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End of the School Year: How to Set Your Student Up for Success

The school year is winding down, and you might be in the midst of scheduling summer camps and library trips for your child. But before you launch into your summer planning, don’t forget to have one final conversation with one of the most important people in your child’s life this year—their teacher. While end-of-year conferences are not common in many school districts, it can be extremely beneficial to set up a time to chat with your child’s teacher before the last school bell rings. This final conference doesn’t have to be formal, but the information you gather at the meeting can be crucial to your student’s ongoing success.

Here are a few questions for you to include during your end-of-year conversation with your child’s teacher. You can use the answers to formulate a plan for your family’s summer activities!

Can I Bring You a Coffee?

Start your conference on a positive note by offering to swing by the coffee shop on the way to your child’s classroom. Your teacher and you have worked as a team for an entire year, after all, and a small toast is definitely well deserved.

What Are Some Strengths That My Child Shows in Class?

Continue the positive vibes by asking what strengths your child’s teacher sees in your child on a daily basis. Take note of these and encourage them throughout the summer. Remember, these may be academics (he’s reading above grade level) or social (she is a leader in our classroom); all are valid and something to be praised.

What Are Some Social or Behavior Issues That May Cause a Problem Next Year?

If your child is having some problems sitting still during teaching time or isn’t confident standing up around others, it is good to know about it now. Summer break may only be three months or so, but children can evolve and change quite a bit during that time. Knowing what those behavior or social issues are may give you the opportunity to practice those with your child during break.

What Grade Level Is My Child Currently Reading At? Any Suggestions for Books?

Your child may love reading graphic novels, but you may not necessarily know that is what he or she has chosen to read at school. Finding out what your child’s teacher thinks would be a good fit for summer reading is a wonderful place to start and grow from. Ask for suggestions on potential books that may be not just a good fit, but a good challenge for your child.

What Are Some Academic Standards That We Need to Work On This Summer?

Grab your notebook for this one and encourage your child’s teacher to be honest. Do we need to work on algebra? Should we focus on writing skills? Whether your child is at grade level, below grade level, or above grade level expectations, there is always room for improvement. This list will be helpful for you and for your Santa Monica tutors from Tutor Doctor.

As we work with your student to keep learning this summer, our goal is to launch them into next school year feeling confident and capable.