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Meet the Owner/Team

Meet Our Team

Tutor Doctor Tutor Doctor Santa Monica

Nika Fouquet


When families reach out to Tutor Doctor, they are searching for solutions. They need a problem solver who can offer a professional perspective, assess their student’s challenges, and create a plan for meeting those challenges.

Creative problem solving is Nika Fouquet’s “super power.”

Tutor Doctor Santa Monica was launched in 2013 and being a lifelong learner, Nika knew that owning a business focused on education was a natural next step when she stepped away from the workplace to raise her family. Serving as a classroom volunteer when her children were young allowed her to observe first-hand the complex learning challenges many students face on a daily basis.

Tutor Doctor offered the opportunity to operate a local tutoring practice that she could tailor to the needs of the community – while providing access to the tools and expertise that come with being part of an international educational network. The company’s approach is very student centric. Everyone learns differently, and Nika and her tutors have the freedom and flexibility to develop highly personalized programs based on what works best for each student.

Finding the right tutor can be confusing and frustrating for parents. Nika’s “concierge service” begins with getting to know each family and understanding each student’s issues, goals, and unique dynamics – in turn, she’s able custom-match each student and tutor based on specific academic goals, personality, and learning style.

Nika saves parents time and energy by carefully vetting each tutor. Asking herself if she would feel comfortable having the tutor work with her own children, she assesses candidates based not just on whether they have the right qualifications, but also outstanding people skills and a passion for what they do. Learning is often about more than just mastering academics. Tutor Doctor tutors are able to build relationships with families and students and help them feel comfortable and cared for. If a relationship does not produce the desired results, she’s committed to creating one that does.

Families appreciate Nika’s honesty, professional work ethic, and ability to listen and be fully present. She earns her clients’ trust by being transparent and helping them set realistic expectations. When it comes to creative problem solving, she knows that students and tutors must be equally invested and work together towards set goals.

And when that happens – the sky’s the limit!