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Posts from February, 2013

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  • Fun March Break Activity: Geocaching!
    Fun March Break Activity: Geocaching!

    If you are looking for fun activities for your family this March break, then geocaching can be a rewarding pursuit for the whole family. Geocaching is a fun scavenger hunt which gets the family outdoors and moving while teaching valuable lessons in ...

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  • March Break Activities
    March Break Activities

    March break is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about how your students will fill the 120 free hours they have. There are many options that are fun, educational and fulfilling that can keep your students busy over March break. March Break ...

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  • Effective Revision Methods
    Effective Revision Methods

    We often focus solely on the content of our student’s academic careers and sometimes forget about the form. While we must encourage students to study, especially with mid-terms coming up, we must also teach them how to study effectively. You may also find ...

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  • Study Abroad: High School Student Exchanges
    Study Abroad: High School Student Exchanges

    High school is a tough time for most students with physical, emotional and academic changes in every year. Allowing your student to consider an exchange program that takes them away from home for months may seem like a contentious idea, but for most ...

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  • How to Deal with Cheating at School
    How to Deal with Cheating at School

    At some point in their academic careers, most students are tempted to cheat. If your student has been caught cheating, you should use it as an opportunity to educate them on the consequences of not doing your own work. You may be disappointed, but it’s ...

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