4 Questions to Ask During A Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-teacher nights are coming up soon, and we recommend that parents start thinking about any specific questions they’d like to ask their child’s teacher. Here are some tips to help you get started!

A lot of guides online will encourage questions like, “What is your teaching style?” However, we’d recommend focusing on more specific questions that relate to your individual student. If you’re attending a parent-teacher night, the teacher will most likely give a short introduction and provide an overview of the daily classroom routine. As a result, general questions like “What is the daily schedule for students?” may be a bit redundant. Instead, we recommend asking questions that will help you gain insight into your child’s performance and behavior during class time.

1. “What are my child’s biggest challenges?” This is a good question to start with as it answers the main concern most parents want to know! Academic obstacles throughout the school year can cause quite the headache, and your child’s teacher will have the most direct experience working with them. We’ve seen some guides recommend questions like “What are my child’s strengths?” – but in all honesty, most parents already know the answer to this question! We recommend using parent-teacher night as an opportunity to ask the tough questions, as these will provide you with more insight into your child’s overall classroom experience.

2. “How can we make homework less stressful?” For most parents, homework is the main source of after-school stress. After all, your child’s homework assignments are the most direct connection you have to their classroom experience! Parents are sure to have their own insights that can be very valuable to bring up with their child’s teacher – ranging from organization concerns to time management. This is also a good opportunity to discuss any specific assignments or projects that were particularly overwhelming for your child. Their teacher will be able to provide critical feedback to help improve executive functioning skills at home!

3. “What can I do at home to help my child meet classroom behavior expectations?” One thing most parents don’t get to see is how their child acts during class time. With most students, the answer to this question shouldn’t be anything alarming. However, it’s still a good idea to ask their teacher if any particular concerns have been noted. Distraction issues, for example, are a common problem during class time – but they aren’t always apparent at home. Your child’s teacher may be able to provide a deeper insight into any concerns you may have, so this is a good time to ask!

4. “How do they get along with other students?” This question is an excellent one to keep in mind, as it asks about interpersonal skills – something that is often overlooked in an academic conference. Being able to work with others effectively is a crucial skill that is required for success both in the classroom and beyond. It’s important that your student feels comfortable engaging their classmates, so we highly recommend asking this question!

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