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2 More Months of School:

My Child May Not Pass, What Should I Do?

As April wraps up, we are entering the homestretch of the school year. But as the end draws near, you may be a nervous wreck wondering if your child may not pass their current grade. If this is the case for you, it is important to know what your options are for ending the school year with a hardworking push and not a resigned slump.

Here are a few of our tips for finishing strong and avoiding a possible grade repeat.

Get a Handle On the Situation

If your child is in danger of failing, set up a meeting with his teacher to determine what work is missing and if there are any opportunities for extra credit. “Your child’s teacher is an invaluable resource,” says Tutor Doctor Santa Monica Education Consultant Nika Fouquet. “Sit down with that teacher and make a realistic game plan of what needs to be accomplished by the end of school in order to pass.”

Rally the Troops

Once your student’s plan is set, work to gain the extra help that he needs. The tutors we work with can provide much needed support and encouragement right in your home. Beyond our help and your family support, work with your student’s school to find even more opportunities for assistance such as peer study groups.

Don’t Give Up

If your student’s situation seems especially dire, resist the urge to simply throw in the towel. Your child might need extra encouragement as well. Make a commitment as a family – along with your Tutor support network – that everyone will do their very best until the last possible moment. Nothing is impossible, especially with the help of an experienced Tutor team.

Remember the Summer

Summer break is coming up, and when framed correctly can be a positive influence on grades. “Look at the summer as an opportunity to rebuild a shaky foundation,” Fouquet recommends. “Work with your student and his Tutor to develop goals that will square up his learning and give him the best chance for succeeding next year.” Spend more time this summer working on study skills and foundational skills so that next year can start on a good note.

If your child is not in danger of failing a class, the summertime is still an opportunity to prep for the coming year. Did you know that the best time to start preparing for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT®, is the summer before Junior year? Let us help you get a handle on your child’s testing prowess.

We will drop off a practice exam to your home, grade it, and make recommendations based on your child’s score—for FREE. Give us a call to set it up!