ESL Tutors in Delta and Beyond!

At Tutor Doctor Delta, we are aware of the challenges English Language Learners (ELLs) will encounter at our local schools. As a result, we have developed personalized in-depth one-to-one tutoring, conducted by highly qualified and experienced Delta ESL tutors, to help ELLs of all levels meet and exceed the demands of the English Language Learning programs of our local schools.

Our commitment to helping our ESL students to become fluent in the English language begins with a detailed assessment of our students’ needs/language level and learning styles. After the assessment phase, we are able to pair each student with the perfect local ESL tutor in Delta who will develop a tailored program to assist them on their journey to becoming proficient in the English language and ready to be inducted into mainstream classes.

As part of Tutor Doctor Delta’s commitment to helping our students succeed, we provide parents with weekly session reports on their child’s progress and we liaison with teachers to monitor our students’ academic performance. Frequent monitoring of students’ performance, provides tutors with the opportunity to develop a tailored learning program for each student to strengthen their weaknesses. If our ESL students are having difficulties with a particular language skill, one-to-one in-home and online tutoring enable the tutor to spend more time developing that skill, which is something that is not feasible in a classroom setting. What’s more, one-to-one tutoring keeps students focused and engaged in the lesson, allowing them to develop their language skills faster and more efficiently. In addition, in a group setting, many ESL students can feel overly self-conscious of what their peers may think when they attempt to participate in a discussion. As a result, students do not ask as many questions and they do not engage in the conversation because of the fear of being laughed at.

The ELL programs in British Columbia have been carefully designed to ensure that ESL students are proficient in the English language before they can enter mainstream classes. ESL students must demonstrate the ability to function in the social and academic environment of these classes. Our local schools have an English Language Learning program with numerous levels. At the end of each year, after an ongoing evaluation by the English Language Learning teacher, the ELL department determines the placement of ESL students based on evaluation and school and district testing. With the help of our Tutor Doctor Delta experienced one-to-one ESL in-home and online tutors, our ESL students are able to enter mainstream classes faster and with the confidence that they have the language skills to reach their full potential.