Equip your Team for Customer Service

Having a philosophy to “be kind to customers” or even telling employees that “the customer is always right” are ways business owners hope will convince employees to have a mindset that will generate more business instead of scaring future business away. However, conveying a customer philosophy often does not translate to employee success in exuding that philosophy. Too often, employees rely on past beliefs that dictate their behaviors towards customers. For instance, when a customer who raises his voice at an employee, an employee will sometimes validate the customer’s behavior as permission to yell back.

Importantly, this is not a predetermined response. Even the best of employees will sometimes respond emotionally when a customer has directed his or her emotions towards them. Employees don’t plan to raise their voices at customers; sometimes they just do. Employees don’t plan to become sarcastic with customers, but sometimes the actions of the customer push an employee to act in an unprofessional way. This is where Tutor Doctor – Saint Peter’s can help.

At Tutor Doctor, we pride ourselves on creating training experiences that truly fix problems. When it comes to customer service, we have designed a training that will keep employees utilizing their “thinking brains” versus their “emotional brains.” We will create habit-diving thinking practices that help employees in their work with customers, but also in life and relationships. In short, we strive to create an experience that will help employees grow as people; this will help them to also grow as customer-centric employees.

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