  • Great teacher , knolwdge and patience

    Yoram E.
  • We are extremely pleased with the tutor my son has and the feedback that we receive both verbally from the tutor and the weekly emails of his progress.

    Nadia M.
  • The staff members are very helpful. Tutor always on time and very patient.

    Latoya H.
  • The individual one on one tutoring in our own home. Customize tutoring to your child's needs.

    Mary P.
  • Very good tutors and great customer service. Thank you !!!

    Aviva Y.
  • I know what to expect

    Joel W.
  • The tutors are excellent and since we have had one, my sons average for French has increased by a lot and he is now much improved than before we had a tutor.

    Rajwinder S.
  • Randi Sanderson, is very accommodating to our schedule and in particular to my two girls and how they are feeling that day. She makes most of the learning fun and my girls look forward to seeing her. Randi has been very good for my children.

    Kevin B.
  • person who is tutoring my daughter is very nice, listens to her and appears to be a good teacher

    Laura B.
  • The tutors that we have had have all been amazing.

    Joyce L.
  • Quick response,organized and close follow up. My son just started and cannot give too much comment on the result yet. Maggie

    Kc Y.
  • Hours are easy to arrange

    Sandra M.
  • Tutor was well matched and selected for my son, instant success. Admin process could use some work .

    Tracey G.
  • You provided us with s great tutor.

    Sandy M.
  • With my experience,I feel that tutor doctor has done a great job of finding a suitable tutor for my son. It is so important to find the right person that really connects and understands your child and I feel that TD has done that with both my kids. Overall, it has been a positive experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for dedicated and reliable educational mentoring ...

    Mary C.
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  • Prompt and professional but always friendly.

    Amin H.
  • one on one in home tutor

    Helena M.
  • The friendly staff ( office, consultant and of course the tutor ). The fantastic match up with my daughter and the tutor. The very prompt reports regarding the tutoring sessions of what was covered and my daughter's progress.

    Kathy S.
  • Professionalism, dedication and great passion in helping the student do well

    Mabel A.
  • Our tutor got my daughter's trust very quickly. I have been very impressed by how much is taught/coached in just an hour or so. My daughter is more confident and relaxed. The weekly updates are excellent and our tutor is very responsive to questions. I wish we had started a year earlier.

    Brian C.
  • Very professional

    Claire B.
  • Commitment and consistency

    Anuli A.
  • Reliability, service

    Timea B.
  • improvement in my kids' grades

    Natalia K.
  • Recognition of the importance of finding the best suitable match ( tutor ) for my child.

    Anna C.
  • Professionalism of office staff and tutors.

    Grace M.
  • The main thing is the conveience of the tutor coming to the home.

    Lucy F.
  • Very satisfied

    Ranjini S.
  • It's great program to meet the needs of the children.i am impressed by the flexibility and punctuality of the tutor and awsome update about the child,s progress.I am happy to chose your company. Thanks Sincerely, Mr& Mrs Kazmi.

    Samina K.
  • It is very convenient and teachers are very experienced

    Nasim R.
  • I like that the tutor comes to my home. Our particular tutor is very personable and competent. She is always very well prepared for the session. My daughter has responded very well to her.

    Liana P.
  • We like the 1-1 support and the flexibility of scheduling the sessions.

    Naomi K.
  • My daughter was very comfortable with her tutor and the tutor was flexible when she need additional help

    Brigette C.
  • Quality of tutors ; scheduling ; one on one

    Stefania B.
  • So your tutors have been wonderful. They come very prepared and can make the subject fun and easy to understand. I also like the report I get after each session.

    Fari V.
  • Caring about customer satisfaction

    Nadia P.
  • I like that before signing up, you sent a consultant to determine our needs & made the tutor/student match based on that. I also appreciated how frank the consultant was with my son about his attitude towards education. Now that we've had several sessions with Ivy, I have come to realize that she is an outstanding teacher who has a deep commitment to student success. She always takes the time to ...

    Sue T.
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  • Responsive

    Grace M.
  • Tutor comes to you. Match needs to student

    Nadia R.
  • The initial evaluation was very helpful. The tutor you sent, Maria Yegorov, was fantastic.

    Natalie L.
  • I like most about the services is that the tutor comes to residence.

    Ladi B.
  • Process we went through was good, thorough, and ended up with a great match for Michael. We have already seen a difference in his marks.

    Daniela K.
  • The actual Tutor Katie. She's been just amazing and my sin seems to be doing well.

    Carmina P.
  • Very professional, very thorough, good quality and intelligent, efficient staff, and excellent tutor.

    Margaret Y.
  • Your commitment, follow up, and openness..

    Altinay E.
  • Convenience

    Charlene M.
  • I really like that I am sent a message regarding each of my child's tutoring sessions. Its great feedback! The management office is quick to answer any questions I may have. My child and I are also very happy with our tutor! She is friendly, mature and has a very positive attitude which gives my child self confidence.

    Guzin D.
  • Tutor covers relavent information on the subject matter being taken at school.

    Peter W.
  • I love the idea of home tutoring, it makes my son feel very comfortable.

    Suzette H.
  • The person who teaches my son is very patient, and understands the work. He gives my son ideas and suggests how he should do his work.

    Joanne C.
  • Friendly staff understanding parent's needs. Try to fulfill client's needs.

    Hui L.
  • Tutor is very helpful and we receive updated reports to know how our child is doing. Christina is very understanding and knows where my child's weaknesses are! I would refer tutor doctor all the time

    Wendy M.
  • our tutor

    Elena R.
  • Very organized and doing your best to take care of your clients needs

    Parisa R.
  • Our tutor Philip is great. We really like that the tutor comes to our home.

    Stephanie M.
  • our tutor is excellent

    Agnes M.
  • Professional employees and being kept informed

    Cathy O.
  • The one to one in-home tutoring was the right choice for our son. We had tried a classroom style learning center last year with no positive results. Happily, our son's math comprehension improved significantly with the help of his assigned tutor. The tutor was successful in connecting with our son which provided the opportunity for learning. Thank-you.

    Anna T.
  • I like the attention to detail.

    Kati B.
  • The first tutor was poor but they did finally find the right fit for my son

    Jennifer P.
  • Our tutor is amazing. Very qualified and an amazing 'fit' with our daughter.

    Rebecca R.
  • Teacher Daniella has been very helpful and adapted regularly her teaching approach to Delphine. Delphine started to get better results at school which increased her more self-confidence and self-esteem. The direct consequence is that she is now enjoying going to school, not only to meet her friends, but also to learn new things.

    Emile L.
  • The fact that my child get to have a one to one with the teacher, which gives him more time for repetition until he understands the concept. I also like the fact that the tutors come to your door step.

    Tozama C.
  • Our tutor is very thorough and I am seeing significant improvements. Thank you

    Dianna A.
  • i can change the tutor easily if they do not click with my child.

    Connie Z.
  • I like that the tutor comes to your home and the website assistance

    Manuela A.
  • The fact that my son is able to get the help he needs to boost his marks to prepare him for university

    Kathija K.
  • Very prompt and highly client centric. So far my daughter is pleased with the quality of the tutoring, but we are waiting to see its true impact based on the trajectory of her marks in physics and chemistry for the balance of the semester

    Hanif L.
  • The tutor is attentive to our child's needs . She communicates with us by email on a regular basis .

    Megha P.
  • Your structure is very precise & organized in a professional manner, which impressed us right from the initial meeting with the consultant. He was thorough and explained everything we needed to know with confidence and assurance. Our tutor, is prompt, very professional and has learned to hone in on both our childrens individual needs.

    Audrey M.
  • Well focused on the student's needs.

    Stephen K.
  • Issues addressed immediately and quick response communication.

    Teresa R.
  • Professional.

    Simona C.
  • professional, supportive,

    Carole M.
  • I am already seeing improvement with my son's confidence

    Lisa Y.
  • The variety of tutors as per the subjects and the languages tutor doctors can match my child with is great!

    Kristen P.
  • I was very pleased that there was an initial assessment meeting which provided me with detailed information about Tutor Doctor and that the meeting was focused on my child. The tutor that we have been assigned is perfect for my son and he really looks forward to his sessions!

    Stacey M.
  • After a bumpy start to getting a schedule going, I am thrilled with the progress my son is having with Tiffany. In a short time, she has provided my son with the tools to overcome his anxiety of writing a paragraph on his own, without tears! He's even approaching short stories with some well thought out outlines.

    Victoria W.
  • I think the tutor chosen for our daughter is a great match. She works well with her and seems to understand what is required for this grade.

    Krystyna M.
  • Report Fixable subjects and hours.

    Eunjung K.
  • Attention to detail and prompt responses, when needed.

    Roula H.
  • I found the tutor we had great and like the weekly feedback reports. I like that the tutor comes to my home

    Mitzy D.
  • the feedback

    Daniela B.
  • I like how our tutor adjusts based on the child's learning curve

    Cathy M.
  • Tutor Doctor customizes the tutors to match the child's requirements and in that way they can learn to the best of their abilities.

    Anca B.
  • The service are wonderful , I can change the time if I need to without any problem, I have report every time we use the service , I have easy access to my son tutor and if I have any concern I can contact the main office.

    Fariba E.
  • Everyone is very professional.

    Silvana D.
  • good results, convenience of in home tutoring.

    Nikki M.
  • You found a good match for me and I enjoy the progress reports. Very professional

    Josh C.
  • at home service. organized, lots of documented feedback, flexible time.

    Julia J.
  • If we feel unsatisfactory with the tutor, Tutor Doctor can change the tutor for us.

    Frances L.
  • High quality instructors who work with with my child, communicate well with my child's school, understand my child's scholastic needs, and are flexible with tutorials to address specific areas of study.

    Irina P.
  • Excellent tutors, personable and knowledgeable individuals who care about their students.

    Theresa R.
  • Tutors come to the home Tutor is matched to the student

    Ulla M.
  • professional, knowledgeable tutors, kid-friendly

    Laila S.
  • the tutor makes all the difference and in our case we got lucky because the tutor we have is getting on well with Vanessa and Vanessa is learning so much............

    Sal A.
  • Everything is fine except for matching almost 1 month.

    Franklin L.
  • So far all the tutors that have or are helping my kids know what they are doing. So far they are also very flexible with time and reliable.

    John L.
  • professionalism

    Pat P.
  • Efficient and friendly.

    Linda R.
  • I like the tutor choosen for my children and my children like the tutor as well and they are definitly benefitting. One of my sons teachers has noticed a lot of improvement in his essay writing and that is definitly due to the help from the tutor.

    Laura C.
  • It's personalized tutoring and convenient to students and parents. The program schedule is very flexible and follows the day school program. There is no competition with other students which may hamper learning to some students.

    Wings L.
  • 100% meet client's need

    Yongxin S.
  • So far so good, l like both tutor matching, keep the good work. Thanks.

    Cathy H.
  • Your quick response, being able to get in touch with your'l any time. Also the way your'l keep in touch with us as well as the teacher.

    Rizna R.
  • Being prompt at your promises.

    Fahimeh S.
  • Kathy is wonderful with my daughter. She makes learning math fun and Meghan's understanding and grades have improved.

    Nancy N.
  • Personalized and tailored to meet the needs of the child.

    Nancy B.
  • I like your services about response quickly. you have well train tutors. Thank you.

    Anna L.
  • Selection of tutors according to the student's need and promptness. Also, follow ups with parents and notifying future events and promotions. Great work. Keep it up and expand your professionalism.

    Krishna P.
  • Meets our needs for specific tutors.

    Catti R.
  • One-on-one focus with the student to identify where their strengths and weaknesses really lie.

    Deborah P.
  • Donna takes time to understand my son's needs.Brings in extra work sheets she created for him to help him better understand.Had a rough start with tutor doctor but did deliver at the end with an amazing tutor.My son entered prior to his math exam with an 89% and ended with a final 86%. Thanks to Donna with her truly honest care to help , my son was able to achieve greatness.

    Diana C.
  • Individualized service with professional tutors

    Toni M.
  • Reliable, helpful and encourage kids

    Rosalie C.
  • The tutor sessions with Parham, my daughters tutor, have greatly affected my daughters school work as well as her organization and responsibility skills. Tutor Doctor has chosen an awesome tutor for my daughter and the times for sessions are very flexible which is great for teenagers due to their own personal lives and work. My dahghters grades aswell as the characteristics of herself have ...

    Fe M.
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  • The tutor we have is great in every way

    Dave D.
  • The tutor answer all questions asked by my daughter and teaches/explains the lessons clearly.He comes on time and very professional as well.

    Maria M.
  • very helpful, cooperative and convenient

    Elham B.
  • Matching tutor with student and flexibility of session scheduling.

    Enio P.
  • I like how you took the time to find the right person for my daiugher.

    Kathy B.
  • Certified teachers

    Clara B.
  • the quality of staff and results i see on my sons grades

    Nasrin N.
  • Very professional and organized

    Dan M.
  • Good tutor.

    Margarita T.
  • Great subject knowledge. Flexible schedules of session times and dates.

    Chris D.
  • Customer service is amazing. Work with parents and students to find tutors that work well with them.

    Mary Q.
  • I feel confident that Jason's tutor is receiving the support, guidance and encouragement of experienced staff committed to helping students success.

    Marei B.
  • Flexibility + availibility

    Mahtab N.
  • You respond to special requests. Every aspect of the process has been professional and straightforward.

    Anna Z.
  • Qualified teachers , flexibility +e verity of packages , Price wise , accurate following up ,up date information . Quick reply .

    Hala A.
  • Very good

    Sabes N.
  • The attention to detail and the ability to buy time in chunks

    Caroline P.
  • Very quick at responding to our needs and locating suitable tutors matching my childrens requirements.

    Florence S.
  • Service, quality & efficiency of staff

    Bessie J.
  • Tutor comes to my up home.

    Sharron P.
  • Prompt and efficient.

    Sofia C.
  • The at home service The time taken to find a match for my son The idea of me planning what my son needs focus on and not restricted my a set plan

    Carol G.
  • It's focused intervention and has helped my daughter improve her Math skills and grades. Also, as a parent I know what she worked on in each session.

    Saima A.
  • You work both with the parents and students to meet their expectations.

    Angela M.
  • Our first experience with Tutor Doctor was very negative. Tutor Doctor quickly rectified the first negative situation in an effective and timely manner. Patrick, our new tutor, is a committed and enthusiastic teacher that our son truly likes and enjoys working with. We also enjoy and respect him as a teacher and a person. We feel very fortunate to have him as a tutor, and look forward to a long ...

    Karen B.
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  • Very gentle service but professional and effective.

    Harry M.
  • Take their time to select the best person

    Siminder B.
  • I like the fact that the company is caring for the success of our kids.

    Teresa R.
  • personalized, engaging, knowledgible tutor, flexible

    Angela F.
  • Very professional, our tutor is smart and very good at what she does, which is helping my daughter be successful and confident going forward in her studies.

    Jan R.
  • Friendly staff; great tutors;

    Tony D.
  • The tutor

    John V.
  • That the tutoring is 1 on 1 and that we receive reports after every session

    Katarina M.
  • Prompt Good communucation

    Natalya T.
  • I like the feedback from tutors and that someone responds to my concern.

    Lana C.
  • Conviniance and helping my child to improve

    Mitra N.
  • The tutor comes to the house plus the tutor seems good and is reliably on time.

    Cathy L.
  • The tutors that come to our home are very knowledgable and understanding. They don't rush with Alexandra and make sure she understands what they are teaching her before they leave from that session. She seems happier after a session because she feels she has learned something new and understands which is great.

    Sophie B.
  • Our Daughters' tutor Zema is amazing. She has really helped them bith very much.

    Rose S.
  • Very convenient sicne it is in home Great tutor, very compatible with my son

    Ana M.
  • The right people are chosen for the specific student

    Tina E.
  • The immediate response we received and the care and commitment shown to our daughter.

    Lucie G.
  • Our Tutor Doctor shows up on time and sometimes a little bit early than the given time. He is knowledgeable about the topics and very approachable.

    Rosaly P.
  • The follow up and professionalism.

    Mona A.
  • Prompt, professional services with great depth of subject matter knowledge.

    Frank L.
  • We like how tutor doctor is run in a very organized fashion. Everyone from their consultants and their tutors seems to be very knowledgable, confident, and have a lot of experience.

    Emilia A.
  • The tutors your company provide are very punctual, dedicated and are very interested in helping their students achieve their goals.

    Kiran R.
  • My daughter is matched with a very dedicated tutor, who works hard to make sure my daughter does not fall behind in math class, but also tailors her tutor sessions to my daughter's learning needs.

    Caterina P.
  • The lessons are tailor made and the tutor is very knowledgable and patient.

    Donna L.
  • One on one and at the comfort and safety of your home. Itsan investment and opportunity today for a child prosperity tomorrow. Within 2 months of enrollment, my daughter who is so scared of laths now loves it and doing very well on class. Tutor doctor, way to go. Thanks a lot.

    Ukamaka E.
  • I love the fact that there is a genuine interest in providing the best services for the client. I love the session reports, surveys like this and the written reports. I also like the current tutor Max Bacchus, he really has a passion to impact knowledge to my children

    Funmi B.
  • in home excellent service one on one great feedback

    Mirit E.
  • One on one and convenient

    Sandro R.
  • the tutor knows what she is teaching and how to teach it

    Danuta M.
  • dependable , good teachers

    Najeeb R.
  • resond time for concerns is great - One person contact to who concerns can be voiced - enegry of everyone is catchy - session updates within 24 hours or sooner of meeting the tutor is helpful - the support showen to parents unbelievable -

    Cathy S.
  • personal individualized tutoring

    Rosa L.
  • Teachers are good.

    Rob S.
  • Good match between student and tutor, tutors bright and eager, tutor went over and above material to provide practical examples

    Hayley G.
  • I liked talking to my son's tutor everytime and always working with her to ensure that he practices after his session.

    Joana O.
  • the flexability of the tutors to work around mt schedule as well as the follow up reports / emails

    Charles B.
  • Good help, nice tutors and commited

    Boris A.
  • the convinience of the tutor coming to your home, the results

    Maina P.
  • It's very convience for my kids to learn English.

    Mei Z.
  • The selection of matching a tutor to the student and then open communication to ensure results

    Sharon E.
  • The individuality of needs. You can request a tutor who specializes in math or science, for example. You can also request a tutor that is well-rounded that can provide help in all areas of need.

    Sonia T.
  • in home, tutors are flexible and work with the client

    Cathy C.
  • open-minded. the level is adapted to the need of the student.

    Georgia B.
  • i have seen great improvement since my son started last month.

    Joan B.
  • One on one tutoring. Tutor has identified gaps in learning. Challenged student with homework. Positive feedback to student. Excellent info session with consultant. Instilled confidence in pursuing tutoring with TD.

    Suzie M.
  • The tutor is very pleasant and my son enjoys the sessions with her as she makes the learning experience fun. As well I like the convenience of someone coming to the home as opposed to having to drive to a teaching centre.

    Sabrina R.
  • The tutor was a perfect match for my son. His writing skills has improved and he is more motivated.

    Joan C.
  • My tutor is very knowlegeble and flexible.

    Claribelle C.
  • Our primary tutor John Xu is fanatastic! He is personable and extremely knowledgeable and had a great working relationship with my daughter. We also had Shayan Exatolllahpour substitute for a couple of weeks and he was very good as well.

    Jayne F.
  • one on one in my home.

    Zubeda R.
  • The most I like is that the tutor can contact the teacher for any issues they may have. thanks,

    Jo V.
  • comes to the house...bilingual

    Raesha S.
  • We were so fortunate to have Johanna as my children's tutor. She was fantastic. She came fully prepared with curriculum based workbooks and tried to teach according to our child's interest. She always came equipped with her own laptop wherein she would try to teach through online games. My children were thrilled to have her. It was never a struggle for them to sit down with Johanna. Within four ...

    Sandra D.
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  • Feedback by email. Great teacher.

    Mary-Louise D.
  • That you come to the house and the tutors are very knowledgeable and regular

    Natalia J.
  • Professionalism, knowledge, involvement of parent and student right from the start, timeliness of arranging for the tutor

    Rose C.
  • Very prompt and helpful.

    Preethi J., Markham, ON
  • I liked the fact that tutors are matched with the students. If the tutor and student don't work well together, another tutor will be found without questions. I also like the email summaries of the sessions.

    Anna M., Woodbridge, ON
  • Knowledgable staff who listen and accomedate to student learning needs.

    Sandra M.
  • I have appreciate how promptly we were matched with a tutor who took the time to ensure her schedule matched ours. I look forward to the emailed session updates after each teaching session. The tutor we were matched with is excellent. Her interpersonal skills are wonderful, she is reliable and responsible, and our children look forward to the sessions with her with great enthusiasm.

    Rajni S.
  • I like the matching program. the first choice we had didn't work out and your team worked hard at getting us another match which turns out to be great! Our tutor is wonderful and very patient!

    Stephanie K.
  • The flexibility - we don't feel locked in if we decide we need a different tutor or want to switch subjects.

    Lisa P.
  • Upon signing with tutor Doctor, I thought we might have to go through a couple of tutors until we found the right one for my daughters. This was not the case!! Ivy Lee is an angel! the selection process you use definitely worked for us. I like that we have hours to be used & they can used between the 2 girls (just in case 1 needs more than the other). No complaints!

    Anne T.
  • This service is fairly quick and helpful in locating a tutor that would make a good match with your son/daughter.

    Cathy M.