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6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Teen Motivated to Learn Over the Summer

Students often experience learning loss during the summer months, sometimes referred to as the “summer slide.” To help avoid this gap in academic progress, here are 6 simple ways to keep your teen motivated to learn over the summer!

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  • How Raising Pets Can Help Children Develop Emotional Intelligence

    Pets bring joy and laughter to our families, helping to form priceless memories with our beloved companions. In addition to introducing physical responsibilities, pets can also help children to develop emotional intelligence at an early age.

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  • How to Prep for the SAT/ACT Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Due to current health guidelines surrounding COVID-19, traditional practice approaches for the SAT/ACT exams (like prep classes) may not be an option. Here are some effective ways to prep for these important exams from the comfort of your own home!

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  • Parent Hacks to Avoid the COVID Slide This Summer

    Although summer learning loss is already an area of concern in students, the recent early closures of schools due to COVID-19 has the potential to significantly worsen the problem. To help offset the summer slump, here are some parent “hacks” to help kids avoid learning loss over the coming months.

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