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Dungeons & Dragons Summer Adventure Camp

  • $495 for 2 weeks – To pay now CLICK HERE
  • 4x week | 2hrs each session
  • One-on-one session with the instructor
  • Games led by teacher with 20 years of instructional experience
  • Materials

A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) summer camp can provide numerous benefits for participants, fostering personal growth, social skills, and creative thinking. Here are some potential advantages of a D&D summer camp:


D&D is a collaborative tabletop role-playing game that encourages players to work together as a team to overcome challenges and achieve objectives. Camp participants learn the importance of cooperation, communication, and problem-solving skills, as they need to strategize, plan, and execute their actions as a group.


D&D is a game that thrives on imagination and creativity. Campers are encouraged to create their own unique characters, design intricate backstories, and make choices that shape the game’s narrative. This cultivates creativity and storytelling abilities, allowing participants to think outside the box and develop their imaginative capabilities.

Critical Thinking

D&D requires players to make strategic decisions based on their character’s abilities, the situation at hand, and the information available. Campers learn to think critically, analyze situations, and make informed choices, as their decisions directly impact the outcome of the game. These skills can be transferred to real-life situations, aiding in problem-solving and decision-making processes.


D&D is a highly social game that necessitates effective communication and interpersonal skills. Campers engage in dialogue, negotiate, and interact with other players, assuming the roles of their characters. This immersive experience helps participants build confidence in expressing themselves, actively listening to others, and collaborating within a group setting.

Emotional Intelligence

D&D allows players to explore various emotions, motivations, and perspectives through their characters. Campers learn to understand and empathize with different characters, including both allies and adversaries. This fosters emotional intelligence and empathy, as participants gain insights into the feelings and motivations of others, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate mindset.


D&D presents a myriad of challenges, puzzles, and obstacles that require problem-solving skills and adaptability. Campers learn to think on their feet, respond to unexpected situations, and devise creative solutions. These skills enhance their ability to tackle real-world problems and adapt to changing circumstances.

Overall, a D&D summer camp offers a range of benefits, from fostering collaboration and creativity to enhancing communication and problem-solving skills. It provides a supportive and enjoyable environment for participants to explore their imagination, develop social connections, and grow both personally and intellectually.

Ripley Stark

Game Master, ESOL Tutor and Teacher, Group Instructor

Ripley has a BA in Interdisciplinary Education from UCSC, an MA in Trauma Counseling Psychology from Lesley University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Theatre at NYU. She has taught K-12 performing arts, STEM, and ELA/ESOL for about 20 years, loving the interplay between creativity, scientific reasoning, and language. Running Dungeons and Dragons for children since 2020, Ripley finds that D&D is the perfect medium for teaching academic content in an engaging and playful way. D&D naturally includes math (arithmetic and statistics) as well as linguistic expression (reading comprehension, role playing dialogue and writing), and due to Ripley’s love of science and engineering the puzzles she creates for her players are more educational than average! Given her MA in counseling, she has a great appreciation for the ability of role-playing games to be a safe venue for practicing social skills like teamwork and communication, as well as intrapersonal skills like executive functioning and emotional regulation. She enjoys the opportunity that D&D allows her to focus her instruction entirely on project based learning to illuminate each of her students’ unique potential and value in a team.