In the workplace: We Often Crave One Kind of Feedback, but Receive Another

In the workplace: We Often Crave One Kind of Feedback, but Receive Another

When it comes to feedback, employees probably get more than they need. However, are they getting the right feedback? In their book Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well, authors Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen lump feedback into three categories:

  • Feedback that conveys “Appreciation”
  • Feedback that “Coaches”
  • Feedback that is “Evaluative”

The Business Tutors at Tutor Doctor – Saint Peters help train employees – especially those who supervise employees – to know and understand the value of each of these types of feedback. This knowledge empowers employees to receive feedback well (reducing conflict), but also to seek to understand what type of feedback an employee or colleague might need. For instance, one colleague might regularly receive “Appreciation” feedback. Maybe his supervisor and colleagues often tell him how “hard of a worker” he is or how “high quality” his work is. That’s great, if that’s how that employee thrives. That employee might actually be craving “Coaching” feedback that helps him learn and grow as the professional he would like to be. This employee might know that he works hard and this his work is high quality, so he wants something more. He wants to be the best he can be!

Another employee might regularly receive feedback that is considered “Coaching,” but maybe she needs the “Appreciation” feedback. She works hard every day, but nobody seems to notice. She might also create high-quality products that have led to new customers and new sales, but the only feedback she ever gets is “coaching,” meant to help her learn and grow into the executive her supervisor sees her becoming. This feedback is well-meaning! However, the supervisor in this case (and in the previous case) is missing something when it comes to understanding his or her employees/colleagues and providing the type of feedback they need.

We all have to sometimes receive feedback that we would rather not have, but if we can simultaneously be giving some feedback that a person might also need, we will create a more positive workplace culture. If an environment that understands feedback is something you strive for in your workplace, consider Tutor Doctor – Saint Peters as a source for your Feedback Training needs. To discuss how Tutor Doctor – Saint Peter’s can design a Feedback training for you, contact us at (636) 544-0403