Private Tutoring vs. Learning Centers: Which one is right for you?

Parents are often curious about how private tutoring programs differ from community learning centers. To find out which is right for you, read on!

1. Education style. Learning centers are traditionally based on grade-level curriculum and assist students by providing extra practice through pre-written assignments, exercises, and exams. This may be a good option if your student attends a school with a strict curriculum and wants to obtain additional practice homework. In addition, learning centers typically feature group instruction. On the other hand, private tutoring is a one-to-one method that has been catered to your student’s individual needs, strengths, and learning style. The tutors we work with can be seen as academic coaches – we adjust our approach and adopt strategies to fit the current requirements. Private tutoring is likely a better option for students that are beginning to fall behind or need to catch up on older material, as tutors have the unique ability to go back and return to previous sections that may have been unclear. This also means that students can take their time and work through challenging concepts at their own pace.

2. Accessibility and convenience. One of the main appeals of private tutoring is convenience – every program is designed from the ground up to fit your scheduling needs. Learning centers are a bit different due to the nature of their process – since many students are being taught at once, learning centers have set hours of operation throughout the week. Another difference is that students will need transportation to and from the learning center. Perhaps one hidden benefit of learning centers is that students are supervised on site, so parents are free to use that time to run errands before they have to pick up their child. On the other hand, private tutoring is meant to cater to your family’s needs – the tutors we work with can come to you, not the other way around. For families that have busy schedules or need tutoring later in the evening or on weekends, private tutoring is the clear winner.

Tutor Doctor Safety Tip: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, options for tutoring have changed. With many schools currently closed due to health guidelines, learning centers find themselves in the same boat. With private tutoring, there’s a lot more flexibility because a physical location isn’t required. One of the main benefits of private tutoring is that one-to-one instruction lends itself perfectly to remote learning, and Tutor Doctor offers a range of remote options. To learn more, click here.

3. Confidence and Affordability. Learning centers typically have predetermined fees for a set time of enrollment in the program. Parents may also be required to pay for a placement assessment to determine the student’s current academic level. In general, learning centers have preset price rates for programs and fairly standardized curricula. To compare, private tutoring doesn’t have set hours or rates – prices are determined based on a multitude of factors, including the student’s individual needs, and how much time is needed to achieve your goals. Although we admit we’re a bit biased, we clearly think private tutoring is a much more flexible option! Contact us today for a free consultation!