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  • My daughter was afraid to use her voice to communicate with others especially at school but when Ms. Angelita started tutoring her from January of this year she notice that Hannah was very soft spoken fast forward now she uses her voice to read speak sing and story telling I am very pleased with Ms. Angelita she has the best teaching methodology finding the answer to any question is always a ...

    Hannah Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
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  • I'm so happy that I've found tutor doctor Ms Angelita started tutoring Rebecca January and she has improved tremendously Teacher's required so many positive qualities like care,compassion patient and commitment Ms. Angelita have all these qualities classes With her have been fun her way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember everything so thank you ...

    Rebecca Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
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  • My son was really struggling with Pre Calculus a month into his 11th Grade year. I think his grade at the time of starting with Sara was 70%. Sara, in her inimitable calm, thorough way, helped him understand each core concept. We only had Sara for 1.5 months, in effect, yet after that time, my son felt confident enough to retake a core concept final exam scoring 100% on that exam and bringing his ...

    Penny Hill, Culver City
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  • Our tutor is professional, punctual, and perfectly matched with our child.

    DeEtte Z.
  • Your staff is understanding and patient. Your tutoring methods are designed perfectly for the child.

    Pamela M.
  • The two tutors my kids work with have been great. Sometimes there are schedule conflicts and they always help me out.

    Lisa G.
  • They are the best and very professional!

    Maya A, Mar vista, CA
  • Ms. Susan Kim is extremely knowledgeable in knowing what is needed for the student to succeed. She asked me and more importantly she asked all of my daughter's teachers the right questions and was on top of everything. She communicated our concerns to each individual teacher. I am very thankful that my daughter had such an amazing Math tutor, Jorge. My daughter also liked her English tutor, Blake.

    Grace C.
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  • Reliability and quick matches

    Lizna I.
  • Very professional. The tutors we have used are smart and know what they are doing.

    Lori B.
  • The convenience. Having our tutor come to the home is the only way we could ever do this! Elizabeth fits our schedule and lifestyle perfectly!

    Jaime G.
  • We love the availability of multiple tutors for one session for my family.

    Jennifer M.
  • I'm student from Los Angeles Valley College who has been working closely with Reza for months now for my college Math 115 and 125 classes. I can easily say he's one of the best and most understanding, patient and flexible tutors I have ever came across. This man is amazing at what he does and truly incompatible. When a somebody has this much passion at what they do they can motivate anybody to get ...

    Amy P., North hollywood, CA
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  • Thank you or the flexibility and quality of your tutors!

    Lisa Y.
  • We have had a great experience with the tutor!

    Sherry G.
  • I like the professionalism of everyone. I like the caring and thoughtful personalities of the employees of Tutor Doctor as well as the tutor that we are currently working with. Tutor Doctor was efficient in finding the perfect match for my son and he is working well with his tutor.

    LeTonya W.
  • Very accomodating and knowledgable tutors!

    Patti B.
  • Your reps listen. They do provide compatible tutors who are flexible for my busy schedule. I'm a very private person. I hate posting my opinions on Facebook or Twitter willy-nilly. I have my own way of endorsing a product or service. Someone paraphrased me once, that was it for me.

    Bonnie F.
  • The tutors are tailored to our specific needs.

    Anya R.
  • I like our tutor. We were looking for someone to help with 9th grade Physics and she knows her stuff! She's professional, arrives on time, nice, flexible (we had to move the day a couple of times due to tests and she came through for us!).

    Rachel O.
  • I love the personalized attention and the quality of the tutors.

    Jennifer W.
  • These guys are the best! I highly recommend them. They got my struggling fifth grader through common core math with flying colors! And saved my sanity.

    M.C., Santa Monica, CA
  • I like the convenience and the effort taken to match needs and student personalities.

    Sandy B.
  • Excellent. The tutors are great with my granddaughter. They are prompt, courteous and very good at what they do.

    Jacqueline S.
  • My child looks forward to her tutor coming. I know that she is gaining a greater understanding of things that she may not quite 'get' in school.

    Candace C.
  • Our tutor and service is excellent.

    Anne J.
  • They took the time to get to know my student. I love the daily reports and meticulous time keeping. Good tutor match. They offer flexible schedules, provide follow up and follow through.

    Martha C.
  • Everyone I have dealt with at Tutor Doctor has been wonderful. From our initial meeting to find the right tutor for my son to the actual tutor we were matched up has been great. They really listened & understood what I was looking for in a tutor & did everything they could to find the right fit. We are still relatively new to Tutor Doctor, but are loving it so far!

    Dana K.
  • I like how you make an appropriate match with the student according to what their needs are and their age.

    Yoko D.
  • I like the fact that a tutor comes to our house and gives one-on-one instructions to my child. My child likes his tutor very much and has improved greatly in math and we couldn't be happier. In fact, I like your services so much I recommended your company to a friend whose child needs help.

    Marianne K.
  • Quick response to any email and quick resolution of issues.

    Pauline J.
  • I can't think of anything I dislike about your services! You all work together like a team. That is why Tutor Doctor is so successful. The way it should be when helping kids out! The staff and tutor is amazing! Thank you!!

    Meredith M.
  • I like that the tutor comes to the child in their environment and that all the checks have been made prior to this.

    Melanie C.
  • I am impressed with the care with which you match the child with the tutor. You really take into consideration the child's needs.

    Dayle F.
  • You make house calls, you are flexible and the open communication.

    Deana C.
  • I've been a tutor for this Tutor Doctor for over two years and I have had the BEST experience with them. I have recommended so many of my family and friends to them because they are so professional, their screening of the tutors are so regulated and tough (I know because I had to go through it) and the service they provide is exceptional. I have never been matched with a family who didn't ...

    S.D., Los Angeles, CA
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  • You have all been very professional. The tutor we have is great. He can help with current homework and is also able to see problems and figure out ways to help student solve equations that work with his learning disability.

    Jennifer D.
  • I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone who has a child that needs a little extra support. The owner was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and very professional. The tutor was always in time and my daughter always looked forward to their visit- great company!

    Marina Del Rey, R.S., CA
  • The tutor doctors have really helped us out. Our daughter has had a notable increase in her GPA!

    Caryn R.
  • I appreciate that Tutor Doctor has continued to stay with the client regardless of what hurdles may have come up. I enjoy getting the progress reports and seeing the improvement and growth that's being made. The one thing I'm very grateful for is how dedicated they are in helping their clients. What sets them apart from other companies is their process in finding a tutor that will work well with ...

    Kimberly K.
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  • The tutor comes to your home and gets straight to work with my child. There is no drama. It is easy and useful.

    Jenny M.
  • Accommodate very well!

    Natalia B.
  • Nami is an awesome tutor. He explains everything in a manner which allows my child to move ahead. He is calm, attentive and extremely patient. I highly recommend him!

    Celia A.
  • Convenience of at home tutoring.

    Jeanine B.
  • They are very professional, they come to your house and always on time.

    Sirry J.
  • So far the service has provided a level of consistency and accountability that our son needed to accomplish the goals we had set for him.

    Susan J.
  • Love the flexibility in schedule. Tutor is very patient, knowledgeable, and professional.

    Vivian G.
  • My son's tutor was paired perfectly for my son and his learning style.

    Lisa D.
  • The quality of the tutors and the professional attitude everyone has. Also, really enjoy the followup reports!

    Heather I.
  • My tutor Dean is amazing.

    Lee M.
  • My tutor was amazing and supportive. She was VERY helpful and not only did I feel very comfortable with her but her skills for helping me we're e phenomenal. I enjoyed working with her.

    Alexx B.
  • This is a new experience for me with private tutors e-mailing a detailed status report and the way things are being managed especially by the English teacher. Thanks!

    Hyder H.
  • Appreciate monitoring tutor for quality. Very personable and skilled teacher (Dhaujee).

    Richard S.
  • I like the personal attention my kids get. I feel good that I can have choices of different subjects taught.

    Jennifer G.
  • I love everything!

    Andree J.
  • One on one attention. Friendly people.

    Antoinette V.
  • Laura, my tutor, is very knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. If I don't understand something, she explains it in a different way until I get it. She makes me feel very comfortable with her and encourages me to ask questions when I am unsure. I don't feel like she judges me when I don't know something. I have learned a lot in a very short amount of time.

    Carlene M.