Best Gifts for Wonderful Teachers

Want to show your appreciation for a favorite teacher or tutor this Christmas?

Here are our 10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers & Tutors

Festive gifts show your teachers and tutors a little love for all that they have done for your kids this year. Educators often go above and beyond the call of duty to guide and educate your children and it makes their efforts worth it when parents and students express their appreciation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; just a little thoughtfulness and care is all you need to give a gift that makes your teacher or tutor feel special. Whatever you decide to get for your favorite teachers, make sure it’s personal.

Gift cards

Vouchers and gift cards allow your favorite teachers and tutors to buy things they really need or want. Did you know that 94% of public school teachers spend their own money on school supplies?

Get your children to create handmade cards for their favorite educators and pop the gift cards inside.

Personalized stationary

Always a classy gift, give your teacher their very own personalized stationary for letters, notes and cards. You can even write a personal, heartfelt letter listing all the ways your teacher or tutor has helped you.

Teacher’s survival kit

From coffee to chocolate, every teacher can use a little survival kit for those early mornings. Include a coffee travel mug with specialty coffees, cookies, chocolates and other treats that can help a teacher through a tough morning. Better yet, have your child make them a batch of homemade sweets using one our no-bake child friendly recipes.

Books for the Classroom

Most teachers will enjoy a good read. You can buy books for the classroom so that they have a little more variety in the reading corner or get them some books you know they will enjoy. Not sure what your teacher or tutor reads? Buy a gift voucher from a local or online book store.

Holiday cookies

Have fun with your kids and create a personal gift for your favorite tutors and teachers by baking a batch of festive cookies. You can bake a few batches of different cookies if you have a number of teachers to think of. Then you can give them a selection of treats to enjoy over the holidays. Be sure to avoid cookie recipes with peanuts and other nuts in case your teacher has an allergy.


Living gifts are a great way to make a lasting impression. Plants not only reduce stress, they also improve indoor air quality. You can even buy inexpensive clay pots from your local hardware, garden or dollar store and get you kids to decorate them with paint, special messages or markers. Add a hardy indoor plant and you have the perfect living gift for your favorite teacher.

Does your teacher have a garden? You can put all their favorite vegetable and flower seeds into neat little seed bombs which they can utilize to green their gardens or at school. Decorate a paper bag or create your own little bag out of old gift wrap to present your seed bombs in.

Movie theater gift card

Who doesn’t like going to the movies? Give your teachers and tutors a chance to unwind and relax in the new year with a gift voucher to a local cinema.

Monogrammed gifts

Get your kids to monogram items with their teacher’s name or initials. Scarves and hats, handkerchiefs, coffee mug cozies, and mittens will all look better with a little handy work.

Homemade Candles

You can make these yourself with a little beeswax, essential oils and a mason jar mold. Making candles is a great holiday activity and they make brilliant gifts.

Spa gifts

This festive season, everyone can give a little love to their mistle-toes! Give gift vouchers to local spas or make up your own little kit with bath and spa products so that your teachers can give themselves a little pampering.

The most important factor in your holiday gift to the teachers and tutors who do so much for you is personalization. Get your kids to pick out gifts and write their own cards and notes that express their appreciation for a job well done.

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