Our Top Virtual Field Trips You Can Do From Home

Due to current health and safety guidelines and many schools being closed, students are unfortunately missing out on fun and educational school field trips. Check out these awesome virtual field trips you can do from home!

Virtual Museum Tours. With today’s incredible advances in technology, it’s now possible to take a fully virtual tour of many world famous museums! With 360 degree views and interactive online exhibits, virtual museum tours are almost as good as the real thing. Here are a few we particularly like:

Virtual Science Learning. Check out some of these engaging and interactive clips for scientific content that is sure to spark your student’s curiosity.

Virtual Tours of Famous Places. Although you might not currently be in a position to travel the world, you can still check out some of Earth’s modern marvels from home! 3D tours are incredibly immersive and allow you to “walk” through and enjoy the sights at your own pace. Here’s a few we definitely recommend checking out!

Virtual Zoo Visits. Did you know that many zoos also offer virtual tours? What’s even cooler is that nowadays zoos offer live video feeds of current exhibits, so you can actually check out what the animals are doing right now! Learning about different species and habitats is always fun, and seeing the animals in real-time over webcam is a decent enough substitute for a real trip to the zoo. Here’s a few awesome links to check out!