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Sandy Tutwiler, Owner

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Hello! My name is Sandy Tutwiler. My passion for education began early in my life. I began tutoring friends in high school in my sophomore year and continued tutoring through my junior year of college for the university’s learning center. My favorite moments tutoring were when my students would call me after an exam to tell me they actually knew how work the math problems! You could hear the excitement and confidence in their voice – this wasn’t just helping them get through a class, it was changing their lives.

What I know to be true, is that when students struggle academically, the stress of not understanding or keeping up with the class can be crippling! Over time, this will lead to a complete loss in confidence both in, and out of the classroom.

My passion for mentoring and developing people was also a huge part my corporate life. I led successful teams through major projects and strategic initiatives for a Fortune 500 company for over 25 years. I believe anyone can achieve their goals and dreams with a positive attitude, hard work, and having a strong support network around you. In my corporate life, this meant not only choosing a team that complemented my strengths, but also by mentoring others to help them achieve their professional goals. I’ve always loved teaching and mentoring. So, when the opportunity came along to open a Tutor Doctor office, I jumped at the chance to offer this very important resource to parents and students.

Tutor Doctor partners with teachers and parents to become the support network students need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. My team and I are committed to providing supplemental academic support to students based on their individual needs and open a world of options beyond the classroom. I look forward to getting to know you and the opportunity to see if I can help you.

Michelle Dodsworth, Tutor Coordinator Michelle Dodsworth - Tutor Coordinator

Michelle has been in education for over 20 years. She has a BA in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences from the University of North Texas. She has taught several grades in elementary school and has been a Library Media Specialist at both the elementary and middle school level. She has also been an Educational Consultant working with preschool, charter, and private schools throughout the metroplex.

While in Frisco ISD, she was a District Professional Development Presenter, and has headed and served on numerous committees including, Science Curriculum Writing, Software Migration, Elementary Curriculum, and New School Opening Committee. She has served as both a campus team leader and district mentor for first year teachers and librarians.

Both of her boys, ages 11 and 17 have been in Frisco ISD schools since kindergarten. As both a former teacher and parent, she understands the expectations of the schools and the challenges students can face.

The Difference between a Tutor and a Tutor Doctor

When your child is struggling, you want to give them the support they need to succeed. Tutor Doctor Frisco – McKinney can assist any student to not only achieve their goals but to achieve his or her academic potential.

Tutor Doctor was founded in 2000 by John Hooi, who was shocked by the knowledge gap he witnessed within the school system. Teachers in classrooms just don’t have the time to dedicate to one-to-one teaching with struggling students, leaving these students to fall further and further behind their peers. Tutor Doctor was created to help fill that gap through custom lesson plans and personalized tutoring.

Since then, our company has grown to include over 28,000 tutors in more than 15 countries. We have been featured on NBC, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Most importantly, students and parents have expressed gratitude for the impact Tutor Doctor has made on their lives. As a tutoring company committed to the success of our students, witnessing those students achieve victories truly is the reason why our team is so passionate about what we do.

Accolades & Awards

  • Franchisee of the Year Award – 2015
  • The President’s Award – 2015
  • Best of Business Award (Frisco Style) – 2013
  • Best Tutoring Company Award (Star Local Media) – 2014 , 2015
  • Reader’s Choice Award (Living Magazine) – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2021, 2023
  • Tutor Doctor Spirit Award Finalist 2021
  • Tutor Doctor President’s Award Finalist 2022
  • Tutor Doctor Community Crusader Award Winner 2023

The tutors we work with have won international awards, including:

  • Tutor of the Year in 2012
  • Top 5 Tutor Nominee in 2017

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