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  • The session report and fast reaction upon our specific needs.

    Jasmin Z.
  • Very professional

    Kim J.
  • Great teachers!

    Stephanie H.
  • Tutor is lovely (Janice).

    Troy A.
  • My son understand better now.

    Kulwander M.
  • That it is in-home and the tutor is very likable and highly efficient.

    Radhika N.
  • Reliable

    Leandra D.
  • Tutor who has been helping my daughter. Her comments Satisfactory/happy/good.

    Prakash V.
  • very helpful and prompt service!!

    Karen V.
  • The Tutors are able to communicate effectively with students

    Baljit C.
  • Tutor is a great fit for our kids!

    Ornella S.
  • Good tutor. Very knowledge and helpful.

    Pinki J.
  • Reliability, expertise, flexibility, individualization

    Tanya G.
  • Flexible and accountable.

    Heather P.
  • Most of the on-line courses available locally are so poorly put together that it is very hard for students to be successful. We were so pleased with the excellent tutor we had for our daughter. Jake helped her get through some very challenging, on-line courses (Physics, Calculus and Chemistry). She is happy to be going into the science program at the University of Toronto, feeling much better ...

    Ann L.
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  • The flexibility,professionalism and the network of communication! :)

    Julie C.
  • Flexible, high qaulity tutors that met my daughter's need in preparation for the SAT.

    Bruce S.
  • Quick service, accommodating to my schedule, and skilled tutor who is not judgmental in any way.

    Minta S.
  • Quality of teaching; outstanding interpersonal skills of our tutor; convenience of home visits.

    Valerie A.
  • Gabrielle is outstanding in her ability to hone in on what confuses my daughter and in her ability to explain the concept well from a variety of angles. We are very lucky to have a tutor whose personality clicks with my child's in such a synchronized fashion.

    Jennifer L.
  • I enjoy the reports that not only give me feedback, but also remind me of the hours used, hours remaining.

    Karen P.
  • Very professional

    Bruce W.
  • Home visit, matching tutor to child, quick follow up, family friendliness

    Noele B.
  • The tutor is very convenient and reliable.

    Stanislav R.
  • Jake is understands how Alexa thinks and teaches her in ways that are effective for her. He is patient and she is very comfortable with him. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure she understands the material and identifies the gaps.

    Andrea M.
  • The tutor was very effective and very flexible.

    Sarah E.
  • Promt, courteous, quality tutor!

    Victoria D.
  • My daughter enjoys the lessons and is improving

    Lisa E.
  • She can find me where I do know and where should I improve.

    Rollin W.
  • Responsible and encouragable

    Stacy Y.
  • my kids love their tutors way of explaining everything in details and they want to continue with the same teacher.

    Rupinder T.
  • Flexible tutor

    Julie H.
  • So far the 2 tutors we have used have been very good.

    Tara S.
  • technology, frequent contact with parents and students, quality instructors/tutors with incredible student-management skills.

    Sally H.
  • The initial visit/ consultation was very effective in that Peter was able to discern which tutor suited our situation best.

    Kerrie L.
  • Tutor Doctor takes all the work out of finding a great tutor.

    Shannon M.
  • I was appreciative of the understanding and the perfect matching of tutor services for our sons needs.

    Karen B.
  • Great match between Tutor and Student

    Clarissa Z.
  • The tutors are very knowledgeable and great with the students.

    Tannis T.
  • It is very convenient to have the tutor come to our home in the evening. We are very pleased with the extra effort made to find a tutor to meet the needs of our child. Our tutor is excellent and I am seeing wonderful results with my child's writing. I look forward to continuing with our tutor.

    Roshan G.
  • So far the coordination and service have been great, and the tutor has connected with my daughter (which makes me happy).

    Kara D.
  • We are happy with a teacher, his instructions. Very professional!

    Liana K.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our residence and that we receive a report card after every session. Michelle gets along wonderfully with our daughters!

    Betty Y.
  • I would highly recommend tutor doctor ! Tim is a fabulous teacher !

    Heidi E.
  • The thoroughness in reading the child and making sure it's fun learning and comfortable environment as well as the written feed back is a great way for parents to keep up with how it's going

    Simone L.
  • Tutor doctor session report, listen to our request,very friendly and nice.

    Lisa G.
  • Flexibility in scheduling sessions and results

    Inga C.
  • They come right to you on your time, and they are very helpful :)

    Crystal A.
  • Accommodating to the convenient time for my son.

    Aurora S.
  • Friendly great tutors that come to your house

    Amy N.
  • Thoughtful and very much tailored to the individual student

    Sandra S.
  • I like the fact that the tutors are professionals and I appreciate that the tutor gives me, the parent, feedback on tutor sessions.

    Mary-Ellen M.
  • Very profesional staff

    Jorge F.
  • We have had 2 good tutors so far and have had good results. They have been very accommodating and my daughter has benefited greatly.

    Debbie L.
  • Tutor Doctor is customer service oriented, I feel they have my child's best interest at heart.

    Mairi M.
  • Excellent Tutor. Quick response to concerns/questions. My daughter feels comfortable with her and the tutor gets her to speak in almost all French.

    Bruce M.
  • Super friendly, professional and our son really likes the tutor and is doing better with his tests

    Trish C.
  • attentive to individual needs/ professional/a good match between tutor and student

    Jane R.
  • Service is good and the tutor is on time.

    Dhirendra D.
  • Our tutor, in particular, is very successful with connecting with Olivia. She has helped her with overall learning objectives and also study and lesson preparation. Prior to working with the tutor, my daughter's grades were poor and she was really struggling in all subjects. By the end of year one, my daughter received a most improved student award, year 2 she received an Honour Roll award in high ...

    Rick S.
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  • Professional, prompt, courteous,relaxed and team minded.

    Anita A.
  • I like the weekly reports. I don't really like the surveys.

    Kelly K.
  • Professional and consistent.

    Manuella M.
  • The session report via email. When they would come to the house and meet the student they are providing service for, asking why they can do to help.

    Jatinder J.
  • The in home service and the child/tutor match

    Gary I.
  • Teacher is prompt and professional. Understands the client.Meets expectations.

    Sylvia C.
  • Everything about the experience has been very positive!!

    Suzanne S.
  • The Tutor is available to come where the student lives, and if the residence is not appropriate sometimes, then the tutor is flexible to meet at a different place, like the library. Also the tutor has met the day and time frame requested.

    Al H.
  • Gurleen is fantastic...she is a perfect match for Abby! I love getting the progress reports and the flexibility of the program is wonderful.

    Dana I.
  • The convenience of having the sessions in our home at a time that is suitable for our schedules. the fact that we are matched to a tutor that has a specialization in that subject area. particularly impressed that my daughter could email her essay for her tutor to critique.

    Kathy D.
  • Good tutors, they connect with our children and know what they are talking about. Always on time, reliable. I like the feed back I get after the session, by email. Sometimes our kids only need half the time we originally scheduled, which is no problem. On the other hand, if we sometimes need some extra help, they try to help us out too. Overall very satisfied!

    Joanne L.
  • With the tutoring our son has received to date his grade has gone up by 12% after 6 sessions. Our tutor is punctual and ensures that our son understands the work. He provides an email summary after each lesson with feedback to the parents. We are really satisfied with Tutor Doctor and are happy that our search for the perfect tutor has been fulfilled by tutor doctor. Thank you, we would have no ...

    Jas D.
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  • We would like to thank you for having a great tutor Pat for Yasmine. We see a change in Yasmine's grades in these short tutoring, progressing from a very low marks to a higher borderline. This helps to build up Yasmine's confident gradually. Pat has been very patient to Yasmine's capabilities and she knows a better teaching like visualizing suits Yasmin the best. We would sure recommend your ...

    Jeffrey S.
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  • Quick response to inquiry. Very clear and Informative meeting at the outset. Weekly reports are excellent way to communicate. Ability to cancel the day prior can be very useful when/if needed. Great tutors.

    Kristy M.
  • it is tailored to the learning style & needs of my child. It is at our home and worked out at a schedule that works best to our family.

    Candace D.
  • I like that I can rely on my tutor, she's very responsible. I like that she actually enjoys her work and this is reflected in my son's enthusiasm. I find great value in her commitment and caring attitude that she brings to our home.

    Sandra D.
  • Written reports. Respectful and patient ways of teaching from the tutors.

    Sangita L.
  • Very Professional!

    Leslie K.
  • Flexibility, right match up of tutor for my daughter.

    Diana P.
  • I love the quality of the tutors

    Georgia F.
  • Olivia really seems to communicate well with her tutor, it's all good so far. Thank you very much Robb

    Kate G.
  • Our tutor is extremely patient and knowledgeable! She make learning fun and has increased my child's confidence greatly!

    Kathy G.
  • Personal, focused, reliable and flexible

    Rob B.
  • Easy to manage schedule for kid and myself and keep on track on what kids learned

    Maggie C.
  • I was impressed with our initial contact with Peter and we are extremely pleased with our assigned tutor, Emma Catchpole. Why are we pleased? To us the sign of a good teacher is when we see positive acceptance by the student, in this case our niece, Haley. In the area of ESL it is very important for the teacher to observe the facial and body language of the student in order to monitor acceptance ...

    Adrian T.
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  • Home services good quality tutors

    Pamela S.
  • We ahve had multiple tutors for a variety of grades and they are always an excelent fit for ourchildrens learning styles.

    Frances B.
  • Quality tutors and a quick response time.

    Linda Y.
  • One on one tutoring and every session email summary is great!

    Jas D.
  • The tutors that you select are a good fit with the students. The tutors are very qualified and very knowledgeable. My son learned a lot in the short time that he worked with his tutor

    Ravinder J.
  • The tutor, the feedback report

    Dudley P.
  • Peter has an amazing ability to pair the right student with the right tutor. My son has improved his math marks and his confidence. I highly recommend using Tutor Doctor.

    Mary R.
  • Everything they work with the kids, they find the right person for that child. It is the best thing you could do for your child

    Leona S.
  • Flexibility of schedule; the effort to match a tutor with a student in terms of suitability, personality, etc.

    Petra Y.
  • Very Professional. Very bright and knowledgeable.

    Barb B.
  • Very receptive, flexible, and accommodating to deal with. The service has added real value to my daughter's education.

    Gina J.
  • The tutor is flexible with time and they help out with current homework and assignments.The tutor also makes my son feel more confident in the classroom.My son has improved in the quizes and math unit Test.

    Sanjay R.
  • Tutor and student tailoring. You really do your homework and find the right tutor to work closely with the student. A very vital point when getting the most out of a student ability to learn and listen.

    Doreen H.
  • We like the quick response time if there is a question or problem.

    Becky S.
  • Leanna is. Great tutor. She connects very well with my lauren and understands what she needs to focus on . Provides great study tips and positive feed back.

    Nicky A.
  • The efforts to please the client and to introduce a tutor that will address the child's needs.

    Patricia T.
  • My first experience with Tutor Doctor was a meeting with Peter Seward who came to our home to talk to us about getting a tutor for our son. Peter was very friendly and informative. I enjoyed meeting with him. We have found the tutors to be very competent and friendly. Our son has benefited greatly with their help.

    Joanne A.
  • Flexiblity and great tutors

    Karen D.
  • Your tutors come to the house. I dont have to drive anywhere. Our tutor Kirsten is FABULOUS!! We love her because she connects with my daughter and teaches her the subject in a way Jess understands, thus the confidence builds!

    Michelle G.
  • Convenient and reliable tutor. Working on how my child learns best

    Tracey A.
  • Hello Peter, Jenna was sucessful in catching up in all subject with a tutor coming to our home twice a week. The flexibility that your company offers for tutoring is definately an asset to students who lead a busy life. Looking forward to continuing doing business with Tutor Doctor in the fall 2012. Lynn

    Lynn D.
  • Tutor comes to our home where our child is confortable and has personal attention. Child can easily get tutored on the subjects that need help. No filling out of pages upon pages of math equations.

    Nathalie S.
  • Prompt service from the beginning, reasonable pricing, and friendly, dedicated staff.

    Maureen M.
  • Personalized service is outstanding. My son and I were interviewed and was paired with someone who is a good fit for his learning style. It has only been a short time but my sons time with the tutor appears to be making a difference in his self confidence and that spills over into all aspects of his life. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has a son or daughter whos' needs are ...

    Sandra S.
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  • The tutors had the ability to communicate with the kids and make them understand the concept of the lesson. They were reliability, professional and always on time.

    Trish C.
  • I think of myself as a very intelligent person, but I was having a difficult time helping my son with his grade 4 homework. As teaching styles have changed significantly since I went to school, doing homework was constantly stressful and frustrating for both of us and my son was getting very discouraged. I just happened to be talking to one of my sons classmates mom about homework and expressed my ...

    Liz S.
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  • Very professional and tailored to meet the needs of the student!! Love the flexibility of the scheduling and overall tutoring!

    Joanne M.
  • My daughter's tutor, Kimberly, is very kind, punctual and professional.

    Sukhjinder K.
  • We like the tutors very much. Our child is doing very well now. Thank you.

    Adolf H.
  • Tutor doctor made sure they found a good Fit for my daughter and her needs. This has most Definitely helped her with her understanding and Her grades. I highly recommend tutor doctor For any student struggling in any subject(s). Thank you so much tutor doctor!

    Mimi M.
  • Everything! The business is very well run, with the focus on the best interests of the students. The tutors are excellent, results (notably with student confidence) are immediate and consistent, progress reports are succinct and prompt, and any concerns are handled with the utmost professionalism. Thank you!

    Marianne H.
  • The time taken to find the perfect tutor for the student and the communication was great.

    Cecilia L.
  • When we were first starting out with getting a tutor for our daughter, there was a lot of thought that went into making sure that the fit with personalities and needs between the tutor and our daughter would work. The time paid off because Natalie is very patient and calm with our daughter and she has helped her tremendously!! It is convenient that the tutor comes to our house as well.

    Shelly P.
  • Flexibility, quality of tutors provided, surpassed the immmediate needs our child.

    Kim S.
  • We love Jake,a real great fit for our son. Jake is always on time, very keen and very organized. I really feel our son is benefiting from the tutoring we receive from the Tutor Doctor.

    Kelly W.
  • Very accomodating. They try very hard to fit the student with the proper tutor. I like how Peter will visit the house and try to get to know the student. My sons find Tutor Doctor very helpful. Lynn

    Lynn M.
  • The teachers are very professional and they are always willing to accomadate any change in schedules we may have. Also Peter has been very pro active in getting us a tutor who is best suited to my daughter.

    Judy J.
  • The initial meeting to discuss my child's needs and to meet my child to establish the tutor that would best fit was the greatest. Shari was compassionate and worked well with Jewel. Jewel has overcome her learning obstacles and is progressing well this year in class. Many thanks.

    Sandra W.
  • I really like Ryan's tutor and the fact that it is in-house.

    Suzy P.
  • Tutor comes to our home, children are relax as there is not travel time to and from, tutor is one on one as opposed to a group situation. With Tutor doctor, my children work on what they need to not what others may need. I would 100% recommend Tutor Doctor's staff. Tutors can relate to the need of my children, and I don't have to leave work or rush around to get them to their lesson time.

    Kathy A.
  • We appriciate the fact that if one tutor does not work for us Tutor Doctor will try to find someone who does. We are also exceptionaly happy with our Tutor Doctor representative, Pete Seward. He is very accomadating and easy to deal with.

    Peggy W.
  • The tutors are very pleasant for my 12 year old son to work with. (We have had two different tutors). If they weren't, he would not continue to work with them. My son's first criteria was that the tutor comes to our house as he goes out all day to school, soccer practice, and other lessons and training. He likes that they are interested in him, talk to him about his life as well as his schooling ...

    Lisa T.
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  • Friendly, helpful, comparable cost to other services. I like the email updates as well.

    Karen M.
  • The tutor comes to my home and is well qualified.

    Joy M.
  • Flexibility. At home tutoring. Easy to change tutor if not suitable.

    Wendy M.
  • I really like the direct communication with our Education Consultant. If we have any questions or concerns, they are always addressed immediately. I also like the emphasis on the importance of matching a tutor with the student, regarding personality compatibility between the two. It is important each individual feels comfortable with the other. My daughter likes the tutor she has and therefore she ...

    Melanie V.
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  • The personal service is great.

    Nita P.
  • Friendly, efficient staff, I especially like the reports the tutor submit and I get a copy of, I find it helpful and imformative, our tutor was fantastic.

    Leanne B.
  • Tutor Doctor provides a great service to the students it helps. The tutors are competent, reliable and able to accommodate the needs of their students. We appreciate their scheduling flexibility that accommodates for the boys' busy school schedule and after school sports. We are proud to say that the high grades our boys have earned in math and algebra are a direct result of the tutoring they ...

    Marena L.
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  • Very professional service by both the organizers and tutor. A hand picked tutor for the personality of the child. Has worked well for us. Tutor has helped us to identify areas where our child learns better. Our child places more importance on his work.

    Tammy H.
  • They take time to find the right tutor and they work around your schedule.

    Ilyes B.
  • I like the tutor from Tutor Doctor.

    Jessica Z.
  • I like that they match the tutor with the student and I love receiving the tutor doctor report as it also assists the school teacher.

    Susan T.
  • Everything, easy to sign up, feedback after each session etc.

    Ellen B.
  • Individuality. Matching the tutor to student.

    Kim L.
  • The tutor Alley my daughter had last year always was able to accomodate my daughters needs for extra help and worked well explaining questions and how to figure out problems. Thank-you

    Lyn P.
  • The teachers come prepared & ready to answer almost anything.

    Sakhi K.
  • Tutor's are great and smart

    Fatma T.
  • Very responsive. Service as advertised and promised. Professional and easy to deal with. High quality of tutoring.

    Rod B.
  • I liked that you were able to do all the footwork which saved a ton of time and you have all the resources to find the right fit.

    Patricia A.
  • I work well with my tutorn+ealson+emy English tests is getting bettern+n

    Eric W.
  • very professional, organized, and wonderfully matched with a tutor

    Rina G.
  • Thanks for your help!

    Tony H.
  • Very accomodating to changes of address and subjects

    Carol S.
  • The reports that are emailed to me.

    Janet L.
  • great tutors, flexible

    Yvonne A.
  • My kids love the help and teaching style of their personal teacher

    Sijo J.
  • Very good

    Kasper G.
  • Ability to change the tutor and find appropriate matches for students.

    Sarbi A.
  • Comes to my home, very qualified and friendly

    Angela H.
  • There has been nothing not to likeG¦¬. the tutoring has definitely helped CaylieG¦¬.

    Jill W.
  • Very professional

    Kathie E.
  • Prompt service. Qualified tutors. Convenient home tutoring service.

    Cindy F.
  • Your tutor Mark is fabulous, your willingness to get the right tutor and your willingness to be flexible with payment plans.

    Renata C.
  • I like that Tutor Doctor uses people trained and educated to work with children. I have seen my son progress in his math, reading and writing skills. We work with him and the tutor works with him as well so he learns in different ways.

    Rachel F.
  • Convenient and reliable.

    MIke R.
  • Reporting to parents about last class and how my child is doing

    Kate L.
  • The accountability - student and parent are both in the communication loop constantly. Our daughter knows that we know what the tutor has covered and set for homework each time - can't get away with avoiding the help/work. There's a structure/schedule, but some flexibility when schedules need to be adjusted by either party. Arminder is great. He is competent, patient and encouraging. Aside from ...

    Heather S.
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  • The compatability of the tutor to the student. Weekly updates from the tutor.The speed of getting assigned a tutor and the tutoring beginning.

    Jennifer R.
  • Tutor's are knowledgeable and experienced. It's like having your own classroom in your home! Peter (Franchise owner) is very professional and works with client to meet their needs.

    Michele N.
  • The compatibility of the student to the tutor is great.

    Deborah C.
  • Great tutors who are in touch with the subject matter and have some really creative ways to help kids learn. The one on one teaching style and the variety of tutor skill sets available make tutor doctor a great match for a family with several students and / or a variety of subjects. The service is also highly flexible. Great company, awesome tutors and a fair service for cost.

    Sara D.
  • Good communication, pleasant relationship with the tutor; Flexibility to children mood, needs or schedule; Ability to motivate and orient children to study independently which is great; Efficiency: well trained tutor, valuable time spent as we can see the progress in time; A bit expensive services, big efforts for average income families with two or more children... but of course, no other ...

    Liviu N.
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  • We have had several tutors over the years and each one has been a great fit for our daughters learning. Each of them were knowledgeable, good communicators and flexible when we had to reschedule sessions.

    Dan H.
  • Tutor Doctor provide free change of tutor if client don't feel fit.

    Andrew X.
  • Proven to bring results with our kids grades and confidence

    Doug B.
  • The tutor match has been excellent so far, and the fact the tutoring takes place within our home and fits within our family schedule is very welcome.

    David M.
  • Flexible schedules In home tutoring Match tutor with child

    Kori R.
  • My daughter is very happy with her most recent teacher. She finds her to be very professional,encouraging and supportive.

    Linda T.
  • Gloria is very happy with the tutor who is patient, kind, and helpful. Gabrielle has shared in her personal experiences, which Gloria could relate to and found supportive. We would have liked it if the Tutor Doctor would have been more proactive in providing study materials.

    Dave T.
  • Professional. Convenient. Accommodating. Flexible. Knowledgeable staff. Great communication.

    Jodi D.
  • Our tutor has good attitude and teaching effective, she helps my son a lot

    Julia L.
  • I really like the report after each session. It keeps me updated.

    Annie L.
  • Coming to our home in my child's environment. Providing us with progress reports after each session! Having a tutor w/BCteaching credentials!

    Manpreet G.
  • The one on one approach gives a personal and dedicated tutoring to focus on the specific needs of the child.

    Nicolle P.
  • Tutor Doctor can help my kid improve his English,and your Tutor is nice

    Joy W.
  • Personal one on one time is invaluable. Great tutor

    Michelle M.
  • Flex ability of tutors to change day or time to accommodate exams.

    Nicole M.
  • Professional tutors and good online reports.

    Praveen J.
  • Tutor is professional and knowledgeable and works sympathetically with my daughter. She's flexible and can change appointments if needed. As she is a local public school teacher she knows the school system and can advise me as well.

    Christine H.
  • Convenient with my schedule and very flexible about location and time.

    Kathleen H.
  • I like the ease of calling and being able to speak with Peter right away. He doesn't waste time getting things organized and is great with communicating things. I have recommended Tutor Doctor several times.

    Carol F.
  • Flexibility in schedules and tutor comes to our home for individual versus group tutoring.

    Susan M.
  • My daughter likes the new tutor very much! I got very detailed reports from her and my daughter is very happy because she is feeling the improvement and change! Thank you!

    Song G.
  • Our daughters math tutor (Dena) is great, we feel she has really helped our daughter keep up her grades

    Karen W.
  • Very timely response when I needed immediate help The tutor seems to fit with my son very well The update reports are excellent - informative and helpful

    Juliet M.
  • Over the years we have had many tutors, to help our children with their math. None of them have compared to the tutor doctor.Math isn't an easy subject for most, and our tutor has found a way to allow our son to enjoy math,he has the confidence now that he can do his math. Now that he knows he can do the math by concentrating and focusing he has made an accomplishment in his math skills. Tutor ...

    Audrey T.
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  • The home service and options in the packages offered in terms of hours of tutoring.

    Elise E.
  • Great communication, tailoring of tutor to my son's needs

    Simon W.
  • Excellent tutors, convenient in-home tutoring and good feedback on sessions.

    Leslie F.
  • Very professional!! Very organized!! Very personable!! Above all my daughter is always excited when her tutor is coming. Great people to work with. Thank you!

    Andrea R.
  • Everything is excellent

    Jenny T.
  • In home learning, weekly reports,

    Stacey S.
  • My son's Tudor is compassionate , knowledgable and has adapted to many misfortunes in our family. We are extremely happy with Kurtis and Tudor Doctor, Peter did a fine job matching Kurtis for Trenton. Thank you, Gina

    Gina H.
  • Peter is very hands on and seems genuinely interested in my familys success with our tutoring experience. Andrew our tutor has been an amazing asset to my sons education team and I'm thankful for him. He goes over and above with helping my son to be successful at school.

    Rebecca K.
  • I like how they match the right tutor with the student. The tutors are excellent!

    Darlene S.
  • I like that Tutor Doctor tutors come to your house instead of having to arrange a time and place for the tutor and student to meet elsewhere.

    Rhonda W.
  • I like the personal consultation service right at the very beginning. TD tries to select a tutor to meet the child's specific needs -- an approach that worked very well for our two different sons, and they're flexible. When one tutor didn't work out, they quickly found a solution. Most of all, the quality of tutoring has been second-to-none. This is what's made such a difference for us, and ...

    Dana R.
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  • I like that the tutor comes to the home to help the student. They have all been a good fit.Have already recommended Tutor Doctor to friend who uses them as well.

    Jeff O.
  • I like the fact that our son's tutor comes to our house making it more convenient for my husband and myself. Also the one on one attention given to our son makes it a far better option than the group approach used by other companies.

    Linda B.
  • The tutors are well trained and very polite. They are also helpful and knowledgeable.

    Elizabeth L.
  • I like the convenience of having the tutor come to my house.

    Sandra F.
  • Tutor Doctor listens to the needs of the student and takes into account the family schedule. The tutors have been terrific, flexible, and with the appropriate knowledge level to assist our son to obtain a higher grade in his academic courses. Thank you!

    Sandra N.
  • My grade 9 daughter has done well at math and is more confident as a result of her tutoring. She even said yesterday that math is now one of her preferred subjects. She never would have said this before!

    Catherine D.
  • Professional, detailed oriented and great tutor selection

    Lan D.
  • I like the in-house service and the support for my child.

    Colleen S.
  • Very responsive to the changes in schedule of my very busy teenager!

    Janice I.
  • Tutor Doctor is very easy to work with. My high school daughter's grades improved after just a couple of sessions, and she is very pleased with her tutor's commitment levels and qualifications.

    Charmaine F.
  • Our daughter's love of school has improved and she looks forward to her tutor sessions.

    Joanna N.
  • They matched my son with a tutor he enjoys learning from. We like that they come to our home.

    Kara S.
  • Our tutor is knowledgeable and very friendly. She has been very accommodating with the schedule, and her availability. Communication and the weekly reports are wonderful.

    Lisa V.
  • In-home instruction works great for our son Johnny!

    George M.
  • We like the after session reports and the flexibility of time and place for the lessons. The efforts made to place the right tutor with our son's needs in mind was also a great service. Overall, we are having a very positive experience with Tutor Doctor.

    Wendy B.
  • I like how they helped my daughter understand all 9 chapters in the time she had her tutor. She claims she did very well on her provincial exam and all the credit goes to the tutor. I hope to see you in the future again.

    Ruby S.
  • Tutor comes to my house. She is very friendly and open to hear more about Eric at school or sports to get to know more of his needs. Flexible schedule if I need to change.

    Claudia B.
  • Tutor Doctor is a very professional service and always very prompt in answering questions I may have and giving sound advice. The teacher we now have is very good and has helped our grandchildren.

    Jean E.
  • The tutor who is teaching Alisha is very punctual, responsible and is able to help Alisha learn a lot of methods in Math and Science.Thanks.

    Sheila H.
  • Professional tutor who was kind and accommodating to our needs and time. Mark made sure he knew exactly where our son needed help and he made sure to tailor the sessions to suit that. I also appreciated the thorough reports we received after each session. We will use Mark again next year. Thank you Tutor Doctor!

    Sue K.
  • The tutor is great, and coming to our house is a big plus.

    Crystal Y.
  • The tutor that we had was a perfect match for my daughter and her understanding of Physics improved

    Jan B.
  • I enjoy the in-home service and this year we have a very experienced tutor who brings lots of activities and projects for the sessions.

    Patty J.
  • Professional, organized, detailed & results oriented.

    Greg R.
  • They come to our home and are on time.

    Shalen D.
  • Good matching between the student and the tutor.

    Shalini S.
  • Great selection of tutors who are very flexible with their schedules.

    Gail M.
  • Easy to access in your home tutoring with an excellent, qualified tutor.

    Marni M.
  • Very good tutors. Very organized.

    Allison S.
  • Peter has a quick response time and is available on the phone all the time.

    Ahmad A.
  • I like the convenience of a tutor being able to come to our house. The rates are reasonable and the days and hours are flexible.

    Anna T.
  • The updates and communication. I have already recommended this company to my daughter's best friend Emma Bishop. She came to the tutor doctor because of me and it would really be great if there were some reward for doing this.....

    Michelle V.
  • David has been a huge help with my math, and Peter made sure to match me with someone he thought would work best for me, and did he ever deliver!

    Tasha F.
  • The tutors are amazing!

    Sheila B.
  • Friendly tutors. They explain everything really well. Easy for children to understand and my chid got good grades. Thanks, Tutor Doctor!

    Naresh P.
  • I felt like the time and attention we were given was excellent, and the tutor chosen for my son is absolutely fantastic. I can't say enough about him, and he and my son are very compatible.

    Andrea R.
  • The tutor was very nice and positive. Plus good communication!

    Thomas J.
  • The amazing staff wants to see our child succeed as much as we do.

    Susi K.
  • Very professional and tutors are very knowledgeable and experienced in their subject. Variety of subjects. Very accommodating with regards to scheduled sessions and place.

    Lisa R.
  • The tutor comes to our house, she is flexible and our daughter really likes her. She gives both my daughter and myself a run down of how the session went and what my daughter can do to improve on her school work.

    Reesa F.
  • Punctuality, prompt response

    Sukhi S.
  • Easy to communicate with and very patient with a student

    Akiko O.
  • Very professional. Great match with my kid

    Neena R.
  • Having Tutor Doctor come to our house is very convenient and manageable with no time constraints. Thank you Tutor Doctor for making my daughters life easier with improving her Math Grade.

    Sandra P.