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When Should You Get a Private Tutor for Your Child?

Contrary to popular belief, private tutors aren’t just for students facing academic challenges. Even if your child is doing well, there’s lots of great reasons to consider adding a private tutor to their routine! Here are Tutor Doctor’s suggestions on when you should get a private tutor for your child.

When your child has lost enthusiasm. Many parents deal with students that are doing fine academically, but lack motivation or drive towards school. It’s not uncommon for parents to express this sentiment - “When he turns in his assignments he does well, but I have to prod him every night to start his homework.” Tutors can be an incredible resource for students that have lost interest in their assignments. Often times, students simply aren’t interested in the material because they don’t see how it applies to their lives (“When am I ever going to use this?”). The tutors we work with aim to help students find a personal connection with the material they are learning. If a student is able to see why a concept is relevant, they are more likely to understand and appreciate its importance. Private tutors can make subjects and homework assignments a fun and engaging experience, and many students benefit from having a mentor figure to help guide them towards academic interests.

When your child is excelling in school. Although tutoring is often associated with helping students who face challenges, many of the students we work with are already achieving academic success. Tutoring is an incredible resource for students already ahead of their game – a private tutor can help these students continue to thrive, as well as introduce advanced topics that may not be covered in their class or grade. For older students, tutors can be especially helpful when tackling more difficult classes like honors and AP (advanced placement) courses. In fact, many of the tutors we work with specialize in these subjects as tutoring for high-level classes is always in demand.

When your child is beginning the college application process. Tutors can be a valuable asset for high school seniors wading through the college application process. As many students know, standardized scores on important tests like the SAT and ACT can be a large determining factor when selecting a university. Many of the tutors we work with specialize in test prep for these important exams. In addition, the college entry process itself can be a daunting task – from application assistance to help with college essays, tutors are extremely helpful resources for high school students trying to balance everything at once.

When your child is struggling with school. This is the most common reason parents consider getting a private tutor, but the cause is not always due to academic difficulties. Many students lack organization or time management skills, which is why the tutors we work with specialize in building executive function abilities through our X-Skills Program. Other students simply aren’t understanding material because it isn’t being taught in their learning style (visual, auditory, or tactile). At Tutor Doctor, we believe each private tutoring session should be built around a customized learning plan that has been tailored to the student’s unique learning style and academic needs.