Fun Indoor Learning Activities for Kids to Try This Winter

With the winter months now upon us, many families are preparing for an increase in indoor time – both due to weather changes and public health concerns. Check out these fun indoor learning activities your kids can try this winter!

1. Building toys and models. We love building toys! Building blocks and LEGOs are excellent STEM activities for students of all ages. Older children and teens may enjoy building more intricate models or miniatures that have fine details (and may require glue or painting to complete). If your child isn’t too keen on building toys, a jigsaw puzzle is also a great option! These types of activities are a whole lot of fun and are perfect for keeping young minds engaged.

2. Arts and crafts. Anything that encourages creativity and expression is a worthwhile activity, and crafting can be an engaging (and addicting) hobby. Some kids enjoy creating art (crayons, colored pencils, or even paint on canvas) whereas others may enjoy crafting activities (beads, knitting, fabrics). Whatever it is, encourage your kids to pursue creative avenues that interest them!

3. Musical instruments. Learning a musical instrument can be time consuming, but it’s one of the most rewarding activities a person can pursue. Whether your child wants to take lessons or teach themselves gradually, learning to play a musical instrument is good for fostering positive emotional health and building self esteem. As new players begin to improve their skills, they are motivated to continue and further their talents. If your child has an interest in learning an instrument, encourage them to dive in!

4. Video games. We all know that video games are very popular with kids. And although video games sometimes get a bad rap, they can actually be used as effective educational tools. There are tons of games that encourage reading, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, and even physical exercise. For more information about the benefits of playing video games, check out our blog on this topic.

5. Educational documentaries. Watching educational content is great fun for the whole family! After watching, students may find themselves inspired to further research topics of interest on their own. This is especially true for documentaries based on science and nature. If you’d like some suggestions to get started, check out our blog “Top 3 Educational Documentaries For Kids Of All Ages.” All of the picks on that list have multiple episodes to watch, so there should be plenty of content to keep your kids engaged and entertained!

6. Cooking. Culinary skills are practical and important, and many people enjoy taking it a step further with chef-level techniques and recipes. Like some of the previous options on this list, preparing food is another great way to show creativity. Not only that, but it’s also great practice for reading and following directions (like when following a recipe). Younger kids can also get real-world practice with fractions and measurements by helping out in the kitchen, so we highly recommend this activity for students of all ages!

7. Reading. There’s nothing quite like reading a good book, and if you’re cooped up indoors this winter it’s a perfect activity for people of all ages. Whether your student is interested in novels, magazines, or comic books, any reading material is valuable and engaging. We’re a big fan of graphic novels for reluctant readers! Younger kids may prefer picture books or short stories. Whatever your child is interested in, always encourage them to read more and expand their mind.