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Is your child struggling with math? With the math proficiency score for California students plummeting to just 33%, it’s clear that support is needed more than ever. At Tutor Doctor Santa Monica, we’re committed to helping students conquer numbers and equations through personalized, one-on-one math tutoring sessions. Serving the local communities of Culver City, Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Playa Vista, and Santa Monica, we’re your local go-to for tutoring that translates into real-world success.

About Nika Fouquet: Your Local Education Expert

Meet Nika Fouquet, the owner behind Tutor Doctor Santa Monica. Since founding her franchise in 2013, Nika has brought hands-on experience as a dedicated classroom volunteer and a deep understanding of the local academic landscape to her work. Balancing her professional dedication with raising her family, Nika has developed a keen insight into the needs and challenges students face. Her commitment to matching tutors based on each student’s unique learning style ensures that every child feels supported and motivated.

Why Choose Tutor Doctor Santa Monica for Math Tutoring?

  • Expert Tutors: Our rigorous selection process ensures every tutor is highly qualified, patient, and motivated to inspire their students.
  • Individualized Learning Plans: We craft customized math tutoring sessions based on each student’s learning style and academic goals.
  • Successful Matching: Nika prioritizes finding the perfect fit between student and tutor, creating a positive learning environment.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We adapt to your busy lifestyle, offering convenient in-home and online tutoring options.

Tutor Doctor Santa Monica is dedicated to empowering students and fostering a love of learning. We’re dedicated to providing expert math tutoring support to the students in our community. Picture the confidence they’ll gain from a supportive tutor and witness the joy of learning that comes with a perfect tutor match. Reach out today for a free consultation and let’s help your child achieve math mastery together!

Hear What Our Families in Santa Monica Are Saying About Our math Tutors

Christina Ruhe

Santa Monica, CA

Tutor Doctor was amazing! They were able to meet my family's needs within days of my first call to them. The tutor they identified was professional, friendly, readily available, and great at her job. She helped my son get up to speed on ...
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Hung Nguyen

Santa Monica, CA

Lisa is an amazing tutor and by far one of the best if not the GOAT at Tutor Doctor! She is well experienced in this trade and an amazing professional that stands out. My ten year old son was struggling in many main topics such as math, ...
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Julian Hampton

Santa Monica, CA

Tutor Doctor has been a great fit for our program. Having a group of excellent and patient tutors has allowed our students to find success in math and prepare them for their new careers. We are incredibly appreciative for Nika and her ...
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David Koo

Santa Monica, CA

Noah is awesome and my girls love working with him. They were so stressed with their chemistry and math classes. Ever since Noah started working the girls, grades improved and less stress. Can’t say enough great comments about Noah!
Greg Osborne

Santa Monica, CA

Marin is such a great math tutor for our (formerly) struggling 8th grader!! Thank you!
Natasha Jane Julian

Santa Monica, CA

Great company and fantastic tutor! Our 12 year old daughter has been working with Darlyne from Tutor Doctor for a couple of years now and she has improved so much in her reading, writing, and math skills. She falls apart when she works in ...
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Our math Tutoring Services in Santa Monica By Topic

Our math tutoring services are designed to cater to the diverse academic needs of each student. Our skilled tutors possess a deep understanding of math topics essential for your child’s success, ensuring personalized support and guidance.

If the math topic that your child needs assistance with isn’t listed here, we can still support your student. Please reach out to find out how we can help!

Foundations 10, 11, & 12
AP Courses
Functions & Advanced Functions
Data Management

Our math Tutoring Services in Santa Monica By Grade Level

Our Santa Monica math tutors are ready to support learners of various age levels with unparalleled personalized support. We’re committed to crafting a customized learning plan that will elevate your student’s math skills and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our math Tutoring Services in Santa Monica

Why does Tutor Doctor have one of the best math tutoring programs in Santa Monica?
Tutor Doctor Santa Monica stands out for our personalized approach to math tutoring. We begin by assessing each student’s unique needs to create tailored learning plans that target specific challenges. Our expert tutors excel in making complex concepts easy to understand, boosting both confidence and comprehension. Each session offers one-on-one attention in the comfort of your own home, scheduled at your convenience. We can also provide tutoring online. We keep families informed with continuous feedback, supporting not just academic improvement but also building confidence and skills for future success. Our commitment to personalized education and supportive partnerships makes our one-to-one math tutoring programs truly effective.
How do I know if my child needs a math tutor?
Your child might need a tutor if they are consistently struggling with their homework, showing a lack of engagement or confidence in a subject, or if their grades are not reflecting their potential. Through our comprehensive consultation process, we assess your child's specific needs and recommend the best tutoring plan to help them reach their academic goals.   A math tutor can provide personalized attention and customized learning strategies that are not possible in a classroom setting. At Tutor Doctor Santa Monica, our tutors help students not only understand math concepts but also build confidence and develop self-directed learning skills. This can be particularly beneficial during pivotal academic periods or when preparing for standardized tests.
What qualifications do your math tutors have?
Our Santa Monica tutors are highly qualified and often have advanced degrees in their subject areas. We rigorously vet each tutor through a comprehensive screening process including background checks and interviews. Our tutors are not only knowledgeable in their fields but are also skilled at communicating and adapting their teaching methods to fit the learning style of each student.
How do you track and report student’s math progress?
We provide regular updates and detailed session reports after each math tutoring session. This transparency ensures that learning goals are being met and allows for adjustments to the tutoring plan as needed.
Can you accommodate students with special educational needs in math?
Yes, we can always accommodate students with special educational needs. Our tutors are trained to work with students who have various learning struggles. We tailor our tutoring methods to meet the individual needs of each student, ensuring a customized, supportive and effective learning environment.
How do you help students who are struggling with specific math concepts?
When a student struggles with specific math concepts, we focus on understanding the root of the issue, and then tailor our approach to the student’s learning style. Through targeted practice and the application of various tools and techniques, we ensure students gain a thorough understanding of the concepts at hand.
How do you ensure tutoring matches the local Santa Monica curriculum?
Our tutoring is tailored not just to the student's needs but also to align with the local Santa Monica curriculum. We stay updated on curriculum changes and standard requirements to ensure our tutoring methods and materials are current. This alignment helps to support students and ensure that they are keeping up with the demands of the curriculum.