Learn with Toys – Our Top Educational Toys by Age Group

With the holiday season right around the corner, parents might want to start thinking about what to buy for their kids! If you’re looking for some engaging ways your kids can learn through play activities, check out Tutor Doctor’s top educational toys by age group!

Ages 3-6

Both of these toys are based on the same concept – using an interactive pad that lights up into various letters and shapes, young kids can practice their penmanship and writing ability using the included stylus. These toys are also great ways for kids to work on their pencil grip! To learn, kids can simply trace the designs on the screen to practice their skills. The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is great for younger kids, as it includes all the basics (capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers 1-10). The VTech Write and Learn Center is slightly more advanced and might be a better choice for kids practicing spelling as well – it includes shapes and helps with reading and vocabulary. What we particularly like about both of these toys is that they actually show the correct stroke order when creating letters so kids can learn to write properly with step-by-step guidance.

Ages 7-10

Both of these toys give real world experience with science and technology and are great choices for kids who enjoy hands-on learning. There are tons of National Geographic science kits available (depending on what your student is interested in). We particularly like the National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler, which teaches kids about earth science while creating their own gemstones and jewelry. We also like National Geographic’s Earth Science and Stunning Science kits, both of which include a number of fun experiments to try at home. For students more interested in computers and technology, Elenco’s Snap Circuits Pro kit is an excellent choice as well. This kit teaches students about electronics and circuits, and the kit allows them to create some awesome devices (radios, voice recorders, etc.) that actually work! With over 500 possible experiments, this is a great option for kids interested in STEM pathways.

Ages 10+

Alright, we know it’s sort of cheating to put LEGO in this age group. However, we truly believe there’s a LEGO set for everyone to enjoy! Building toys have always been a perfect way to interest kids in STEM projects, and LEGO kits teach valuable lessons about structural integrity, construction, physics, and more. Whereas LEGOs used to be marketed typically towards younger children, there’s recently been a resurgence of LEGO kits marketed primarily to older kids, teens, and adults. Some of these models are incredibly detailed and demonstrate the real-world applications of scientific principles and engineering techniques. For instance, the LEGO Saturn V rocket is a near perfect scale replica of the famous spacecraft that brought America to the moon in 1969. Measuring over three feet tall, the completed model separates into five separate modules to illustrate the different launch stages, and even includes the lunar lander that the astronauts used to touch down on the moon’s surface. This particular set is rated for ages 14+ and is officially licensed by NASA, but it’s just one of the many LEGO kits available with a distinct focus on science and technology. If your child is looking for a satisfying and engaging building experience, there’s nothing better than LEGO!