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ACT vs. SAT®: What Your Family Needs To Know

If you have a child in a Santa Monica high school, you may be dipping your toe into collegiate preparations. From college visits to applications, your student can’t get started without first deciding which college admission test to take, the ACT or SAT®, or both?

We can help you navigate through the abundance of information – and misinformation – to help you begin making the best decision for your child’s future.

What’s up with the new SAT®?

The SAT® has undergone its biggest change in 30 years.

Here is a snapshot of some of the changes:

  • The new test is now aligned to the Common Core standards. Questions require multi-step thinking and emphasize foundational math skills more than in tests prior.
  • The essay is now optional.
  • The maximum score is back to 1600.
  • The Writing section looks very similar to the ACT English section.
  • In the Reading section, obscure vocabulary is de-emphasized and there are no more sentence completion questions.
  • No more wrong answer penalty.

Which test should my child choose?

Almost every college accepts both the ACT and SAT®– equally.

The best course of action is to start with assessing your child’s:

  • Academic habits and preferences
  • General performance on standardized tests.

While the two tests look more similar now, most students will either have a strong preference for one or outperform on one test based on their tendencies.

To help your child decide, we offer a brief, complimentary diagnostic that assesses which test your child should take. We will also discuss with you the results, make a recommendation, and lay out a course of action based on the results.

Schedule your child’s free diagnostic test today by calling (310) 923-7791!

How can I support my student?

Despite what the ACT and SAT® organizations claim, your child absolutely can learn how to take these tests. We will provide the individualized attention and an individualized program in Santa Monica based on your child’s strengths and challenges.

  • For Juniors: It’s still not too late. There is ample time for intensive, targeted tutoring for the upcoming April, May, and June tests.
  • For Sophomores: Now is a good time to start. The test can be completed by the beginning of junior year so that s/he can focus on school classes. The ideal time to focus on test prep is over the Summer prior to the Junior year.

We are committed to your child’s success and to giving him the tools he or she needs to do their very best. Contact Tutor Doctor in Santa Monica today at (310) 923-7791.