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  • Quality of the Tutors.

    Dana D.
  • Alias Rodriguez is a very good Tudor and my son is doing much better in Math this year.

    Debi C.
  • Tutoring. Did excellent job with my son. Always on time and flexible. My son loves to work with MS. Judy.

    Kalyan J.
  • You guys just make it easy. My kid loves his tutor.

    Brad L.
  • My coordinator, Jennifer Montes, was very detail oriented in helping my son...Our tutor, Mohamed, is exceptional and really connected with my son.

    Lisa F.
  • They fit you with the right tutor for your needs

    Susan L.
  • Miss Sandy was the perfect match for our family. Thank you

    Shelia P.
  • The tutor/teacher has helped my son tremendously and you were quick about getting him in with someone to help

    Nikki P.
  • We got a great Tutor!

    Inge V.
  • Tammy is very prepared and knows exactly what Christian needs. She is very focused on his needs not only for his academics, but his organization skills as well.

    Stacey P.
  • Bridgette Capotelli has been wonderful for my daughter. I also love the home visits.

    Shayla A.
  • Our son's tutor is fabulous!

    Nita W.
  • I like that you come to my house and give my child individualized attention.

    Cheryll P.
  • Lena has been great. Zarrah has passed every test since Lena started 2 weeks ago. A investment well worth the price. We have been very pleased with the results at school.

    Marc & Carol M.
  • Prompt, thorough, professional experience.

    Kim C.
  • I like that you do everything you can to ensure we get a good match.

    Jenni M.
  • Convenient at home tutoring, my daughter and her new tutor clicked instantly.

    Jessica L.
  • The tutoring is tailored to the individual and the teacher is involved so we know what areas we should be focusing on. The one-on-one instruction has been far more productive than a group lesson. We couldn't be happier with our tutor and the progress our child has made in a short period of time.

    Tracey C.
  • Home tutoring and one-on-one with the student.

    Diane A.
  • Tutor is great and my son is enjoying his ACT prep. Tutor Doctor staff takes excellent care of making sure we got a great tutor!

    Stacy P.
  • Flexible convenient and good tutors options. Work with you to find the better match tutor So far very good. Kid starting to understand better but still early to know but happy I got Her started with help

    Susana B.
  • #1 reason highly qualified tutor. #2 ease of convenience, tutor comes to your home

    Kristi H.
  • All of the tutors we have had have been wonderful!

    Rita K.
  • We love the tutors and the convience!

    Ravi B.
  • Prompt and friendly responses from owners and staff to quickly find a knowledgeable tutor for my daughter. Thank you!

    Terri B.
  • Very professional. Lots of communication

    Shondra R.
  • I love that Sandy interchanges past technology with current teaching habits. I am a firm believer that children understand the basics of learning and not rely solely on new technology. I believe Sandy incorporates both. She is making a remarkable difference in ELR and organization. We are very pleased with her and Sophie is excited when When her teacher is coming. Sandy calls her on when she try's ...

    Terri B.
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  • You really do show how much you care about your students, It shows that you want to help them succeed & grow in their education. Your Tutors are wonderful & caring as well, you picked a GREAT Tutor for our daughter & she likes her a lot. Our daughter has been doing SO much better already & her tutor has only came a hand full of times so far. I would recommend your company to everyone I know!! ...

    Rhonda D.
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  • The company works very quickly. The tutor they picked for my daughter is wonderful. He is very patient and does a great job at building her confidence back up. By the 4th session she has not only passed on her pre-ap algebra 2 test, she is no longer failing the class. Huge difference in her attitude. She went from being depressed back to her happy, joking go lucky self again. Thank you so much ...

    Jacquelyn S.
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  • Convenience of in home tutoring

    Selena D.
  • Your tutors know what the district is teaching and how to help each student

    Julia E.
  • I appreciate that Tutor Doctor takes into consideration the needs and personality of the child when selecting tutors. Great care has been taken to match tutors that connect with my child. The result has been fantastic!

    Tracyne H.
  • We have been very pleased with the process! Our daughter loves her tutor.

    Cheryl S.
  • Very easy process to get set up and he tutor has been awesome.

    Kiley Y.
  • Conviencience, quality tutors, and marketable price

    Kiva L.
  • Professionalism.

    Laura O.
  • In home, quality and convenience.

    Roseann L.
  • Liliana is the BEST!!!! makes my son motivated to learn and adapts to his needs and learning style payment is easy

    Laura C.
  • Every tutor we had so far was amazing. The best one is still Amanda Ortiz. We love her and she is getting us the results we need. Thank you!!

    Silke D.
  • Great tutors

    Tina D.
  • Convenient and Qualified Tutors!

    Heather S.
  • Convenient since she comes to the house. We love our tutor, Ms. Jayne.

    Julie T.
  • Tutor Doctor did such a great job matching Mrs. Tammy Turner with my daughter Anabelle. Anabelle improved in every subject last year in 5th grade. She now has so much confidence in Math that she actually gets excited to do Math problems with Mrs. Tammy. I am so proud of Anabelle's continued hard work and truly appreciative of Mrs. Tammy Turner for helping Anabelle grow as a student.

    Kelly T.
  • At home tutoring

    Marisol G.
  • I love Tutor Doctor! They are professional, yet friendly, and they make the tutoring process easy. I am confident my son will do well on his ACT because of the wonderful tutor he has, and the relationship they have established. She holds him accountable, yet keeps him engaged and challenged.

    Michelle D.
  • Specialized to the specific needs of the student.

    Catherine M.
  • Great tutor, very knowledgeable

    Joseph J.
  • Flexibility and ability to adjust based on homework needs

    Denice J.
  • I appreciate my tutor Alex Aldrich and his ability to individualize his tutoring style to the learning needs if my child Alex is creative and resourceful He has made tutoring something that my son now looks forward to

    Krysla K.
  • I like that it is the same tutor working with my son each week. The tutor communicates with his teachers to make sure he is being tutored on things they are currently working on in class. I like the feedback I get after each session.

    Kristin C.
  • Our tutor has been a perfect match for our daughter! She has helped her so much her grade in Spanish has gone up significantly:) we are very happy with the service.

    Heather B.
  • I like that you come to the house. Although it seems that you don't have enough staff

    Kathryn L.
  • Our tutor is awesome! She is wonderful with my daughter and has really changed her confidence! Plus it is really nice if you need to miss it is okay and you get to reschedule it.

    Colleen B.
  • Individualized. Adaptive. Can't speak highly enough of it.

    Toddo T.
  • Quality of tutor experience matched with my child's needs is impressive.

    Kara T.
  • Miss Jen Nichols is the BEST! She has made such a big difference in our sons school performance. Only wish we had hired her sooner :)

    Kim M.
  • convenient

    Karen O.
  • They work to give your child exactly what they need in terms of helping your child learn.

    Colette B.
  • It is one on one, I get regular feedback

    Radhika D.
  • You come to us, very professional and helpful to my child

    LeAnn G.
  • Our tutor has built confidence in my daughter in math and in school in general. She never complains about the fact I think she looks forward to them. We are very happy with her progress!

    Adnan P.
  • Our tutor is great! This weekend, I shared her name and the name of your service with a friend - Dean and Chaundra Brown.

    Ken W.
  • Tutor

    Jamie H.
  • your prompt attention and improvement of issues we had in the beginning

    Angi H.
  • That the tutors actually come to our home at a time convenient for the student.

    John M.
  • Our tutor does a great job and works well with our son.

    Laurie K.
  • It is a trustworthy business which is well run. I have used two tutors from the company and both have been fantastic for us.

    Nancy W.
  • Our tutor is amazing!

    Mesha C.
  • Ms. Renee is very professional Tutor. We are so blessed to have her as Melody Ebrahimi's tutor. She is on top of everything. Thanks to Ms. Floyd for choosing her for my daughter.

    Mona E.
  • Providing the best and knowledgeable tutor for my daughter.

    Paula F.
  • From the beginning email to first phone call through the tutoring coordinator process, customer service has been excellent. Our match has been great for our daughter too.

    Gretchen D.
  • Convenient times and days that fit your schedule. In home services are nice. Friendly Staff and management. Tutors are professional and great with kids so that your kids look forward to the tutors arrival and the learning experience.

    Eugene B.
  • Good response time, caring tutors

    Susan L.
  • I have a 2 year old, so i love how patient my daughter's tutors are. They are able to keep my daughter's attention for long periods of time, which was hard for me to believe at first! My daughter really loves Mrs. Courtney and always asks about her. Courtney always makes learning fun. I can definitely tell a big improvement in my daughter.

    Chelsea J.
  • results

    Amy J.
  • All staff is very friendly and truly care about the families. Very genuine people all around. I always recommend this company to all of my friends who's children are having some challenges in school, and I will continue to do so. I've never had one regret about choosing this company to help assist my son through school. Thank you Tutor Doctor.

    Stacy G.
  • High quality tutors provided in a timely manner with plenty of flexibility for our busy schedule.

    Michelle W.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our home. That makes it so much more convenient since I have two other children. I also like and appreciate how well my son's tutor works with him.

    Joetta M.
  • The bottom line for us was having Tutor doctor provide us with the individual tutor who turned out to be the ideal match for our daughter. Since she is now in her senior year of high school, we were pleasantly surprised that Tutor doctor hit a homerun when, at the very beginning, they matched our daughter with the perfect tutor for her needs. Our daughter's tutor was able to explain the college ...

    Patti B.
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  • I'm not sure about all your Tudors, but my sons Tudor Judy is amazing. I love that your company helps all kids no matter what level and what needs they may have. My son passed his YEARLY ard goals in 8 weeks! Wow!!!

    Tiffany P.
  • It was easy to get set up. The tutor works with crazy schedules. Jessica is awesome. Just love her.

    Hagan B.
  • Our tutor Jessica is wonderful with our daughter- so much so that she looks forward to her coming! She is learning & actively engaged & Jessica is a very professional tutor- I have been very impressed with her! All that & it's convenient & reasonably priced! So thankful we found Tutor Doctor!

    Lauren Y.
  • Tutors are qualified and experienced.

    Vidula D.
  • Ms. Weisman is perfect for our daughter Julianna.

    Donna B.
  • First that you come to us and second you try to find a tutor to fit my child.

    Laura B.
  • Great teacher

    Bill H.
  • Be able to have tutoring at home. Knowledge and commitment of the teacher.

    Roman G.
  • I am especially pleased with the convenience of having a tutor come to my home to tutor my daughter one-on-one. My tutor, Neda, has been a terrific help to my daughter. She was failing math for half the year, but ended the year passing. :) I'm so grateful for that.

    Debbie C.
  • Tutor Doctor did an excellent job pairing the tutor with our son. She was fantastic and made an impact on him from the first day.

    Mark H.
  • I like Josh. He's a really chill dude

    Sharon B.
  • The convenience

    Cheryl W.
  • Darlene Bass is a really good and a very professional teacher. She works with my son at his level, and is very patient and very assertive. At the same time, she also explains her methods, and I truly appreciate the same.

    Sushma B.
  • Like that they come into my home and are flexible

    Irene P.
  • Mrs. Clark!

    Amy A.
  • convience

    Sheila C.
  • My son and I love the tutor! The tutor's extensive experience, teaching style, and personality is a great fit for my son.

    Cindy S.
  • scheduling

    Joanne R.
  • I like that the tutor comes to your home and I receive very detailed weekly reports about my child's performance. I also like that I can share time if one of my other children needs help and use the hours I've paid for toward them instead.

    Christine J.
  • We love Patricia!!! She is a perfect fit for our needs.

    Susanna H.
  • Jen Nichols!

    Patty S.
  • I liked that I had great results and a teacher who was dedicated to my son and actually cared about him doing good.

    Shuzola U.
  • Great instructors .

    Fariba B.
  • The tutor we have is a perfect fit for my active daughter, your price is lower than all other tutor centers, and you come to our house.

    Tommie A.
  • Your commitment to provide the best tutoring to your clients.

    Steve F.
  • The experience level of my tutor meets my child's needs

    Jzenness O.
  • All the tutors we've had have been very good and made my son like subjects that he had been struggling with. I like that the hours are flexible and that the tutors come to our house. This keeps my son comfortable in his own environment so he can concentrate on learning.

    Bobbi P.
  • Our tutor is passionate about her students. You placed us with the perfect person!!

    April S.
  • The personalization as far as what subjects we choose to work on and also the flexibility in scheduling.

    Tonya D.
  • Our tutor Ashley has been very helpful giving extra material to work and providing helpful websites to supplement. She is very knowledgeable in her subject.

    Sheri H.
  • Angel is very hands on with my daughter. She has so many creative ways to inspire my child to learn. She finds out what she love and all the while she learning. My daughter is so excited to know when she is coming. She is excited about learning and Angel and the Tutour Doctor gave her back the joy of learning. She see how fun it can be! and we have only had Two visits! I am looking forward to the ...

    Sheryl D.
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  • Tutors are wonderful and the whole Tutor Doctor team are extremely helpful and match the right tutor to work with your child.

    Myra D.
  • Flexibility of the tutors in terms of approach, subjects to work on, using technology.

    Kelly B.
  • Extremely professional and fabulous with children! I would recommend Tutor Doctor to everyone.

    Ruben Q.
  • Very knowledgeable.

    Ravien W.
  • My kids doing great in school! and out tutors!

    Kristy E.
  • Reliable, skilled tutors that provide results!

    Donna B.
  • I love the convenience of having someone come to my home to help my son. I was previously taking my son another tutoring service, which was not one on one and he did not get the attention and help that he needed. I love that the tutor goes over materials that he is studying in school, that is wonderful. He is not given a workbook and told to just work from that. This has been a wonderful ...

    April J.
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  • Everyone is very friendly and concerned about getting the best results for my child. I have given others your contact information. I believe my child will show drastic improvements within this first month.

    Nykhail N.
  • Quality, price

    Karen M.
  • Service is very excellent. He is been improving. Thank you to tutor doctor.

    Mohammad I.
  • The session recap emails. LOVE IT!!

    Francescah S.
  • I like having the tutors vetted and sent to us, rather than trying to find one myself. We have received great tutors who are very knowledgeable about their subject. Tutor Doctor administrators are responsive and quick. I also like knowing that if a certain tutor doesn't work well with my kids, I can call Tutor Doctor instead of having to release a tutor and find another one.

    Lorien T.
  • Flexibility, one on one, and attention to detail.

    Ruby H.
  • Tutor Doctor makes it easy to find a qualified tutor to fit my son's needs and schedule! Having the tutoring done in my own home is wonderful.

    Sharon W.
  • Convenient and love the tutor

    Cheryl G.
  • Prompt resolution of any conflicts that may arise. Tutor that is able to understand specific needs of the family and address those.

    Moyo A.
  • Love our tutor Judy!

    Erica S.
  • I like how they match the tutor to best fit the needs of your child.

    Tim E.
  • I am happy to see my children enjoy their tutoring sessions. I hear them laugh with their teachers and actually look forward to tutoring. Children need teachers that see them as individuals and this in turn encourages success combined with academic goals being accomplished. Tutor Doctors has been a wonderful experience for all of us.

    Vania B.
  • So far everything is a great experience

    Tracie R.
  • I like that someone comes to our home to help the kids stay up with their skills. I'm a very busy mom and I like that you are handling that for me!!!

    Susan G.
  • I like the one on one attention and the fact that you come to my home. I think that helps my daughters feel more comfortable. Plus, Mrs. Clark is amazing!

    Heather G.
  • We like our tutor. She's been great!

    Robert P.
  • I love that Tutor Doctor comes to you. We were very fortunate to be placed with an amazing tutor, my Daughter has only had 3 sessions and she's already showing tremendous improvement. Diana (our tutor) is patient and encouraging and really knows her stuff. I think what's impressed me the most so far though is that she gets right on it, she is 100% committed to making the most of the hour and I ...

    Michelle B.
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  • Tutors come to the home!

    Jackie J.
  • the tutor sessions are at home

    German R.
  • I like that the tutor will come to our home.

    Angie S.
  • Our tutor Karen Close was amazing! The service is a bit pricey but I believe the process was a positive experience and helped my son.

    Darlene D.
  • Carla does a great job working with my son and explaining everything. She is very flexible in her schedule and has helped my son tremendously.

    Rich C.
  • Prompt, clear , helping with clients needs.

    Nursen B.
  • The tutor that you placed, Chelsey Pedersen, knows Math and has been a big help for our son Galen. Thank you Tom Herr

    Tom H.
  • I am very impressed with the tutor my daughter has been arranged with. She is very knowledgeable and making a huge difference already in just 3 weeks. I love that she is in constant communication with our school teacher and brings extra things to work on that pertain to her classwork. I love the feedback too that she provides to me at the end of each session.

    Stacey P.
  • I like the personal service and how the tutors come to my home. The personalized service helps my children excel in the areas they have had trouble in.

    Demetra C.
  • Our tutor is great

    Denise W.
  • I love the relationship that Marlo has formed with Abby. Abby looks forward to her visits and looks up to her. Marlo is ALWAYS there for Abby and will come in an hours notice. We love her and are so proud of Abby and her accomplishments since she began her visits with Marlo. Her confidence has improved. To say the least we were thrilled when Abby brought home an amazing report card once again this ...

    Leigh S.
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  • I have been very satisfied with Tutor Doctor. For us, the tutor being able to come to our home is wonderful. Also, the tutors are great with our daughter and have helped her improve her grades and her confidence. We are very happy with our choice to use Tutor Doctor. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

    Melanie G.
  • The fact that it is so personalized.

    Lori S.
  • Tutor Donna is very professional and flexible with subjects that my children need with.

    Ginger B.
  • My son has improved so much since we started tutor doctor.

    Jamie G.
  • My daughter's tutor is so amazing, she gets so excited when its her tutor day.

    Petra C.
  • Scheduling the tutoring times was easy and my son has enjoyed his time with the tutor.

    Phil R.
  • very satisfied

    Sarika H.
  • I love the personalized service, from a true professional, that I can depend on and not have to be on top of. That's what I am paying for and happily receiving.

    Cindy B.
  • Our tutor is terrific

    Julie S.
  • I like our Tutor - Amanda.

    Rick M.
  • convenience

    April L.
  • The in home tutoring.

    Celina M.
  • Process

    Ramesh P.
  • Convenience, reliable, great relationship with student

    Sherry A.
  • Personalized process.

    Andrea H.
  • How thorough the company is from the first meeting to placement. Leave no stones unturned.

    Kim M.
  • Great tutors who really listen to my child's needs. Love the progress reports as well.

    Traecy G.
  • Convenience, check ins with teachers

    Jen M.
  • I just recently completed a summer session with Tutor Doctor. I really like the one on one attention with my child and her tutor. I like the convenience as well as the reporting structure following the tutor session. I will be looking for to see how this process and progress will work as school begins.

    Anita C.
  • Professional, quick, and convenient. Elias was a wonderful tutor. Always on time and worked hard with my son. It helped my son even more than I expected!

    Francine P.
  • All of the staff I have communicated with have been very professional and are quick to respond to any questions. The Tutors have been very qualified and flexible with schedule changes. My daughter is more confident in her studies and her grades have improved.

    Leah A.
  • You really do take the time to match the right tutor to student.

    Marcelle C.
  • Good ^^

    Seungman Y.
  • Knowledgable tutors

    Sherasa T.
  • Our son's tutor is great! She works so well with him, and he really enjoys his time with her.

    Debra M.
  • Friendly and reliable for the most part.

    Sanjay P.
  • Well organized, the tutoring greatly improved my daughter's understanding and grades

    Susan G.
  • It was easy to setup and the meeting was at my house as well as the tutoring coming to me.

    Nathalie L.
  • Commited to work with the client and to change teachers if client is not satisfied

    Priscilia W.
  • Not sure yet. So far Traci is great!

    Jian P.
  • I like that you come into our home and work around our schedule.

    Lisa Y.
  • Took the hard part out of finding a competent tutor for our needs.

    Amanda M.
  • Flexible appointment times and you come to my house. I think this is less stressful on my son.

    Jeff H.
  • One on one in-home tutoring... what is not to like?!

    Amanda B.
  • one on one tutoring

    Sofia G.
  • Love that they come to my house - very convenient.

    Karen Z.
  • We love mrs. Carolyn !

    Christy D.
  • convenience of in home tutoring

    Lisa R.
  • Haven't been a customer for very long but I love the tutor I was matched with. She is very clear and has helped me immensly so far!

    Savanna R.
  • It takes a lot of searching and checking qualifications off of the client since you all have already done that part !

    Beth & Russ P.
  • Working hard to fit the tutor to the student.

    Julie B.
  • Megan has been phenomenal with our high schooler! We have seen a significant improvement in our kiddos math grade. It’s a slow and steady climb, to catch up, but Megan is patient, clear and concise, and able to relate and understand a 15 year old girl, which makes learning seem like it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming!

    Kristi, Savannah
  • Sandy and company came through in a pinch. They worked with us from scheduling, payment and finding the right fit. Sandy spent time getting to know our families needs and tailored our sessions perfectly. We had the pleasure of working with Alex. Alex is very knowledgeable and patient. His warm demeanor made my son feel at ease and made the task at hand manageable. Great company to work with!

    Sylvia, Frisco
  • On behalf of D.'s mom and myself we wanted to express our appreciation for all that you have done for D. You really have made a positive impact on his life academically as well as socially. You are an amazing person as well as a tutor.... I do hope sometime sooner than later if both our schedules allow.....we can reintroduce your continued tutoring with our son. Again thank you for everything!!!!

    Peter T.
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  • I love that it makes tutoring so convenient. You get to pick the time and day that works for you and an awesome tutor comes to your house.

    Cindy P.
  • Tutor is very punctual in arriving and leaving. She understand my granddaughter's difficulties and is patient.

    Sheila M.
  • Personalized, in home tutoring. Puts my child at ease and enables him to study without having to worry about driving to yet another event.

    Ann R.
  • My daughter has Mr. Merin as a tutor and he is always on time and very professional. My daughter is learning a lot and she says he teaches her in a way that is clearly understandable.

    Belinda L.
  • The leadership team at tutor doctor are responsive and work closely with the parent to ensure there is a good match tutor to student.

    Wendy L.
  • Our son has really improved his grades in AP Physics . We are a busy family so the at home tutoring and one on one attention he receives has enabled him learn the way he needs to.

    Mindy W.
  • Tutor has helped my eldest son improve his SAT and loved home visits which benefit him whole lot in person. Definitely will get one for my younger son in the future.

    Ibby K., Frisco, TX